Amsterdam is by far one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Europe, with its cobblestone streets, winding waterways, charming architecture, and fascinating museums offering so much to see, do, and experience for absolutely every visitor.

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It's a city that can appeal to people of all ages and dispositions, being equally well-suited to family vacations, historical and cultural tours, shopping holidays, and, of course, food and drink lovers.

Amsterdam is home to some of the very best restaurants, bars, cafés, and other dining establishments in all of The Netherlands, with The Seafood Bar standing out as one of the city's very best eateries.

The Seafood Bar - Best Seafood Restaurant in Amsterdam

With several locations all around Amsterdam, easily accessed from anywhere in the city, The Seafood Bar is the place to be if you're hoping to enjoy high quality seafood meals in the Dutch capital. It's a historic, family owned and operated brand with a lot to offer, and here's all you need to know about The Seafood Bar:

- The Menu - The menu of The Seafood Bar will hold a lot of appeal to people who enjoy seafood of all kinds. You'll find a great range of fingerfood to get started, including appetizers and sharing snacks like calamari, crab cakes, shrimps in garlic butter, fried fish pieces with tartar sauce, and scallops. Caviar and soups can also be found on the menu, as well as oysters, seafood platters, grilled dishes, mussels, and various forms of fish and chips too.

- The Food and Drink - The Seafood Bar is highly committed to both quality and sustainability. This means that all food served at this Amsterdam restaurant is sourced sustainably and responsibly, allowing every guest to enjoy total peace of mind and reassurance in regard to the environmental impact and quality of the food they enjoy. Only the finest wines, craft spirits, and artisanal cocktails also feature on the menu at The Seafood Bar.

- Non-Stop Positive Praise - The Seafood Bar is rated as one of the very best restaurants in all of Amsterdam by casual diners, food bloggers, and professional culinary critics alike. All of The Seafood Bar locations feature in the top 100 places to eat on TripAdvisor and they've all received thousands of positive reviews from happy diners, as well as being talked about in leading travel publications like Lonely Planet and Michelin.

- Special Events - The Seafood Bar isn't just a casual and quiet dining establishment in the heart of Amsterdam; the team behind this seafood hotspot also get involved with all kinds of fun events around the city over the course of the year. Examples of fun events include The Seafood Bar Cruise Pride Edition, which features an LGBT-friendly cruise with lots of delicious seafood and non-stop music, as well as the Vrijimbo events each Friday afternoon in which oysters and gin tonics are available at very low prices.

- The Seafood Shop - Want to take some of the delicious seafood of The Seafood Bar home with you or to your private vacation rental? If so, The Seafood Shop is the place to be. Also located in Amsterdam, this seafood shop offers a range of fresh fish and seafood including oysters, herring, kibbling, and seafood sandwiches too. It’s the perfect place to grab some seafood snacks at any time of day to enjoy on-the-go while exploring the city or to take back home and prepare yourself later on.

- Reservations - Are reservations needed at The Seafood Bar? In general, no. This Amsterdam seafood restaurant has a policy whereby only 20% of the tables are reserved each day, leaving most of the tables free and available for walk-in guests. This means that you've always got a good chance of being seated quickly at The Seafood Bar, but these locations are still very popular, so if you really want to be sure of getting a table at the time you want, reserving online is essential.

You can find The Seafood Bar locations all around Amsterdam at Spui 15, Ferdinand Bolstraat 32, and Van Baerlestraat 5, with The Seafood Shop being located at Leidsestraat 61. There's also a Utrecht location at Stationsplein 22, so even if you’re not in Amsterdam, you can still enjoy high quality seafood dining from this popular chain.

The Seafood Bar is typically open from midday until 11pm, but hours can vary from one location to the next, so it's important to check the times before your visit to be sure. You can contact this leading Amsterdam seafood restaurant by emailing The next time you’re in Amsterdam, don’t miss out on this top quality seafood joint. website