Stress, tension, aches, and pains can arrive at any time. Fortunately, wellness treatments like massages can help to soothe these issues and make you feel so much better and more relaxed, but unfortunately, booking in at a spa or wellness center can be a length, time-consuming, and costly process.

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Wouldn't it all be so much simpler if you could simply request a massage therapist to come right out to your home or place of work and give you a massage on your terms, any time you like? Well, with Soothe, that's exactly what you can have.

All About Soothe

Soothe is a groundbreaking new service offering on demand massages. This means that wherever you happen to be, whether it's at work or simply at your own home, you can request a massage and have a therapist sent right out to you without having to move a single muscle. It's an amazing service for so many reasons:

- So Simple - The whole process of Soothe has been designed to be as easy to follow as possible. Every aspect of this service has been carefully and thoughtfully planned out so you don't have to encounter any confusion or difficulty while booking your massage.

- Smart Pricing - Even the pricing and payment system used by Soothe is so easy to follow. Rather than having lots of different options and plans, Soothe simply charges set fees for massages of different lengths. 60 minutes of massage can be enjoyed for just $128, a 90 minute session is available for only $175, and a two hour (120 minute) session can be booked for just $225.

- Very Convenient - Clearly, one of the main unique selling points of this service is the ability to enjoy a massage anywhere you want, whenever you like. Whether you’re at home or at work, you can have a massage therapist at your door in a matter of minutes. It’s so much easier than going to a spa and often works out at a lot cheaper too.

- Totally Safe - All of the therapists who work with Soothe are fully licensed and certified to ensure you’ll always be dealing with trained professionals every time.

Types of On Demand Massage with Soothe

One of the best advantages of booking your on demand massage online with Soothe is the wide variety of massage types you can choose from. Examples include:

- Swedish - One of the most popular massage techniques, a Swedish massage makes use of long and circular movements to soothe tired muscles and ease any aches or pains you might be experiencing.

- Sports - Ideal for athletes and people who like to play sports often, this kind of massage will focus on the muscles and areas you tend to strain the most while playing sports or working out in order to promote recovery and flexibility.

- Deep Tissue - Designed to focus on key areas and really soothe the full depth of your muscles, deep tissue massages are ideal for people with injuries or a lot of tension in certain areas.

- Couples - A couples massage is a lovely way to spend some quality time with your partner. Your massages will run back-to-back, letting both of you enjoy some wonderful relaxation and soothing treatment from a fully trained and certified massage therapist.

- Prenatal - Massages can offer a lot of benefits for expecting mothers, especially in the weeks leading up to the baby’s birth. Not only will they help to relax your mind and soothe any tensions you might be experiencing, they can also promote wellness for you and your baby.

How to Use Soothe to Book Massages Online

Part of what has made Soothe such a successful platform is its ease of use. Designed with simplicity in mind, this service is exceptionally easy to understand, so you won't have to worry about needlessly complicated sign up forms or confusing reservation processes. Simply follow these steps:

- Simply download the Soothe app or check out the desktop site to start booking your massage.

- Enter your address to get started and you’ll be able to book a massage at any time from 8am through to midnight.

- Once you’ve confirmed the booking, a therapist will come right out to you and can be there in less than an hour.

- All you need to do at that point is sit back, relax, and wait for the therapist to arrive and your massage to begin.

- Your therapist will provide all the necessary equipment, including a table and lotions, so all you need to do is find a space where they can work.

- You can speak directly with your therapist about the specifics of your massage and ask any questions you might have along the way as well. website