A number of groups and organizations all over the world work towards the conservation of the Earth's natural resources and the protection of things that can’t speak for themselves. In the United States alone, there are many animal activists who help animals that are endangered or in distress to provide them with the life they deserve.

Sea Turtle Inc. aims to provide sea turtles with a safe environment so that they can live better and coexist with us in harmony. Especially if you have a family and children, taking them to a place like Sea Turtle Inc. is a brilliant educational trip to teach them all about wildlife conservation while still being an enjoyable experience. Located on South Padre Island, Texas, Sea Turtle Inc. is a nonprofit organization working towards saving sea turtles that are currently on the endangered list and thus threatened with extinction. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.History & Programs

History & Programs
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Sea Turtle Inc. was founded by Ila Fox Loetscher, whose aim was to help these vulnerable animals. She is famous for having helped numerous turtles who arrive along the coast every year, giving her the title of ‘turtle lady’. With the increasing amounts of pollutants in the water, numerous aquatic animals are facing extinction because their environment has become inhospitable.

Sea turtles in particular are bearing the brunt of this because they are relatively slow swimmers, making it harder for them to move if they get stuck in pieces of plastic or other waste. Sea Turtle Inc. was established for the ever-growing need for someone who cares for these animals.

Sea Turtle Inc. has its humble roots in its founder's backyard, but it soon moved to a larger site owing to the scale at which the rescue operations were being conducted. Since then, Sea Turtle Inc. has grown exponentially, making a difference to the environment and the lives of the rescued sea turtles. Today, the center aims to educate people about animal conservation and guide them on the right paths to take to prevent further endangerment of these sea turtles. Sea Turtle Inc. also treats and rehabilitates sick sea turtles. The main objective of the organization is the conservation and protection of this beautiful aquatic creature.

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2.Programs & Plan your Visit

Programs & Plan your Visit
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Sea Turtle Inc. is mainly geared towards education and they do that to the best of their abilities, with numerous educational programs that are designed to give their visitors a wholesome view of the world and life of sea turtles as well as the effort that goes into treating and rehabilitating them. Their programs are aimed at different age groups and types of visitor and, at the end of the day, visitors to Sea Turtle Inc. have a better understanding of the sea turtles and know what needs to be done to protect them. The educational programs conducted here are extremely informational and show practical examples of the life of these sea turtles and the numerous troubles that they face owing to the waste that people throw into the seas.

Plan Your Visit

Sea Turtle Inc. is operational throughout the year and any time is a great time to visit and learn more about how you can do your bit to protect the environment. If you are planning a visit with a large group, it is advised to contact Sea Turtle Inc. through their phone number or their website to ensure that they can conduct a proper tour. They also have special tours catered towards educating kids about animal conservation.

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6617 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX, Phone: 956-761-4511

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Best Things to Do on South Padre Island, Texas: Sea Turtle Inc.

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