Miami Airport is one of the many airports found all over the state of Florida. Since Florida is such a sunny, popular state with a lot of amazing attractions and beautiful beaches, it tends to attract millions of visitors each and every year, so needs a lot of airports to cope, and Miami is one of the busiest of all. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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Around 45 million people can pass through Miami Airport each and every year, so that ranks it as the second busiest airport in all of Florida and makes it the main airport for South Florida. It's also the 40th busiest airport on the planet and the 12th busiest airport in the United States, so there's a lot of people here and that typically translates to a lot of waiting around in long lines for security and check-in.

Fortunately, once you get through the lines and can finally move around a little, you'll find Miami Airport to be a great place to spend some time due to the many shops, amenities, and restaurants here. The eateries at Miami Airport are particularly rich and varied, with dozens of different options to choose from in the North Terminal, South Terminal and Central Terminal. Let's take a closer look at those three parts of the airport and check out some of the best places to eat around Miami Airport.

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2.Best Miami Airport Restaurants in North Terminal

Best Miami Airport Restaurants in North Terminal
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The North Terminal of Miami Airport, also sometimes called the Blue Terminal, is where you'll find Concourse D. If you're traveling in or out of this part of the airport, you'll find a very nice range of eateries to choose from.

-Beaudevin - Gate D24

When you look for a place to eat at an airport, you're usually bombarded with nothing but simple cafes and fast food joints like Burger King and McDonald's, but Beaudevin at Miami Airport is something very different. This is a 40+ seat wine and cheese bar with a distinctly French flair. It's a super spot to hang out with your friends or a special someone, sipping a glass of wine and relaxing for a while as you watch countless busy tourists bustling past to get to their departure gates.

-Ku-Va - Gate D19

Part of what makes Miami such a special place is its close ties to the Caribbean and Latin America, and you can get a big taste of Miami's more exotic side if you choose to dine at Ku-Va in the North Terminal of Miami Airport. This is a family owned joint offering Cuban fare. The service is friendly and the meals are served with surprising speed and efficiency here. As for the quality, it's some of the best you can find at Miami Airport.

-Cafe Versailles - Gate D44

If you're just in the mood for a cup of coffee, Cafe Versailles the place to be. There are actually a few of these cafes dotted around the North Terminal, and you'll find them at Gates D21 and D5 as well as D44. These locatinos all offer the same great menu, with high quality Cuban coffee a must-order and some nice sandwiches and snacks too.

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3.Best Miami Airport Restaurants in South Terminal

Best Miami Airport Restaurants in South Terminal
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The South Terminal, also known as the Red Terminal, is where you'll find Concourses H and J. It's arguably the best terminal at Miami Airport in terms of the dining options, so you'll find a lot of choice here and can really tantalize your tastebuds with a big range of food and drinks. Read on to learn more.

-Bongos - Post-Security, H-J Connector

A fantastic example of typical Miami cuisine, Bongos offers some amazing Cuban fusion dishes with a lot of top quality ingredients going onto every plate and some truly outstanding recipes featured on the menu. The prices aren't the cheapest here, but the likes of the Criollo Ribs, Cuban Slow Roasted Pork, and Paella Valenciana are simply too good to pass up.

-La Pausa - Post-Security, H-J Connector

Another nice option for those looking to kill some time and fill their stomachs while waiting around at Miami Airport is La Pausa. The staff here are really friendly, which automatically elevates this place above so many other airport eateries around the world, and you'll find some super burgers and timeless American classics. The restaurant is nicely decorated too, so you almost forget that you're eating at an airport.

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4.Miami Airport Restaurants in Central Terminal

Miami Airport Restaurants in Central Terminal
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The Central Terminal isn’t quite as well-stocked as the North Terminal and South Terminal of Miami Airport, but there are still some decent eateries and options here. Here’s the low-down on a few of the best places to eat around the Central Terminal.

-Pizza Hut - E7

You can find a few Pizza Hut locations around the Central Terminal, so it's always a good option for people who just want to sit down and eat something to put a smile on their faces. Everyone knows Pizza Hut, so this pizza chain really needs no introduction. The prices are great, the pizzas are tasty, and the service is quick. For an airport eatery, this is pretty much everything you want.

-Viena - Pre-Security, Miami Airport Hotel

This restaurant is actually located in the Miami International Airport Hotel, so it's not ideal for people who want to eat in the post-security areas of MIA, but it's by far one of the classiest locations you could ever hope to find in an airport. Viena is a farm-to-table dining location offering an eclectic, varied menu with European and South American influences. The ingredients are all high quality and you can really taste the difference when you choose to have a meal here compared to many other places around Miami Airport.

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7 Best Miami Airport Restaurants