Boru Noodle Bar has been around since 2013, when owners Casey Shea and Steve Lucier thought of the idea of bringing noodles to Newport. They have, since then, been the only ramen inspired restaurant in the area.

Being a “noodle bar”, Boru is marketed as a place where people can get a quick, tasty bowl of ramen. It’s quite similar to the other noodle bars in bigger cities like London or New York.

Locals and tourists who crave ramen definitely need to try the Boru Noodle Bar. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Newport is some of the best secrets of ramen lovers everywhere. While surrounded in a contemporary space, those who enter this establishment are presented with a selection of creative ramen bowls to try. The House Ramen itself has been praised for its good broth, and may taste better with some crispy brussels or chili wings. Those who have tried that and want something more spicy can will find the Spicy Miso Ramen or a side of Kimchee to suit their taste.

Guests will also have the delight of seeing the chef prepare these noodles in front of them for a more intimate dining experience.

The space can be quite small for some, but that alone has its charms. In any case, they have only recently opened up a new dining room that can now be used to even host private events. And although the space can be an issue, Boru makes up for it with their good food and reasonable prices. It’s a definite must-try for those who love a good bowl of noodles.

Restaurant Hours

This noodle bar is open six days a week for lunch and dinner.

Tuesdays to Sundays: 11:30 - 10:00 PM

Mondays: CLOSED


Due to the restaurant’s limited capacity and the style of its service, Boru takes NO reservations. Customers can either order the noodles for dine in or take out.



? House Ramen - pork belly, egg, and napa

? Spicy Miso Ramen - pork, corn, and bean sprouts

? Roast Chicken Ramen - sweet corn broth, apple, and greens

? Mediterrarean Seafood Ramen - saffron, olives, and tomatoes

? Mushroom Beef Ramen - egg yolk, enoki, scallions


? Szechuan Fried Calamari - black bean chili sauce, radish, scallion

? Basil Chili Wings - glazed in chili, basil and garlic

? Kale Salad - apple, cashews and mis dressing

? Pork Buns - hoisin, pickles and radish

? Kimchee - napa, scallion, and ginger

Note: items in the menu are subject to change. Visit the restaurant’s website for a more updated list of food items.

Special Events

In spite of its limited space, Boru Noodle Bar can be used to accommodate large parties and private events. This is thanks to the new and more spacious dining room they’ve recently opened. Hosting a party or celebration with ramen can be a novel idea.

For more information about the venue and general inquiries about the restaurant, contact (401) 846-4200 or visit the official website of the Boru Noodle Bar.


Boru Noodle Bar, 36 Broadway Newport, RI 02840, Phone: 401-846-4200

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