Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport, located in Broward County, is one of the several major international airports serving the great state of Florida. Conveniently located for people traveling to and from the Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood area, this airport is particularly popular with cruise guests due to the fact that Port Everglades isn't too far away, where many cruises set off for the Caribbean Islands.

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This airport is classed as the 18th busiest in the whole of the United States and one of the busiest in all of Florida too, and the staff at Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport can encounter over 35 million passengers in a typical year when working at this location.

In order to cater to all those passengers and make their experiences as satisfying as possible, the airport has undergone a lot of renovation and development over the years to a point where it now features a long list of shops and restaurants. These locations can keep you busy and entertained while waiting for your flight, but which are the best places to eat at Fort Lauderdale Airport? Read on to find out.

Best Fort Lauderdale Airport Restaurants

There are a lot of different restaurants, bars, and cafes to be found at Fort Lauderdale Airport, both in the post-security and pre-security areas. Read on for brief overviews and location details for some of the best restaurants at this Florida airport.

-Kafe Kalik - Post-Security, H7

In the H7 area of Fort Lauderdale Airport, after passing through the security checkpoint, you'll find Kafe Kalik. A Caribbean-themed location, this is a great place to check out if you're at Fort Lauderdale Airport to take a cruise down to the Caribbean Islands, as the tropical theme and fun cocktails here will really help to get you in an island mood. There are some excellent drinks here and a nice range of seafood and BBQ dishes too, with the Banana Shrimp Scampi and Spiced Curry Chicken being particularly popular.

-Casavana Cuban Cuisine - Post-Security, H2

After the security areas, you can enjoy a great Cuban meal at Casavana Cuban Cuisine. Boasting a few locations around the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, Casavana is a great name in Cuban cuisine. The staff at this chain are super passionate about the food they cook and can offer some amazing menus and delicacies you might never have tried before. Some of the best options on the menu at this place included the fried plantains for dessert and the 'Masas de Cerdo', which is a mixture of pork pieces seasoned with some amazing spices and special sauce.

-The Great American Bagel Bakery - Pre-Security, Lower Level Baggage Claim

If you're looking for a good place to grab a snack before actually going through the security checkpoints, The Great American Bagel Bakery on the Lower Level could be a good spot to try. If you've never eaten here before, The Great American Bagel Bakery is all about big, flavorful bagels with lots of fun, high quality ingredients. You can find breakfast bagels here if you arrive in the morning, with the menu changing throughout the day to include different options later on.

-Landshark - Post-Security, B2

Landshark is one of the only sit-down meal areas in this part of Fort Lauderdale Airport, so it's a good option for those passengers who have some time to kill and would prefer to take a seat for a little while and enjoy a proper meal rather than a simple fast food option. Featuring both a bar area and tables, Landshark serves up food all through the day. You can get some decent tacos, sandwiches, burgers, nachos, and standard BBQ dishes at this location, and the fries are especially good.

-Shula Burger - Post-Security, C4

There are burgers, and then there's Shula Burger. This family-owned burger chain is making a name for itself by using high quality ingredients, grass-fed beef, and some super recipes to offer up an amazing menu of Signature Burgers. Some of the top options to try here include the French Onion, Mushroom Swiss, Big Blue, and Shula's BBQ Burger. Those looking for something fiery might want to test their luck with 'The Heater', which features a four pepper relish and chipotle spread.

-Torn Basil - Post-Security, B3

Torn Basil is an Italian eatery at Fort Lauderdale Airport, so it's a good choice for people who just want some classic Italian food like a pizza or meatballs. The pizzas are generously garnished here with a whole of toppings and the food is cooked and served quickly. The meatball sub here is excellent as well and the staff are friendly and very happy to help you personalize your pizza with a range of different options.