Ever looked at celebrities or models in magazines or online and wondered how they manage to look so beautiful and flawless all the time? Photo editing and make-up obviously plays a role, but a big part of the reason why so many of the world’s stars look so good is that they take the time to seek out professional care and beauty treatments.

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Many people feel that physical features like smooth skin and stunning hair are just things we’re either born with or without, but the truth is that looking and feeling great is possible for absolutely anyone; you just need to go out and make it happen.

As Danuta Mieloch, founder of Rescue Spa, one of the best luxury day spa names in New York City and Philadelphia, says: "Beautiful skin is a matter of choice, not chance." For those who take the time to seek out professional beauty treatments and spa care, the rewards are clear to see, and Rescue Spa is one of the best luxury day locations you can choose.

Rescue Spa - Luxury Day Spa in New York City and Philadelphia

Rescue Spa is one of the top luxury day spa locations for anyone living in the NYC and Philadelphia area. Founded by the 'It Girl' of skincare and one of the biggest names in the beauty world right now, Danuta Mieloch, Rescue Spa offers incredible spa services designed to bring out the beauty in every single person who steps through the doors.

- The Founder - Rescue Spa has a lot of unique selling points that really help it stand out in the competitive day spa scene, and the brand's founder, Danuta Mieloch, is perhaps the biggest and most significant selling point of all. With years of experience in spa treatments and beauty behind her, as well as an innate understanding of wellness and beauty, Danuta is able to offer world class spa treatments for every single client. She provides unbeatable results, with techniques focused on restoration and rejuvenation and treatments designed to offer major visible skin improvements that really change people's lives.

- The Experience - Danuta's decades of experience give Rescue Spa the edge over the competition, and her dedication to using natural ingredients, time-tested techniques, and proven, cutting edge technologies to provide every client with the sort of results that can truly exceed their expectations is what makes this luxury day spa so special. At Rescue Spa, you really feel like a VIP, with every single client treated with love and care and made to feel totally at home and at ease.

- One-Stop Shop for Beauty and Wellness - Another big aspect that really sets Rescue Spa apart from the crowd and has helped this location cement itself as one of the best luxury spa locations in NYC and Philadelphia is its fully-featured menu of services. Rescue Spa really can be your one-stop shop for all things beauty and wellness-related. Whether you're looking for a soothing massage, a rejuvenating facial, hair removal services, nail treatments, make-up services, hair styling, or state of the art 'Biologique Recherche' treatments, you'll find everything you need at Rescue Spa.

- Personalized Care - As well as offering an amazing array of options, Rescue Spa always ensures that each and every client is treated as an individual. While so many spas simply offer a standard approach and fixed services to every client, Rescue Spa understands that everyone is unique, everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone deserves a personalized level of care and attention. The friendly, approachable therapists and beauticians at this location are always eager and willing to listen to your specific needs and wants and adapt their approach accordingly.

Visit Rescue Spa

If you'd like to enjoy the amazing restorative wellness and beauty services provided by Rescue Spa, you need only make an appointment and visit one of the two spa locations in New York City or Philadelphia. Here are the key details for both locations:

- New York City - The NYC location for Rescue Spa is located at 29 East 19th Street. This luxury day spa can be contacted via phone at 866 772 2766. The NYC spa is open every day of the week, with timings varying from one day to the next. The spa opens at 8.30am and closes at 9pm on Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 8pm on Saturdays, and 11am to 7pm on Sundays. The NYC location for Rescue Spa offers facials, skin treatments, a hair salon, manicures, pedicures, makeup, hair removal, and bridal styles.

- Philadelphia - The Philadelphia location for Rescue Spa is situated at 1601 Walnut Street, on the 3rd floor. This spa can be contacted via 866 772 2766. Just like the NYC location, the Philadelphia Rescue Spa luxury day spa is usually open every day of the week. The spa opens from 9am to 8pm on Monday-Friday, 9am to 7pm on Saturdays, and 10am to 5pm on select Sundays. This location offers all the same services as the NYC day spa, but also provides body treatments and massages too. website