The Children's Museum of the Upstate began as a mother’s wish for a place where her children could learn and be inspired in an interactive environment. In 2009, the unique educational museum opened to the public in downtown Greenville, SC. The museum is committed to providing children with experiences that stir their imagination, develop a love of learning, and stimulate curiosity. The Climber exhibit area, the heart of the museum, is a unique multi-story climbing structure designed to provide a dynamic and challenging environment for climbing, crawling, and sliding.

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The Construction Zone exhibit offers children a chance to experience construction by letting them be construction workers. With tool belts and hard hats in hand, they can use wheelbarrows and bulldozers to move materials such as rubber "rocks" through a gravel pit. The exhibit also feature a crane that can be used move large-scale materials to the construction site, like fabricated I-beams, as well as an area with building blocks for toddlers.

Talkin' Trashexplores the ways that visitors can reduce their everyday waste. The exhibit is based on reducing, reusing, and recycling (the "Three R's"), and offers fun ways for children to learn about environmental conservation. Kids can learn how to use compost, practice sorting recyclable materials, or listen to Greenzilla, the Children's Museum of the Upstate's giant trash monster.

Children can explore outer space using their imagination in 3,2,1 Blast Off. Visitors can discover how flying machines are created to defy gravity as they learn about the physics of speed, create and test their own machines, and learn how airplanes are controlled by pilots. The center of the exhibit area is a hands-on replica of a command module. Here, visitors can experience a simulated lift-off. Air pressure and aerodynamics are also explored in various interactive activities, such as the 15-foot wind tunnel.

The mind and body are put to the test in Healthy Heroes. This exhibit features an assortment of physical, visual, and mental interactive activities designed for children to feel both challenged and successful. Activities include using a pulley system for visitors to lift their own bodies, scaling a glass climbing wall, and trying to complete an array of brain teasers. Visitors can also try stretching elastic bands or walking across beam to test their balance .

At the Start Your Engines exhibit, children can learn about speed, including downforce, friction, Bernoulli's Principle, and aerodynamics. The area also features a driving simulator to experience high-speed racing and a chance to be part of a pit crew, where visitors can use various tools to fill tires with air, chance race car tires, and refill the gas tank, among other tasks. The build-your-own race car area lets visitors create their own race car designs, and test ramps offer an opportunity to test the performance of the car.

The Children's Museum of the Upstate contains a wide variety of other exhibits, including an area with multi-level channels of flowing water. Water flows through pipes, bursts from fountains, cascades down waterfalls, and turns the wheel of a replica of the historic Greenville mill.

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300 College Street, Greenville, South Carolina 29601, Phone: 864-233-7755