The Chambers House is a local tradition, bringing in both local residents and visitors from all across the United States. This historic home has housed many memories and daily tours show guests just what life would have been like during the time that the Chamber’s family lived there.

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The house itself was built in the year 1906, prior to when the Chambers moved in and called it home. They purchased the house in the year 1914, moving in with their daughters Ruth (age 11) and Florence (age 16 months). Neither one of the daughters every got married and both lived in the house until their parents eventually passed away. It wasn’t until the year 2004, after Florence Chamber’s death, that the local Heritage Society was able to actually see the interior of the home. When they went inside, they were immediately in awe of home amazingly preserved in period style it was, complete with personal items, furniture, and other antique artifacts that had been there for over a hundred years.

Permanent Exhibits

The main exhibit at the Chambers House is the actual house itself, which is full of historical memorabilia and photographs from the time period that the house was active.

The photographs in the Chambers House include Ruth Chambers as a child, a photograph of Ruth Chambers and her younger sister Florence Chambers, a photograph of Florence Chambers as a young adult, a photograph of Edith Fuller Chambers as an adult, Homer, Florence, Edith and Ruth Chambers together as a family in 1950, Florence and Ruth Chambers together in 1930.

The house is also home to many different artifacts and antiques. There is a handwritten letter from Florence Chambers to Ruth Chambers from the 1920s, which has been expertly preserved. Make sure to also check out the baby grand piano (a 1922 Everett in pristine condition), the original brass hardware from the 1924 remodelling of the house (for example, the doorknobs), and the dining room table where the Chambers took most, if not all, of their meals (it is decked out for a meal with silverware and china plates and cups).

The view of the Chambers House from the east is unparalleled, showcasing the beauty of the stark white home with its columns and mature trees. There is a rocking chair on the front porch that, although not original to the house, makes it easy to see what relaxing may have been like during the Chamber’s time at the house. From the west, the view of the house includes the expansive yard space where the children played. Yellow daylilies adorn the walkway at the front of the house, welcoming visitors into the home.

The kitchen is also furnished as it would have been when the Chambers lived there, complete with kitchen utensils and cookware. The living room is also furnished to period appropriateness, complete with the piano and multiple couches for guests to sit on while visiting (and possibly listening to some live piano music!).

Tours are available at a small charge (for adults and children over the age of 4 years old). The house is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 10am to 3pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. School group field trips are also welcome at a steeply discounted rate (with advance notice and reservation).

Special Events

There are a few special events offered at the Chambers House, all of which are located and frequently updated on the official website. In March, the house offers a “lawn party” which offers old fashioned family fun with games that would have been played during that time period (croquet, badminton, etc). The house will also be open for tours at that time. During October, the house hosts a series of haunted Halloween events with costumed actors playing historical figures. It is good, spooky fun! And, at Christmas, the house hosts traditional historical Christmastime events. It is decorated to perfection with a tree, and holds events specific to the holiday season. Most of the special events held are free to the general public and many of them have been going on at the Chambers House for so long that they have become traditions for a lot of local families. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Dining and Shopping

No dining or shopping options exist at The Chambers House. Donations are always welcome for guests who want to help continue the historic preservation of the home, however, and picnic lunches may be able to be eaten on the grounds with the permission of the staff and the express obligation to pick up and any all garbage afterward.

The Chambers House, 2240 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX, 77701, website, Phone: 409-832-4010

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