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Go on a delicious culinary journey by visiting Toronto’s best pastry shops, bakeries and cafes where nearly everything is handmade and looks just as tempting as it tastes. Whether you are looking for Toronto's dessert spots serving award-winning ice cream, cup cakes, macaroons, cookies or brownies, there are many tasty treats to choose from.

1.Dessert Lady

Dessert Lady
Dessert Lady

Winning awards for best pastries in rich, diverse cities like Toronto must be exceptionally difficult. How to you stand out? Dessert Lady’s owner Mandy, the dessert lady herself, has a secret: embrace diversity and get creative with a mix of flavors, colors, shapes, and smells.

Finally, make everything from scratch and by hand every day, ensuring your tasty goods are incredibly fresh. Try her delicious, award-winning ice cream cone, which will transport you to the Caribbean beach. The cone is full of succulent lemon zest while the cream is made of refreshing avocado and coconut. You’ll have similar revolutionary experiences with her macaroons, cup cakes, incredibly 3D special cakes, wedding cakes, and all her other sweet and delicious treats.

You can buy Sweet Lady’s sweets in her lovely, bustling retail pastry shop in downtown Toronto, or in several specialty shops and restaurants in Toronto and elsewhere.

12 Cumberland St., Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-924-3223 Photo: Dessert Lady

2.Andrea's Bakery

Andrea's Bakery
Andrea's Bakery

It is easy to overlook the small, quaint establishment that is Andrea’s Bakery in the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s Chinatown, but once you visit, you will definitely keep coming back. Andrea took all our childhood favorites, the sweet indulgencies that served as comfort food, and brought them to a gourmet level. She makes pies, cookies, brownies, and even empanadas, all of which are positively divine.

Andrea is very concerned with her ecological footprint, and she makes sure that her chocolates are organic, her supplies come through fair trade, and she uses products and ingredients from local farmers whenever possible. If you have to choose just one thing from Andrea’s Bakery (you can try, but it won’t be easy), you might want to go with her absolutely perfect chocolate chip cookie.

635 Gerrard St East, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-465-4567

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3.Sleepy Baker

Sleepy Baker
Sleepy Baker

Everything happened because of grandma who was the world traveler who loved to collect cake recipes from every country she visited. Her granddaughter inherited her passion for cakes, and she came up with Sleepy Baker, a cozy little bakeshop on the corner of Queen and Coxwell in downtown Toronto. They make everything from scratch, and they don’t use preservatives, additives, or shortening. This is European baking at its finest.

The cakes are rich and decadent, and you will also find a few surprises, probably inspired by grandma’s trip to Central America. An example is a cookie filled with tres leches (rich milk sauce) and covered with dark chocolate. It looks deceptively simple, because the taste is absolutely incredible. The neighbors and local patrons are not the only ones who appreciate the magic of Sleepy Baker – their goods are now sold in chef Marc McEwan’s grocery stores.

7 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 647-343-9100 Photo: Sleepy Baker

4.Prairie Girl Bakery

Prairie Girl Bakery
Prairie Girl Bakery

What does the corporate world have in common with baking cakes? Both have played their parts in the career path of Prairie Girl Jean Blacklock. Jean, originally from Saskatoon, gave up her busy life in business to bake cakes, and the corporate world’s loss is our gain. Prairie Girl Bakery makes phenomenal cookies, brownies, blondes, tarts, and cupcakes.

Jean only delivers the very best, and so she uses real butter, real eggs, and 70 percent authentic Belgian chocolate. The results have been so wildly popular that she had to open two more stores, one in the financial district and one in the Yorkville neighborhood. You will never find yesterday’s cookies at the Prairie Girl; what does not sell during the day goes to the Second Harvest, Toronto’s food bank, for people in need.

Unit 106, 18 King Street East, (facing Victoria Street), Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-504-2253 Photo: Prairie Girl Bakery

5.The Tempered Room

The Tempered Room
The Tempered Room

If you walk into the Tempered Room in the early morning before your first cup of coffee, you might think you are still dreaming and you are in Paris. Everything is reminiscent of France; you will see exposed brick walls, small bistro tables, pieces of antique furniture, steaming cups of coffee, and of course, fabulous, mouth-watering, succulent pastries. These pastries are just as French as the Eiffel Tower, and you can try mousse cakes, tarts, bombes, croissants, custard-filled milles-feuilles, and sinful éclairs.

