The Amarillo Museum of Art is located in Amarillo, Texas. Visitors to the art museum will enjoy the variety of art that the museum has to offer. The Amarillo Art Center had been established in 1967 by a group of residents the Texas Panhandle. The group wanted to build a graphic arts center to serve not only Amarillo but the entire Panhandle.


The center was finally built in 1972. Edward Durrell Stone, a once famous architect, designed the building. The Center was renamed the Amarillo Museum of Art in 1994.

Today the Museum provides almost five hundred thousand residents in the Panhandle with a place to explore visual arts. The museum has a significant role in minimizing the cultural and intellectual isolation that is frequently experienced within the Texas Panhandle. It holds around 25 exhibitions every year and provides visitors with the chance to experience and explore original artwork spanning the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries of Southeast Asian, Asian, European art, and Contemporary American art masters.


The Amarillo Museum of Art offers several exhibitions and collections for visitors to explore.

Collections- The Amarillo Museum of Art collections are as diverse as it comes. The first collections the Museum acquired consisted of early American Modernist paintings. The collection is represented best by four watercolors created by Georgia O’Keefe and numerous works created by John Marin. The works of these two artists serve as the context for other members of their movement like Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, Edward Weston, and Alfred Stieglitz. Modernists of the mid-century are best represented through the works of Franz Kline and significant art pieces created by Helen Frankenthaler and Louise Nevelson.

The collection of the museum contains a small set of paintings from Europe from the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries. They are represented best by two brilliant pieces from the mid-1700s that were created by Francesco Guardi, an Italian painter.

The Amarillo Museum of Art also contains a photography collection that consists of photos taken by Russel Lee, an FSA photographer. It also contains brilliant photographic works by Dorothea Lange, Marion Post Wolcott, Jack Delano, and Arthur Rothstein.

The Asian collection of art held by the Museum has grown exponentially through Dr. and Mrs. Price’s generosity. It contains textiles that reflect all the main weaving areas in the Middle East. Examples include eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century works. The collection also includes an extensive selection of Japanese prints made from wood blocks from the Edo period. This selection includes numerous important artists and is added to every year by the Prices. Particularly interesting, are the sculpture pieces from Southeast and South Asia, which grows continuously. As of now, the collection as Hindu and Buddhist works that span the second century B.C. pieces by Gandharan through the ninth century pieces by Java. It also includes Khmer sculpture from the fourteenth century.

Educational Opportunities

The Amarillo Museum of Art offers several educational opportunities to the community.

Outreach Programs for Students- The Museum offers field trips for students and ARTifact Case Programs that teach students about art through time and history. These programs include the following:

· The Art of Ancient Egypt: The Myths and Magic of the Land of Pyramids

· The Art of India and Southeast Asia: The Dynamic and Divine

· The Art of Japan: The Legends and the Land

· The Art of Mexico: Mavan to Modern

· The Art of Mexico: Mayan to Modern

Museum School/Camps- The Amarillo Museum of Art offers art experience to community youth through in-depth workshops and summer art camps. These workshops and camps include instructors teach students how to talk about, create, and look at art. They are then allowed to explore various mediums for creating art such as drawing, sculpture, design, and mixed media.

Talk/Lectures/Workshops- The Museum offers a variety of talks, lectures, and workshops for adults interested in art and its history.

Docents/Volunteers/Interns- The Museum offers programs for volunteers, docents, and internships to further education in the arts and their history.

Special Events

The Amarillo Museum of Art puts on a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. The Exhibitions for the 2017-2018 year include:

· AMoA Biennial 600: Architecture

· Vietnam

o A Shared Experience: Anh-Thuy Nguyen and Du Chau

o The Soul of Vietnam: A Portrait of the North

o Larry Collins: Photography and Paintings

· Achievement in Art: The Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Michael Engler

· Amarillo College/WTAMU- Student and Faculty Exhibition

· Texas Panhandle Student Art Show

2200 S. Van Buren Street, Amarillo TX, 79109, Phone: 806-371-5050

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