Also known as body polish, body scrubs are a kind of spa treatment that’s meant to exfoliate your skin, leaving it fresh, moisturized, and totally brand new. The treatment makes use of an abrasive product that’s rubbed on the skin to not only massage it but to remove dead skin cells as well. When done properly, you’re left with totally smooth skin. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.What are Body Scrubs For

What are Body Scrubs For
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There are a good number of benefits for getting a regular body scrub. For one thing, you’ll be exfoliating your skin, which gets rid of those unwanted dead skin cells which cause flaky skin, leaving you with brand new skin. Most scrubbing products come with an oily base which also keeps the skin smooth and moisturized.

Other than that, scrubs tend to be very rejuvenating to the body as well. All that rubbing helps promote circulation which brings blood to the skin. This helps improve skin tone and prevent cellulite.

Body scrubs are also often used to prepare your skin and body for other kinds of spa treatments such as tanning, wrap or mud treatments, or your typical massage. Not only does the scrub stimulate the body but the oils used work really well with any future spa treatment.

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2.Tips for Body Scrubs

Tips for Body Scrubs
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You really don’t need to do much to prepare for a body scrub, except that you’d have to take a shower, but even that is nothing more than mere courtesy for the therapist who will be scrubbing your body. This means that body scrubs are no doubt one of the most carefree spa services that you could get.

Body scrubs are also good for pretty much anyone. They’re not invasive or anything, so they are pretty safe. They’re also good for people of all ages and more conditions don’t really get in the way of the treatment. People who have fever are not advised to get scrubbed, though. The same goes for people with certain skin conditions or allergies. If you happen to have sunburn or fragile or broken skin, you’ll want to avoid the service as well. After all, the vigorous scrubbing could hurt more than help your sensitive skin.

To be sure, ask your therapist about it before you get a body scrub to know if the treatment is ideal for you. In most cases, however, the therapist will already take the necessary precautions and ask you these questions as well.

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3.What to Expect When Getting a Body Scrub

What to Expect When Getting a Body Scrub
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Just like most spa services, you can’t expect everybody scrub to be the same. Different spas usually have different equipment and facilities, and they also employ different scrubbing methods. Of course, they eventually have the same results.

People who get scrubbed usually have to lie down for the process. You either lie down on a table or some other surface where you’d be comfortable in. Meanwhile, you’re likely to have to take off most of your clothes while lying down on the surface, with nothing but towels to cover you up. Don’t worry, the therapist is expected to give you some privacy so you have time to change and get comfortable. You’re also going to be covered for the whole treatment, so don’t worry too much about the limited clothing.

Some spas offer their clients various products for use during the body scrub. You’ll want to choose between the available oils and smells that suit your taste. Getting a scent that fits your preference helps make sure that you ultimately relax and feel good during the scrub.

The scrubbing begins at one side of the back, with the therapist rubbing vigorously against your skin before moving to the rest of the body. The entire process can be quite invigorating with all the scrubbing and rubbing that will happen. Once all areas have been covered, you’ll get to wash off all the oils and substances used during the scrub with warm water. All this happens usually within a span of 30 minutes.

After the Scrub

You can expect your skin to feel really smooth and soft after you’re done with the scrub. Depending on the product used, your skin will also feel silky and even have a scent. After this, you should feel a lot better and more energized, or at the very least be ready for the next part of your entire spa package.

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4.DIY Body Scrub

DIY Body Scrub
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One interesting tip you might find in handy is the fact that you can recreate your own body scrub experience at home. All you have to do is to get one that fits your preferred body scrub and apply it at home.

All body scrubs will have the same desired effect when used on the body. The only difference is the ingredients composing the scrub, since there are many ways to prepare an abrasive substance. Some of these might include:

- Salts and oils, which can leave your skin not only moisturized but also nourished because of the minerals;

- Sugar, which is mixed with other creams and is often treated as a softer alternative to salt;

- Loofahs, which isn’t really a substance but is an equally effective abrasive that can be used to remove dead skin cells;

- Herbals infusions such as lavender, rosemary, and Aloe Vera, which can be used to not only benefit certain skin types but also leave a refreshing scent as well.

- Fruit. Believe it or not, some fruit peelings are designed for body scrubbing. They can be nourishing too!

In addition, many popular brands in the beauty industry produce and sell their own body scrub, so you may want to check with your favorite brands as well.

Once you’ve found the body scrub of your choice, you’re going to want to use these while you’re taking a bath, since it would be easier to rinse off the scrub after. Use warm water so that the exfoliation process is faster. It’s not as pampering as going to the spa to get someone else to scrub your body but it’s just as effective in making sure that you maintain smooth and silky skin.

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What Is a Body Scrub?

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