Tampa International Airport is located around six miles outside of Downtown Tampa and is one of the many airports used by travelers to fly in and out of Florida. The Sunshine State draws in a lot of tourists from all over the globe each and every year. Tampa Airport is one of the state's top airports and is usually in the top 30 busiest airports in all of north America, handling close to 20 million passengers per year.

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Those travelers are all heading off or arriving from different destinations both in the United States and abroad, but many of them are forced to spend at least a few hours waiting around at the airport itself while their flights get ready to depart. Fortunately, Tampa International Airport is fitted out with plenty of useful amenities and facilities, all designed to make the traveler experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

This Florida airport is equipped with a whole host of different eateries and places to grab a drink, snack, or full sit-down meal. So, if you’re having to spend some time at Tampa Airport and are starting to feel a little hungry or thirsty, you have plenty of options to choose from. Read on to learn all about just a few of the best restaurants at Tampa Airport.

Best Pre-Security Tampa Airport Restaurants

Before you even pass through the security checkpoints, there are several great restaurants to be found at Tampa Airport. Here are a few examples.

-Starbucks - Main Terminal, Level 1: Baggage Claim

Down on Level 1 of the Main Terminal is a Starbucks. Everyone knows this hugely successful and popular coffee shop chain. Open every single day of the week from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, Starbucks is ready and waiting to serve up a fine range of amazing coffees, teas, and other assorted beverages, as well as tasty snacks.

-Qdoba Mexican Grill - Main Terminal, Level 3: Transfer

Up on the Transfer Level of the Main Terminal is the Qdoba Mexican Grill. A great option for those looking for something pretty substantial, Qdoba Mexican Grill serves up a nice selection of burritos, as well as tacos, quesadillas, and other Mexican specialties. You can modify your meal by choosing different ingredients and the service is always speedy at this location.

-Hard Rock Cafe - Main Terminal, Level 3: Transfer

Also up on Level 3, which is the Transfer Level of the Main Terminal at Tampa Airport, is a Hard Rock Cafe. Boasting locations all around the world, the Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to go for a full sit-down meal and is always a big hit with music fans. Rock music will be playing through the speakers as you take a seat and order up some classic American favorites at this excellent Tampa airport restaurant.

Best Post-Security Tampa Airport Restaurants

Once you get through security, you’ll find even more excellent eating locations all around Tampa International Airport. Read on for a few great examples.

-Burger21 - Airside A

Boasting dozens of locations in several states all across America, Burger 21 is a growing fast food chain that aims to break down some of the conventions and remove some of the frustrations people encounter when it comes to fast food. This joint focuses on quality over speed, making use of better quality ingredients and spending a little more time putting each burger together to promote healthier options while still retaining those same delicious flavors that make burgers such a beloved fast food option.

-Ducky's - Airside A

Also located at Airside A in the post-security section of Tampa Airport, Ducky's Sports Lounge is a great place to relax while waiting for your flight. You can sit down at a table here and enjoy some of the best burgers in all of Tampa. The atmosphere at this restaurant is warm and welcoming too, and they serve up some drinks too for those passengers who want to indulge in a cocktail or two before continuing their journey. The Rum Punch is particularly popular.

-RumFish Grill - Airside C

Over at Airside C, you'll find a wealth of super dining options, but RumFish Grill stands out as one of the very best. The whole Tampa Bay area is famous for its seafood, after all, so it makes sense to choose a seafood location when eating at Tampa Airport. RumFish Grill is one of the top seafood spots you can find at any American airport and is nicely decorated with aquatic imagery.

-Panda Express - Airside E

Over at Airside E, one of the top options for people feeling a little hungry is Panda Express. It's a classic Chinese chain that everyone is familiar with, and you always know what you're getting at Panda Express. The quality is great at the Tampa location and the service is speedy, so you can be enjoying your favorite dish in a matter of minutes and fill yourself up with tasty food before heading off to catch your next flight.

-Yogurtology - Airside F

Maybe you're just looking for a sweet treat rather than something big like a burger and fries. If so, Yogurtology at Airside F of Tampa Airport is the location for you. The Frozen Yogurt experts, Yogurtology offers an astonishing and ever-changing flavor of amazing flavors, including all-natural and vegan options too for those in search of a healthier choice. This is the best place to go for something sweet and satisfying at Tampa Airport.