Angel Fire Resort is one of the best skiing destinations in America and is bound to capture both your heart and your thirst for adventure. The resort sprawls over an incredibly vast area of snowcapped mountains that are guaranteed to offer some of the most splendid and breathtaking views of the state. With a host of activities, Angel Fire Resort is guaranteed to be a place that defines your perfect family vacation. For those new to the world of adventure sports, there is a wide array of options to help you on your way, while for experienced skiers, the mountain provides some of the best skiing paths guaranteed to give you the perfect skiing holiday.

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There are numerous activities on offer at Angel Fire Resort in addition to the skiing and snowboarding activities. The slopes here are mostly tailored to the needs of newbies and novices, however, there are also separate trails for those who know a bit about skiing. Because of the resort’s expansive area, the paths that exist here are relatively uncrowded, so you can ski without having to worry about getting in anyone else’s way.

For those who aren’t sure about their skiing skills, Angel Fire Resort has numerous training sessions , however these are subject to the availability and, of course, weather conditions.

For visitors who want a more light-hearted and less intense experience, the tubing hill is perfect and a good choice for families and kids who just want to have some good old family fun in the snow. The tubing hill is ideal for people who are a little nervous about skiing and would prefer to start with a lighter form of adventure sport first.

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Angel Fire Resort also has a large number of activities that are specially designed for kids who aren’t old enough (or tall enough) to ski. The snow play hill is a beautiful place for families to have fun with their kids, running around and playing in the snow. This place is especially fun because children can have a go on the sleds, although adults don’t get to sled; but hey, they get the skiing instead!

When you are on a skiing trip and have a child with you who isn’t allowed to ski with you, you might become a bit worried. Thankfully,the resort provides a daycare center that also doubles as a fun activity center for kids where they can partake in numerous specially designed and enjoyable activities that include art, music and, of course, playing with other kids.

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2.Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit
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Probably the best time to visit the resort is March, owing to the attractive prices and offers available then, and the longer you stay at the resort, the higher the discount on the entire package. If you are planning on having skiing lessons or any other activity, you can purchase tickets in advance via the website to avail yourself of a discounted early bird price. If you plan to return to the resort, they also have an attractive membership program.

Naturally, we would also recommend checking the prevailing weather conditions before planning your trip. Families are advised to do their research and carry whatever necessities they deem fit, but be sure to bring warm clothes and plenty of adrenaline, because this experience will require it!

10 Miller Ln, Angel Fire, Phone: 575-377-6401

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