One of the best weekend getaways from New York City, Buttermilk Falls Inn is a posh 1764 house with several outbuildings and a farm just 90 minutes from New York City, set on 75 acres in the Hudson River Valley. It has well-appointed rooms, each uniquely decorated with featured antiques, flat screen TVs, free Internet access, fireplaces, and even whirlpool tubs. There’s also a collection of cottages with up to four bedrooms each, and some even have kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas.

Guests are given a full and hearty country breakfast and afternoon cake and tea, and they can enjoy even more sumptuous dishes at the Inn’s farm-to-table restaurant. The Inn is also home to a relaxing spa, sauna, tennis court and indoor pool. Scroll to see the full list with photos or jump to the table of contents.

Buttermilk Falls Inn Rooms and Suites

Buttermilk Falls Inn Rooms and Suites

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There are 18 different accommodations at Buttermilk Falls Inn, categorized into guest rooms, guest cottages, and guest houses.

The Foxglove has a queen-sized bed made of dark mahogany materials and matched with step stools. The furniture contrasts the pale yellow settee and complements the traditional Victorian décor.

Lotus Blossom features an Asian-themed room with a queen-sized bed, built-in fireplace, and French doors that lead to lush gardens outside. The room looks and feels peaceful, perfect for those looking for a private oasis.

Another guest room with a Victorian charm is the Sweet Basil. This room with a queen-sized bed comes with a marble topped dresser, a stone chimney, a whirlpool tub, a built-in fireplace. Just outside is a beautiful garden accessible from the room.

With sage walls, antique furniture, queen-sized canopy beds, botanical prints, a private bath and a whirlpool, the Sage Right has a very old but comfortable feel about it. The room has a built-in fireplace that can open into a flagstone terrace just in front of the Hudson River. Its counterpart is the Sage Left. Though still having the same botanical prints and antique furnishings, the room instead has French doors that lead to yet another terrace, this time facing the pond. Just like the Sage Right, it also has a built-in fireplace, among other amenities.

The Captain’s Room is filled with nautical décor. It was designed in honor of the original master of the Inn’s old house, who used to be a captain of the merchant ship. It comes with antique furnishings, a built-in fireplace, a whirlpool tub, and access to a garden view.

Cottage Rose is a guest room with a king-sized bed, walls made of bleached wood panels. Aside from the private bath, built-in fireplace, and whirlpool, the room also overlooks the Hudson River.

Winterberry’s surrounded by rich, sienna walls and exposed stone walls around the built-in fireplace. The queen-sized bed looks inviting around its warm ambience. Aside from the usual amenities, the room features a balcony that faces the Hudson River.

Juniper is one of the more romantic guest rooms. The 16-foot cathedral ceiling gives off a feeling of having a lot of space whilst being in a cozy king-sized bed surrounded by trimmed white woodwork.

The Grand Laurel Master is known for its oversized built-in fireplace, spacious sitting areas, and separate tub and showers. This romantic guest room offers access to spectacular garden views.

Besides guest rooms, the Inn has four guest cottages, all of which are pet-friendly. The Rook’s Nest is located in one of the Inn’s carriage houses, which is just near the main house. It was named after the opera diva Dorothy Maynor. Another cottage made in honor of her and the husband is Maynor Flat.

The Gindele Suite offers a family and pet-friendly cottage that comes complete with a kitchen, a living room, a sun room with a sofa-bed and a master bedroom with a queen sized bed. It also comes with a built-in fireplace.

Overlooking the Hudson River is the North Cottage. The view is spectacular because it’s situated on top of a cliff. It comes with two twin beds and one queen bed, making it great for a weekend getaway with family or friends.

Finally, the Inn has four Guest Houses. The first one is the two-story Pony’s Pad with spacious bedrooms and a spiral staircase along with a fireplace within the living room and a deck that gives a view of the Hudson River.

