A wedding is something we look forward to our entire lives. It's a day that will go down in your own personal history as one of your best ever experiences, looked back and remembered time and time again. It's a day for magical memories, rich emotions, powerful experiences, and, of course, a lot of love. The preparation for this special event can be stressful, time-consuming, and worrying, but if you choose a high quality wedding planner like Chancey Charm, you won't have to stress about a single thing.

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Founded by highly creative design and event expert Sarah Chancey, who currently works as the company's Creative Director, Chancey Charm got its start more than seven years ago. In the beginning, it was a small business with big ideas, and has grown over the years to a point where it now features more than 20 wedding planners spread out in 13 major cities all around the United States. Hundreds of brides have chosen Chancey Charm for their weddings and the planning service has been featured in major publications like Brides, Southern Living, and Martha Stewart Weddings, winning multiple awards along the way.

Why Chancey Charm?

With so many wedding planners to choose from, what makes Chancey Charm different? Why could this be the best wedding planner for you? Well, the main philosophy of Chancey Charm revolves around three little words: "We over me". This is the slogan and the menatliy of the Chancey Charm brand and has been a huge focus of the business since day one. It's all about teamwork at Chancey Charm, with each member of the planning team working together and focusing on the same goal: creating the best wedding possible, every single time.

Chancey Charm planners work closely with brides to bring their visions to life, essentially making your dreams and childhood wedding fantasies come true, rather than offering their own set of pre-made ideas and plans that don't necessarily match up with what you want. While some wedding planners only vaguely follow bride instructions and ideas, Chancey Charm really puts the focus on your vision and does everything possible to make it real. So if you want a wedding planner that will truly work with you and respect all of your needs and desires, this is a great one to choose.

Chancey Charm Locations

When it first began, Chancey Charm was just a small business operating in one location, but the brand has grown and evolved over time. Through word of mouth and high profile features in many major wedding magazines and publications, the Chancey Charm brand has spread across the United States and currently boasts a total of 13 locations all over the nation.

You can find Chancey Charm in Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina; Charlottesville, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; New York City, New York; San Diego, California; and Washington DC.

Wedding Planning Services by Chancey Charm

If you're looking to make your dream wedding come, Chancey Charm can make it happen. This brand understands that planning a wedding is an enormous job. Many brides and grooms-to-be are thrilled at the idea of getting engaged and finally setting a date to tie the knot, but as the reality of the organization process begins to sink in, they can easily feel a little overwhelmed. Chancey Charm can help all of those stresses and worries fade away in an instant, offering a bespoke wedding planning and design service to handle every aspect of the big day. No detail is left unattended to, no stone is left unturned, and every single part of your dream wedding can be handled by Chancey Charm, using a team-based approach to ensure that every part of the ceremony gets the attention it deserves.

When choosing wedding planning with Chancey Charm, you'll have the option of either a Full Planning package or a Month-Of Coordination package. As the names imply, the Full Planning offering features total support for every step of the wedding planning process, while the Month-Of Coordination package lets you handle the basics but lets the Chancey Charm team take over when the big day starts drawing nearer so you can enjoy the moment and only focus on saying "I do" and having a great time, rather than letting yourself get stressed out making sure everything is being taken care of. All of the wedding planning services from Chancey Charm can also be fully customized, and you’ll be able to speak to a member of the team to plan out your perfect package whenever you’re ready. website