There are some beautiful places to explore and uncover all around South Carolina, but the Isle of Palms stands out as one of the very best. Located out on a little barrier island just a short ways east of Charleston, the Isle of Palms is a wonderful place for beach activities, boating, golf, relaxation, and recreation, and it's also home to some of South Carolina's very best dining establishments, with Coda Del Pesce standing out as one of the very best restaurants in this part of the state.

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As the fresh air and smell of the sea fills your nostrils and tantalizes your tastebuds throughout your trip to the Isle of Palms, you'll only have an appetite for one thing: seafood. Coda Del Pesce is the leading seafood location in the Isle of Palms and also has to rank as one of the very best seafood dining establishments you could ever hope to visit. With an ever-changing menu, a beautiful location, super service, only the freshest ingredients, and amazing experiences guaranteed every time you take a seat, this is one of the top places to dine in the Isle of Palms, SC.

All About Coda Del Pesce

Coda Del Pesce is Italian for 'tail of the fish', and that name immediately sets the scene at this deluxe dining establishment in one of South Carolina's best seafront resort locations. The Coda Del Pesce is located right on the Ocean Boulevard, which is one of the main beachside streets on the Isle of Palms. It's only about a minute away from the beach by foot, with many of the tables at this seafood restaurant enjoying amazing views out onto the Atlantic Ocean and the stunning coastal scenery of the local area.

The Code Del Pesce is a 70+ seat restaurant that specializes in seafood with Italian influences, ingredients, and ideas mixed in. Combining magical views of the ocean with top class food and only the finest, friendliest service, Coda Del Pesce really provides a multi-sensory experience that will leave you eager to return and live it all over again the very next day. And one of the most exciting aspects of this restaurant is that if you do come back the next day, you'll find new delights just waiting to be discovered as the menu changes frequently to reflect the latest batch of fresh ingredients and the latest culinary creations of the chef.

Coda Del Pesce Opening Times

This South Carolina seafood haven is open from Monday through to Saturday and features both a bar and a dining area, as well as an outdoor deck space with 18 seats, ideal for families, groups of friends, or small gatherings for special occasions. The bar opens up at 5pm, with dinner service running from 5.30 onwards through to 10pm on Monday - Thursday or 11pm at the weekends.

Inside The Coda Del Pesce

The whole place is beautifully decorated, fusing both rustic and contemporary ideas to create a unique aesthetic style that blends beautifully with the local environment. Natural materials such as driftwood have been used throughout the Coda Del Pesce to play on the restaurant's oceanfront location, and lots of soft, sandy colors and neutral tones can be found throughout, helping all diners feel relaxed and totally enthralled in this timeless aesthetic.

Almost all of the meals on the Coda Del Pesce feature locally or sustainably-caught seafood ingredients. As previously mentioned, the dynamic menu can change from one day to the next to reflect the latest catch, with many dishes also including a little flair like homemade pasta and Italian wines on the side.

The Coda Del Pesce Team

The whole established is owned by award-winning executive chef, Ken Vedrinski, Vedrinski also owns and operates another highly ranked Italian restaurant over in Charleston named Trattoria Lucca. Having grown up beneath the tutelage of his Italian grandmother, Vedrinski has always held a burning passion for food and expresses that love and care in every dish he creates. With experienced Chef de Cuisine Clarton Ludwigson and General Manager Eric Zwart filling out the Coda Del Pesce team, this restaurant excels in every single aspect and is a must-visit location on any trip to the Isle of Palms or the surrounding area.

The Coda Del Pesce Menu

Since the Coda Del Pesce menu can change and evolve over time, it's impossible to make a definitive list of dishes, but there are some staples and classic ideas that stick around and have helped this restaurant earn so many fans over the years. Dishes are divided up into Antipasta, Primi, and Secondi sections.

For Antipasta, you'll find the likes of 'Sicilian Style' Shrimp, Grilled Octopus, Local Flounder, and Pink Moon Oysters. Primi dishes can include a wide variety of ingredients like scallops, anchovies, mussels, duck sausage, and various forms of pasta and Italian ingredients too. The Secondi dishes are the largest offerings and can include options like Local Sheepshead, Snowy Grouper, Veal Marsala, and Scaloppini of Cherry Point Swordfish.

1130 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, website