The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, or CAMH, is dedicated to showcasing the most exciting and best art from the region, the United States, and around the world. It is a non-collecting institution, only displaying art rather than collecting it. The art museum was founded in 1948 and strives to present new art as well as document its role in today's world through exhibitions, original publications, events, educational programs, and lectures. Located in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston can be found within an iconic building made of stainless steel. This building is highly recognizable and was designed specifically for the museum by architect Gunnar Birkerts.

Two of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston's gallery spaces play host to eight to ten different exhibitions every year. Displayed in the Brown Foundation Gallery, the Major Exhibition Series showcases artwork by internationally recognized artists at the forefront of contemporary art. Themed exhibits are also featured, based around questions central to present-day life and the nature of art. The Zilkha Gallery houses the Perspective Series, which displays works of art from both established and emerging artists. A publication accompanies each exhibition at the museum, designed to be used by the general public and scholars alike. These publications offer an enduring documentation of the exhibits and provide knowledge about contemporary art and the international conversation that surrounds it.

Tours at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston are designed to foster flexible and critical thinking. The museum offers free guided tours on Saturdays, led by members of its FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Team. These tours are about 1 hour in duration. The FAQ Team encourages visitors to observe the artwork in a creative way, promoting reflection and open-ended discussions as well as making connections between everyday life and art. The museum is open every day except Monday and is free to visit. It's recommended to reserve a tour at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston 2 weeks in advance.

Interactive workshops are also available for teachers who wish to provide their students with a chance to gain insight into the artistic process, creative approaches to creating art, and new materials. The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Education Team develops programs designed to guide visitors through their exploration of new ideas, perspectives, and spaces. In addition to this, the museum offers various community programs about contemporary art not associated with one of their exhibitions on display.

Several lectures and gallery talks occur at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Each exhibition is accompanied by a number of talks, presenting a variety of ideas on each one. These can range from international scholars to showcased artists to intriguing viewpoints from both related and not so related fields. The museum also plays host to many performance, film, and music events. Films shown at the museum range from documentary to high art, often in collaboration with other arts organizations in Houston. For each exhibition in the Brown Gallery, CAMH Loft Concerts are programmed by Musiqa, a renowned contemporary classical group. Several other musical and dance performances take place at the museum throughout the year as well.

5216 Montrose Boulevard, Houston, TX 77006, Phone: 713-284-8250

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