There are so many individual aspects that have to come together to make a wedding. The dress, the venue, the cake, the decoration, the food, the entertainment, and so many other things all play their part in your big day, and this is why planning out a wedding can be a such a big challenge as you need to think about so many little things.

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One of the key parts of any wedding is the flowers. Flowers can brighten up any wedding, adding so much color, life, and beauty to the occasion for the bride, groom, and all of their guests to enjoy. Whether it’s the bouquet, a center piece, or floral decorations for the venue, flowers can really bring your fairy tale wedding to life.

If you’re looking for floral design and wedding flowers in Charleston and the surrounding area, Tiger Lily Weddings is the name to know.

Tiger Lily Weddings - Floral Design and Wedding Flowers in Charleston

Tiger Lily Weddings is the leading name in floral design for weddings in Charleston. It’s the biggest and best florist in the the entire state of South Carolina, having grown and evolved over the years from a small and humble florist into one of the nation's leading names for wedding flowers.

- Award Winning - Tiger Lily Weddings has been voted as the very best florist in all of Charleston since 2000. Consistently, this floral design boutique has stood out from the crowd for offering the very best levels of customer service and flower quality. Tiger Lily Weddings has also been featured, praised, and talked about in many major media publications including the likes of Style Me Pretty, Charleston Weddings, and The Wedding Row. In short, if you’re looking for wedding flowers from a name you can trust, Tiger Lily Weddings can give you everything you need.

- Affordable Pricing Plans - The many costs of a wedding can quickly add up and Tiger Lily Weddings understands that you’ve got a lot of individual things to pay for in addition to your floral arrangements and wedding day bouquet. This is why this Charleston florist aims to keep its prices fair and reasonable, offering high levels of quality and customer care at competitive rates to ensure you get the flowers and floral arrangements you want for you wedding, while still being able to stick to your budget and not have to worry about paying over the odds.

- The Finest Flowers - Tiger Lily Weddings can guarantee the finest, freshest, best-smelling and best-looking flowers for every single wedding day. How? Well, as the biggest florist in South Carolina, Tiger Lily Weddings has the ability to source its flowers from the finest farms and growers all over the world. This florist only works with trusted growers and reputable farms to ensure that every single order features the most beautiful flowers and that every single customer is fully satisfied with their experience. Tiger Lily Weddings spares no expense and never makes any compromises on quality, always focused on delivering magical experiences and world class flowers to you.

- A Winning Team - Tiger Lily Weddings didn't become such a popular, successful, award-winning florist overnight. This brand's incredible success took a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of its amazing team, who continue to strive for bigger and better things on a daily basis. The Tiger Lily Weddings staff always approach each new wedding project with the same high levels of commitment, enthusiasm, and passion, always eager to sit down with new brides and grooms-to-be and planning out the individual aspects and personal touches you need for your wedding flowers. Fully dedicated to making every wedding as memorable and wonderful as possible, the passion and care of the Tiger Lily Weddings team shines through every time.

Tiger Lily Weddings can make your big day extra magical, offering the kind of floral arrangements and personalized care you need to enjoy a happy wedding day and a magical experience. To learn more you can call up Tiger Lily Weddings at 843 723 2808 or even visit the Downtown Charleston location at 1614 Camp Road, Charleston, SC 29412. You can also choose to fill out a simple online inquiry form by entering some basic details about your wedding plans, along with some contact information, and a member of the Tiger Lily Weddings team will be in touch to start the process of planning out your wedding flowers. website