If you're traveling in or out of San Diego by air, you'll be passing through San Diego International Airport. Once known as Lindbergh Field, San Diego Airport is just a few miles outside of Downtown San Diego. It's one many major airports found in the state of California and is actually the busiest airport in the entire United States to feature only one runway. It is also interestingly ranked as one of the most difficult airports for commercial pilots to land at due to the fact that it only has one runway which is quite close to the city's high-rise buildings.


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Over 20 million people pass through San Diego Airport each year, and all of those people have to do a lot of waiting around as they pass through check-in desks, security lines, departure gates, and more in preparation for their flights. This means that there's a lot of time to kill and, if you've spent much time in airports, you'll know that it's easy to get hungry or thirsty while waiting around so long.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great restaurants to be found at San Diego Airport. In fact, the airport is fitted out with all kinds of eateries, from salad and sushi bars to full-scale, sit-down meal places and everything in between. So, the next time you feel a little hungry at San Diego Airport, be sure to check out one or more of the following locations. Here are some details on some of the best restaurants at San Diego Airport.

Best San Diego Airport Restaurants

There are several different dining options all around San Diego Airport, at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. However, before we take a look at some of the best options, it's worth noting that this airport offers a special service called 'AtYourGate'. The AtYourGate service actually allows you to order food or drinks from many of the different restaurants and snack bars all around the airport and then have those items delivered directly to you at the departure gate for your flight. It's a great option if you don't want to walk all around the airport to find the right restaurant or just happen to be flying out of the wrong terminal for the dining location you're craving.

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2.Best San Diego Airport Restaurants in Terminal 1

Best San Diego Airport Restaurants in Terminal 1
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Terminal 1 at San Diego Airport has plenty of great dining options including Asian savors, American flavors, casual snacks, and more. Read on for some of the best examples.

Bankers Hill Bar And Restaurant - Gate 7

Over by Gate 7 in Terminal 1 is where you'll find Bankers Hill Bar And Restaurant. This is by far one of the best restaurants in San Diego Airport. Why? Well, while most airport eateries tend to be focused on fast food and speedy service at all costs, Bankers Hill Bar And Restaurant is a full, farm-to-table restaurant that really puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of its ingredients and the satisfaction of its customers. You'll find some truly delicious, filling, and healthy meals here at all times of day, with the menu offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Ciao Gourmet Market - Gate 1/Gate 4/Pre-Security Area

There are three different Ciao Gourmet Market locations dotted around Terminal 1 of San Diego Airport, and they're all worth checking out. These locations focus on convenience and speed, letting you simply grab your favorite sandwich, salad, or snack and head off to your gate or elsewhere around the airport. The prices are great and you can get some tasty drinks here too.

Emerald Express - Pre-Security

Looking to enjoy some tasty Asian food before heading through the dreaded security lines at the airport? If so, Emerald Express could be the right place for you. This Chinese restaurant is located in the pre-security area of Terminal 1 and makes use of local, fresh ingredients in all of its dishes. There's a strong focus on seafood meals here, but you can find other options too or just grab a simple noodle bowl if you're not feeling too hungry.

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3.Best San Diego Airport Restaurants in Terminal 2

Best San Diego Airport Restaurants in Terminal 2
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Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport is also filled with some excellent restaurants and places to grab a drink or quick bite. Read on for a few examples.

Beadevin - Gate 42

Down by Gate 42, you can find Beaudevin, or to give it its full name: Beaudevin Wine & Tapas Bar. As the name implies, this place is all about sitting, relaxing, and enjoying some casual sharing platter snacks with your fellow travelers over a great glass of wine. It's a really great place to relax ahead of your flight, so it's perfect for people who are feeling a little nervy, and the tapas plates are filled with interesting items made with local and regional ingredients.

California Pizza Kitchen - Gate 26

You'll need to head over to Gate 26 of Terminal 2 to find this amazing San Diego Airport restaurant. Everyone loves pizza, and you can taste some truly great options at the California Pizza Kitchen. Cooked to perfection in authentic wood-fired ovens, these pizzas come in a range of sizes and styles to suit everyone, with pizzas to please both meat-lovers and vegetarians too. If you're not in the mood for a pizza, they also offer sandwiches and salads.

PGA Tour Grill - Gate 36

Maybe you're really hungry, maybe you've got a few hours before your flight leaves, or maybe you just prefer a full sit-down meal to a casual cafe or fast food location. If any of those statements are true, the PGA Tour Grill is the place to be. Situated over by Gate 36, this is a full-service restaurant that golf lovers will adore, as the whole place is decorated with images of the Torrey Pines course and various golfing scenes. You can find some really tasty entrees here, with a nice range of cocktails and sweet treats also available, and the service is fantastic.

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7 Best San Diego Airport Restaurants