Everything is carefully lined up in the large glass case, and in case you were in doubt as to the shop’s authenticity, take comfort in the fact that the Tempered Spoon chef and owner Bertrand Alépée trained in Paris with some of the most celebrated Michelin-starred chefs. The Tempered Spoon is located in Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood.

1374 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-546-4374 Photo: The Tempered Room

6.Curbside Bliss

Curbside Bliss
Curbside Bliss

As kids, many of us used to chase the local ice cream truck. Today, Toronto kids are chasing the Curbside Bliss truck. This fun truck drives all over town with 30 flavors of cupcakes, eight of which are called man-cakes, for those who want a masculine treat such as the Drill Bit cupcake with maple sponge soaked in Dulce de Leche and covered with chocolate frosting and chocolate-dipped bacon bits.

Curbside Bliss is also known for its fun bliss pops, a combination of cupcakes and old-fashioned pops that come in all sorts of combinations. The truck not only delivers cakes all over Toronto, it also houses all the equipment for making and preparing the treats: preparation, baking, decorating, frosting and packaging all take place inside the truck, so everything is unbelievably fresh. To find their location at any time, follow them on Twitter @cursidebliss or on Facebook.

416-884-0288 Photo: Curbside Bliss

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You have to wonder: how does Bunner’s do it? They have cupcakes, cheesecakes, buns, breads, and everything is delicious, fresh, tempting, and gluten-free and vegan. Many of their goods are also soy-free, eggs-free, and milk-free. So just what is in them? Well, they had to answer that question so many times that they decided to publish a cookbook. However, if you would just rather taste those goodies without having to bake them, stop by one of their shops. One is located in Junction area and the other is in Kensington Market.

Even if you don’t have celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity, you will still enjoy their cakes, because they are that good. Try the double chocolate brownie. Yes, it is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free, but you would never guess it from the way it tastes.

3054 Dundas St. West, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 647-352-2975

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8.Petal Dust Bake Shop

Petal Dust Bake Shop
Petal Dust Bake Shop

This lovely, bright little bakeshop on Richmond Hill lures you in with their daily goodies clearly displayed in the window. If you are staying in the neighborhood, you might find yourself stopping by every day, because each day brings something even better than the day before. You can get layer cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, tea loaves, coffee cakes, gourmet marshmallows, chocolate popcorn, and cake truffles, among other tasty delights.

You can find several flavors and combinations of flavors, which change from day to day. If you really cannot decide what to try, and you want to limit yourself to just one indulgence, try their salty millionaire bar, which is several layers of decadent shortbread, creamy, soft caramel, and chocolate sprinkled with coarse bits of sea salt.

9301 Bathurst St., Richmond Hill, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 905-237-6233

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9.DT Bistro

DT Bistro
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DT Bistro is a lovely, bright establishment on the outskirts of the Toronto University campus in trendy Harbord Village. It is a great place for a light lunch, a salad, or one of Chef Don’s sweet creations. Before he became a restaurateur, Chef Donald Duong was well known as the Cake King, a sculptor in chocolate and marzipan and an artist whose wedding cakes made the newspapers. His desserts are so delicious that it is almost impossible to have just one.

How can you choose between the white chocolate mousse tower with raspberries and the fluffy, tart lemon cheesecake? One of the secrets of Chef Don’s magnificent sweets is the fusion of Asian flavors (principally from his native country of Vietnam) with European flavors and techniques, as he was trained in Switzerland. The resulting cakes are not just international; they are out of this world.

154 Harbord Street, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-916-8155

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From the moment Dufflet Rosenberg opened her first pastry shop and café in 1982 on the trendy Queen Street West, Dufflet became a the go-to place for a piece of cake, a brownie, a cookie, or just a cup of her special hot chocolate. Fresh, natural, chocolaty, and butter-laden desserts had Toronto residents hooked, and Dufflet became a household name. Eventually, the restaurant expanded to three locations and became a thriving retail business.

If you are getting married, you probably want one of Dufflet’s creations to celebrate the big event. You can get delectable Dufflet creations for your birthday, wedding anniversary, or graduation. You do not even have to go to her store, because she sells her 100 or so sweet creations to more than 500 restaurants, cafes, food shops, high quality supermarkets, and hotels.

787 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-504-2870 Photo: Dufflet

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