As one of the most popular and populous states of all, California is home to many different airports, with several locations serving the big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Oakland Airport is just one example, with this airport being located around 10 miles out of Oakland, closely situated to San Francisco and being one of the top airports people choose when traveling in and out of the San Francisco Bay Area.


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It's not one of the busiest airports in California, but Oakland Airport does still handle over 13 million passengers per year and offers a long list of flight routes from major airlines to destinations all over the globe like Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Like most modern airports, Oakland Airport is also fitted out with plenty of modern conveniences, comforts, and amenities designed to provide passengers with things to do and enjoy while they wait for their flights.

If you're traveling in or out of Oakland Airport, you'll find plenty of eateries around the place. There are all kinds of restaurants to be found at this California airport, so no matter whether you're looking for something quick and easy like a fast food burger or something more filling like a full meal with starter and dessert, you can find it here. See below for brief descriptions of some of the best places to eat at Oakland Airport.

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2.Best Oakland Airport Restaurants in Terminal 1

Best Oakland Airport Restaurants in Terminal 1
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Terminal 1 at Oakland Airport features a small but varied range of dining options to go along with its shops and other amenities. Here are some of the best places to eat in Terminal 1.

Heinold's First and Last Chance - Pre-Security

If you want to grab a drink or a quick bite to eat with your friends and family before heading through the security lines at Oakland Airport, Heinold's First and Last Chance is a good option. There's a lot of history behind the Heinold's First and Last Chance name, with the original place actually being late 19th century bar. You'll find a good selection of drinks and bar fare here.

Silver Dragon - Gate 9

Head over to Gate 9 and take a load off at the Silver Dragon. There's some interesting history behind this location too, with the original Silver Dragon actually opening up in the center of Oakland back in the 1950s. It closed down eventually, but the airport location is still open and very popular, offering some delicious Chinese and Korean dishes.

Starbucks - Gate 4

Everyone knows Starbucks, so this is a brand that needs no introduction. Some people prefer to get their coffee elsewhere, but there aren't too many cafes or coffee shops at Terminal 1 of Oakland Airport, so Starbucks is always a good choice. The menu changes throughout the year but always features a long list of coffee and tea varieties, as well as simple sandwiches and baked goods.

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3.Best Oakland Airport Restaurants in Terminal 2

Best Oakland Airport Restaurants in Terminal 2
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A lot of flights out of Oakland Airport, especially those with Southwest Airlines, tend to go out of Terminal 2, and you'll find that this terminal features a greater selection of eateries than Terminal 1, with plans in place for the construction of even more bars and restaurants here in the future. Read on for a few examples of the top dining options in Oakland Airport's Terminal 2.

Fenton's - Gate 25

If you've got a sweet tooth or feel a craving for a little sugar during your time at Oakland Airport, Fenton's is a great place to stop off. A historic creamery brand with history dating back to the 1800s, Fenton's offers a salivating line-up of ice cream and shake flavors and a few savory snacks to go along with them.

Pyramid Ale Taproom - Gate 24

By far one of the best spots at Oakland Airport to sit and spend some time with good quality food and drink, Pyramid Ale Taproom is located over by Gate 24. You can enjoy a huge range of food options here, with most dishes prepared with local ingredients and the menu changing up to suit the seasons and ensure that all meals are fresh and flavorful. There are also some great craft beers to try here and some fine spirits too.

Andalé - Gate 28

If you're in the mood for something with a little Latin flavor and flair, Andalé is the place to be. Over by Gate 28, this branch of the small Bay Area Mexican chain offers a great range of meals all through the day. Their breakfast options are surprisingly satisfying, with the breakfast burritos being simply perfect for early morning flights, and the cocktails are always excellent too.

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6 Best Oakland Airport Restaurants