Also known as a “Seated Massage”, the Chair Massage is a kind of bodywork that is performed while a client is fully clothed and positioned on a chair. This is a stark contrast to most full body massages that normally require the client to lie down on a surface and would sometimes be asked to undress. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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A chair massage can actually be done on all kinds of chairs, but nowadays the wellness industry has come up with a unique massage chair that features a design that fully supports the head and body as it receives the massage. The client would have to sit on the chair “backwards” and rest his or her head (face first) upon the support. Some massage chairs would also have support for the arms, legs, and the torso.

Although chair massages can be done by pretty much anyone, over the years, therapists have been trained and licensed to do them. This is because these services are often used in the workplace where employees often need a way to relieve themselves of stress in between work hours. This gave rise to the chair massage industry where the therapists are all certified practitioners who are trained in the ways of Swedish and deep tissue massages, especially on the neck, back, shoulders, and limbs.

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2.Where to have a Chair Massage

Where to have a Chair Massage
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The good thing about chair massages is that they can be performed pretty much anywhere. Most massage chairs are the foldable type, making it easy to bring around and set up when needed. This is not something you can do with a large massage table that requires lots of space and privacy to use.

Here are some of the places where a chair massage can be done:

- At the workplace. In fact, chair massages have slowly become part of the general amenities of the modern day work environment. People can simply go to their office therapist like they would the nurse and ask for a massage. In some cases, independent contractors also go to different work environments to offer these services.

- At parks and open spaces. Depending on city regulations, you might find trained chair massage therapists waiting for clients in certain public areas. These are usually places where people hang out or wait, such as parks or bus stops, so that people can choose to get a massage while they’re waiting or relaxing.

- At public events. This could be one of the perks that delegates or team members get for being part of an event.

Normally people would be conscious about getting a massage because it’s normally done in private spaces, but with people getting massages while fully clothed an in public, it’s become a common sight to many people, especially in very busy places where people badly need relief from stress.

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3.How is a Chair Massage Different from a Typical Body Massage

How is a Chair Massage Different from a Typical Body Massage

As mentioned before, a chair massage would require people to be seated and fully clothed. That would be the most obvious difference. But there are a few more:

- It doesn’t take long. Most chair massages only last from 45 minutes to an hour, compared to full body massages that could last up to two hours. This is because the massage targets fewer muscle groups. Moreso, the massages are meant to be for people who are on the go, so it shouldn’t take up too much of their time.

- It’s cheaper. Because of the length of the massage and the coverage, it’s obvious that the rate per person for chair massages tend to be lower than the full body massage.

- It’s mainly used to relieve stress. Chair massages are meant to give workers immediate stress relief. As such, it cannot be expected to be part of anyone’s prescribed therapy or treatment.

Note: Although chair massages are proven to be more efficient and practical for the workplace, it doesn’t mean that offices can’t host full body massages for its workers as well. It simply requires more space, time, and money. As such, chair massages are more common for the workplace.

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4.What to Expect During a Chair Massage

What to Expect During a Chair Massage
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Remember that you should treat this just like any other massage treatment, which means you’ve got to prepare for it and be mindful of the precautions you must take. For one thing, you’ll want to respond to all the health-related questions your therapist will ask you. Conditions like having high blood pressure or having a fever may mean that you can’t have that massage until the condition goes away. Making sure that the therapists knows what he or she is working with will guarantee that the massage will help you, not make you feel worse.

Chair massages only affect certain parts of the body, though. This means that just because you can’t have a full body massage doesn’t mean you can’t take a chair massage. In fact, it could be an alternative to the former.

Chair massages take about five to thirty minutes to finish. During then, you should feel comfortable throughout the entire process. At no point is a chair massage supposed to make you feel pain and if you do, you should tell your therapist immediately. And although it you may feel like to extend the period for the chair massage be mindful that other people might need the massage as well.

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5.Benefits of a Chair Massage

Benefits of a Chair Massage
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- Helps improve circulation

- Provides relief for tensions around the muscles which can be the cause of chronic pain

- Helps clean out the toxins by stimulating the lymphatic tissues

- Relieves stress due to long work hours

- Reduces fatigue and can perk you up especially when you still need to keep working

- Helps you sleep better after a day’s work

Chair massages are a really good way to spend your break. Not only will it help you recover from any stress you may have incurred during work, but it will help you stay energized for the rest of the day. So if your office has it, consider getting one every now and then.

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What is a Chair Massage?

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