London is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, an international hub where ideas and influences from all over the world meet and interact in exciting new ways. Nowhere is this more evident than in the city's culinary landscape.

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While the British classics like fish and chips can be seen around the city, London's food scene is much more renowned for its diversity, with Asian, American, European, and other influences from all over the globe.

It’s a real melting pot of culinary themes and inspirations, with Delamina East, a highly rated East Mediterranean restaurant in Shoreditch, being a prime example. Ranked as one of the top restaurants in East London, Delamina East is an amazing place to dine.

Delamina East - East Mediterranean Dining in London

The Shoreditch area has seen a lot of development in recent years, with many young creatives and fashionable bars, clubs, and eateries popping up in this particular part of London. Delamina East really symbolises the innovative spirit and diverse nature of this district.

Offering up a tantalising array of East Mediterranean dishes, designed to transport you to far-off lands, with distinct herbs and spices and healthy cooking techniques playing a big part in the formation of this restaurant’s incredible menu, Delamina East is a real delight for all the senses.

- Passionate Founders - No restaurant can success without passionate people at the helm. Fortunately, Delamina East has a great time, spearheaded by family chef, Limor. Having spent years cooking traditional Eastern Mediterranean recipes and experimenting with different ingredients, Limor was able to bring something new to the Shoreditch culinary scene.

- Sustainable and Ethical - Many of the dishes you'll find on the menu at Delamina East are based around turkey as a key ingredient, while a large section of the menu is totally vegetarian too, making this one of the best London restaurants for vegetarians and vegans. All ingredients used are sourced locally and from ethical sources in order to promote eco-friendly attitudes and responsible agriculture.

- Bold Flavours - The cuisine of the countries of the East Mediterranean area is renowned for its rich flavours and bold blends of herbs and spices. It's very unique and different, especially when compared to the countless burger and pizza chains that make up large parts of London's culinary landscape. Everything at Delamina East is freshly cooked with top quality ingredients to produce some astonishing flavours you’ll simply fall in love with.

- A Magical Menu - The menu at Delamina East will definitely intrigue diners from all walks of life. You'll instantly see all of the iconic elements of East Mediterranean cuisine listed on the page, including the likes of roasted aubergine, freshly baked pita bread, sweet potatoes, feta cheese, hummus, tahini, and more. There's a good mixture of meat, fish, and vegetarian options, as well as rotating daily specials and seasonal delights.

- Sweet Treats and Great Drinks - As well as all the excellent appetisers and main meal options at Delamin East, you'll also find a super selection of sweet treats, including some undisputed classics like brownies and cheesecakes given the Delamina treatment. You'll also find a super selection of wines, cocktails, teas, and coffees.

Private East London Dining at Delamina East

Perhaps you're planning a small get-together with friends or family for a birthday, anniversary, reunion, or some other kind of special event? Whatever the case, if you're looking for quality private dining in London, Delamina East can meet your needs.

- Private dining at this top London Mediterranean restaurant can be enjoyed in the 'Music Room'.

- A cosy and relaxing space, decorated with neutral tones and warm woods, this Music Room is named due to the presence of some old-fashioned radios and vinyls right by the dining table.

- Guests of the Music Room can actually make use of this old music equipment to listen to their favourite music while they dine, with guests even encouraged to bring their own records along if they like.

- The music room can cater to up to 10 people in total and can be reserved by calling 020 7078 0770.

Enjoy Great Mediterranean Flavours at Delamina East

Delamina East is located at 151-153 Commercial St, Shoreditch, London E1 6BJ. This restaurant is open every single day of the week, usually from lunchtime through to the evening. Tables can be booked in advance with ease via the official Delamina East website, or by contacting the restaurant directly.

On Saturdays and Sundays, brunch is served from late morning through to mid-afternoon, as well as on bank holidays, with a separate brunch menu being provided. The brunch menu contains a variety of lighter bites, as well as classic large dishes like the Green Shakshuka, Benedict Balagan, and Pita Paradise.

Food Delivery and Click + Collect with Delamina East

Like many leading London restaurants, Delamina East also works in conjunction with various external services and platforms to provide its food in many different ways that can work for you in a variety of situations.

Perhaps you have a date night planned at home, maybe you're not in the mood to head out to a restaurant but do still want to enjoy some great flavours and home-made Mediterranean dishes, or maybe you have some other reason for wanting to get your food delivered or take it home yourself.

Either way, Delamina East works via both Deliveroo and AtHand to let you either book food deliveries to any address around London or simply order online and collect your meal at a time that suits you. website