As an interactive playground for children's minds, the Children's Museum of South Carolina in Myrtle Beach provides an opportunity for kids to play and explore while learning through interactive exhibits about the world around them. The museum works in collaboration with schools and communities to enhance student participation in technology, the humanities, and the sciences. Photo: omphoto/Fotolia



Among the Children's Museum of South Carolina's many exhibits is South Carolina Fossil Hunt. This exhibit gives kids a chance to be a paleontologist for the day as they brush away and dig through sand looking for 65-million-year-old fossils of animals that once lived in South Carolina's ocean waters. Kids can search for pieces to assemble a dinosaur skeleton in the museum's Dino Dig.

In the Totally Tubular exhibit, children use knowledge of gravity and physics to build twists, turns, and ramps to race different shaped and sized balls. The Hurricane Simulator give visitors a chance to experience the 78 mph winds of a Category 1 hurricane, as well as learn about how to protect themselves during a hurricane. Water Works teaches the scientific method as kids sort and test objects to see if they're float or sink. There is also the opportunity to create bubbles and stand inside a giant one.

The Under Construction House at the Children's Museum of South Carolina allows children to learn about tools as they use huge blocks to design, build, and destroy the Under Construction House. Another exhibit with blocks is the Imagination Playground, where a pile of jumbo foam blocks can be transformed into a playground. Kids can build a fort, a slide, or anything else they can imagine. The Express Yourself Art Center provides an opportunity for visitors to express themselves artistically and creatively, and discover the artist within. The craft choices and activities in the exhibit change each week.

Children role-play as the customer, manager, bank teller, or loan officer in The Big Bank as families participate in activities with a focus on saving, spending, and earning money. The Kidz Medical Center offers another role-playing experience, but in the medical field. Visitors learn about muscles, bones, and other parts of the body while pretending to be a doctor, nurse, X-ray technician, medical receptionist, dentist, or a patient. Children can also report weather conditions in front of a live green screen or report the news at the Weather Center & Continuous News Desk.

The Flora's Farmers Market at the Children's Museum of South Carolina provides a chance to learn about the ways plants are used in everyday life and identify different parts of a plant in the house of Flora Wild. In this farm-to-table exhibit, visitors learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, followed by an opportunity to shop in the farmers market, weigh produce, and create a balanced meal. Discover South Carolina teaches visitors about habitats, fossils, shells, and snakes that are found locally, as well as important information and facts about South Carolina. While Habitat Habit also provides information about local animals. Children can observe a box turtle, frogs, and worms that live at the museum. Address: 2204 North Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Phone: 843-946-9469 Myrtle Beach Attractions: Children's Museum of South Carolina - Photo: Stanisic Vladimir/Fotolia

Myrtle Beach Attractions: Children's Museum of South Carolina

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