As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. Some people tend to think of those words as nothing but a cliché, but there's a lot of truth to them. The food and drink we put into our bodies is what our organs, muscles, and bones rely on to function. Time and again, it has been proven that if you eat good quality food and drink, your body will function more efficiently and you'll be in better health, both mentally and physically. Meanwhile, if you choose to eat poor quality products, you'll start to notice the negative side effects.

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A bad diet can lead to all sorts of health problems, including high blood pressure, greater risks of serious illnesses like cancer or heart disease, higher levels of cholesterol, weight gain, fatigue, aches, pains, and so much more. If we could all see the toxins and poisons we're putting into our bodies when eating processed and junk foods, maybe we'd all think twice, but the sad fact of the matter is that bad quality food is often disguised to look and taste much better than it really is. It's also an unfortunate fact that the foods and drinks many of us enjoy the most tend to contain a lot of fats and additives which really aren't good for our bodies.

Burgers, for example, are hugely popular, but are generally considered to be bad for one's health. In a typical fast food joint, the burgers you'll order are mass produced, loaded with additives, and sourced from low quality farms that force hundreds of cattle into small places and feed them all sorts of terrible things like antibiotics and growth hormones just to boost the profits. It's no wonder that these foods are so commonly linked with many different health problems, but places like Farm Burger are proving that it's totally possible to create good quality burgers, sourced in the right ways, with respect for both nature and the customer.

What Is Farm Burger?

On the outside, Farm Burger might seem like another burger restaurant, but look a little deeper, and you'll start to see so much more. Established in 2008 by co-founders Jason Mann and George Frangos, this burger joint got its start in a very special and positive way. Mann had spent his life working as an organic farmer and rancher, while Frangos was a hospitality expert. Together, they shared a distaste and dissatisfaction with the burger industry as it was and wanted to try and offer something different, something purer and better for everyone. Thus, the idea for Farm Burger was born.

Together, Mann and Frangos brought their vision to life, working closely with farmers, ranchers, and chefs to devise menus and systems that relied on local ingredients, grass-fed cows, no antibiotics or nasty hormones, and high quality dining experiences for every customer. With a huge focus on sustainability, humane practices, a love of nature, and a respect for the health of the customers, Farm Burger sets itself apart as one of the best options for anyone looking for a tasty burger without all the downsides that are so commonly associated with this kind of food.

Mann and Frangos recognized that, in the modern era, food has become, like so many other things, all about speed and convenience. Many restaurants and fast food joints are so focused on profits and immediate success that they'll stop at nothing to cut corners and make compromises and sell more food, regardless of the negative effects it might have for farmers, customers, and the animals involved. Farm Burger was designed to counteract that kind of culture; this brand was built on good core values, with a lot of emphasis on quality over quantity.

The folks behind Farm Burger understand that quality food takes time to make and aren't afraid to be patient and make the extra efforts needed to produce the quality that every customer deserves. In every aspect of the Farm Burger creation process, this brand goes above and beyond the call of duty to focus on quality production, sustainable methods, local ingredients, home-made recipes, and more. In short, Farm Burger is about good food; it's about high quality, satisfying experiences and respect for all, and once you've tasted one of these amazing burgers, you'll never want to go back to a fast food joint again.

Where Can I Find Farm Burger?

Farm Burger currently has locations in several states all around the nation, and the best part is that every single location adheres to the core principles that Farm Burger was founded on and that have helped to make this burger brand so popular and beloved by so many people. All locations make use of local ingredients from nearby farms when preparing their menus, resulting in the same great standards of quality from one location to the next. Farm Burger locations can currently be found in the following states and cities:

- Birmingham and Huntsville in Alabama

- San Anselmo in California

- Atlanta, Decatur, and Dunwoody in Georgia

- Asheville in North Carolina

- Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee

The Farm Burger Menu

The Farm Burger menu can vary from location to location depending on the local ingredients sourced in each area, but it generally follows the same basic blueprint. Each Farm Burger location serves up a variety of snacks, burgers, salads, fries, 'Lil Farmers' options for kids, and various drinks. Typical snacks will include Kale Slaw and Sweet Potato Hush Puppies. Burgers can feature various meats, sauces, and ingredients, with vegan options available at various locations too.

The healthy salads come with home-made vinaigrettes and include all sorts of unique ingredients like kale, squash, red cabbage, and more. The fries come in various forms including standard fries, sweet potato options, and 'FB Fries' which are mixed up with garlic, cheese, and herbs. Kids enjoy the same great standards of quality on the 'Lil Farmers' menu, with options like Chicken Lollipops and Grassfed Hot Dog. Finally, the drinks include various sodas, beers, wines, and shakes.

Cater Your Event With Farm Burger

Looking to organize a fun special events or get-together with friends, family, colleagues, and others? If so, Farm Burger can help. This burger brand offers a full catering service, tailor-made to suit both small and large events. Why choose a boring, standard catering service when you can serve grassfed burgers and ethically-sourced, high quality options to all your guests?

Farm Burger offers a variety of preset menus for catering, with various levels of service available depending on your budget and needs. They can simply cook the food and drop it off at your event or send out servers or cooks to prepare it all right on-site. No matter what you choose, whether it be for a wedding, party, or business event, Farm Burger can make it so much better. website