Riverknoll House is a family and pet-friendly three bedrooms and three and a half bathroom houses, and is a favorite among the Inn’s guests. Its two-bedroom suite counterpart, the Riverknoll Down, has a large deck with a view, a bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a wood fireplace. These two can be combined for an even bigger accommodation.

Finally, the Riverbirch House is nestled within birch trees. It has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The deck gives a sweeping view of the landscape.

Buttermilk Falls Restaurant and Bar

Buttermilk Falls Restaurant and Bar

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Henry’s at the Farm is the result of the long term dreams of Robert Pollock, who always wanted to establish a dining destination within the Inn to serve the guests as well as the local community. It proudly celebrates the fresh produce the Hudson River Valley has to offer, using only ingredients that are grown in local farms and producers. This farm-to-table restaurant promotes organic farming by working with the locals, getting cheese, meat, and poultry from them. They get their produce from the 40-acre Millstone Farm.

But the dining experience at Henry’s doesn’t end at the dining table. In fact, it starts and ends at the Buttermilk’s 70-acre estate. Guests are encouraged to take a stroll around the vicinity before and after their meal so they can build an appetite and close their dinner with breathtaking views of flowering gardens, brooks, ponds, and waterfalls.

Henry’s Bar is known for their signature cocktails such as the Milestone Farm ginger beer, the Lavender Sidecar, and the Buttermilk Burro. Here, the bar extends the concept of farm-to-table by creating a barn-to-bar scenario where drinks are made with organic and local herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

The Buttermilk Falls Spa

The Buttermilk Falls Spa is located on the Hudson River, and is the top eco-friendly spa within the New York State. Situated along winding streams, waterfalls, and 70 acres of the Buttermilk estate, the place is indeed one for relaxation and rejuvenation. Being eco-friendly, it uses only organic products that are crafted from natural sources and subjected to eco-friendly procedures. With this, they promote a healthy and sustainable means of pampering oneself, neither harming themselves of the environment.

The spa offers a wide selection of services, including: massage therapies, facial therapies, body therapies, nail therapies and Yoga classes (on Saturdays). In addition, there’s a healthy selection of drinks and snacks to help detoxify the body. This works well with the process of cleansing the body at the spa.

The spa also accepts reservations for groups and special occasions. Just make sure to set appointments six to eight weeks ahead to secure the reservation.

Weddings and Meetings

Weddings and Meetings

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The 70-acre property is undoubtedly a wonderful backdrop for magical events such as weddings. With over 18 guest rooms and carriage house suites, the Inn can accommodate 50 guests to take part of the wedding celebration. The spa, the enclosed pool, and other facilities will surely make their stay a comfortable one. And with warm, inviting venues for the reception and superb dishes at the dinners, the event will surely be a memorable one.

The Inn has been a popular destination for corporate meetings, business trips, and other professional gatherings as well. Whether it’s a day activity or an overnight retreat, the Inn is equipped with the facilities needed to cater to even the most discerning of CEOs and other public figures invited for official business. There’s a wide selection of meeting spaces to cater to different group sizes, may it be a meeting for 10 or 100.

One of the more notable venues includes the Barn at Buttermilk, which can seat up to 120 for large banquets and special events. The place has a charming rustic feel to it, matching the beautiful sweeping views outside. The Riverknoll House is perfect for gatherings meant for meetings demanding a less stressful environment, and can host up to 40 people. Meanwhile, the Henry’s Conference Centre offers flexible seating arrangements where events can be held while catering farm-to-table dinners and meals.

Plan This Vacation

Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa is within Ulster County, which is across the Hudson River. It takes only a 90-minute train or car ride from New York City to get there. Those who wish to drive to the venue can also get directions from the hotel – they provide specific driving instructions for those coming from Albany, Boston, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and those coming from the west (via the I-87 South). For those using GPS technology, use the following address: 220 North Road, Milton, New York, NY 12547, United States. It's a good idea to book early during the holiday weekends.

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