Go on a delicious culinary journey by visiting Toronto’s best pastry shops, bakeries and cafes where nearly everything is handmade and looks just as tempting as it tastes. Whether you are looking for Toronto's dessert spots serving award-winning ice cream, cup cakes, macaroons, cookies or brownies, there are many tasty treats to choose from. Scroll to see the full list with photos or jump to the table of contents.

Dessert Lady

Dessert Lady

© Dessert Lady

Winning awards for best pastries in rich, diverse cities like Toronto must be exceptionally difficult. How to you stand out? Dessert Lady’s owner Mandy, the dessert lady herself, has a secret: embrace diversity and get creative with a mix of flavors, colors, shapes, and smells.

Finally, make everything from scratch and by hand every day, ensuring your tasty goods are incredibly fresh. Try her delicious, award-winning ice cream cone, which will transport you to the Caribbean beach. The cone is full of succulent lemon zest while the cream is made of refreshing avocado and coconut. You’ll have similar revolutionary experiences with her macaroons, cup cakes, incredibly 3D special cakes, wedding cakes, and all her other sweet and delicious treats.

You can buy Sweet Lady’s sweets in her lovely, bustling retail pastry shop in downtown Toronto, or in several specialty shops and restaurants in Toronto and elsewhere.

Dessert Lady, 12 Cumberland St., Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-924-3223

Petal Dust Bake Shop

Petal Dust Bake Shop

© Petal Dust Bake Shop

This lovely, bright little bakeshop on Richmond Hill lures you in with their daily goodies clearly displayed in the window.

If you are staying in the neighborhood, you might find yourself stopping by every day, because each day brings something even better than the day before. At the Petal Dust Bake Shop, you can get layer cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, tea loaves, coffee cakes, gourmet marshmallows, chocolate popcorn, and cake truffles, among other tasty delights.

You can find several flavors and combinations of flavors, which change from day to day. If you really cannot decide what to try, and you want to limit yourself to just one indulgence, try their salty millionaire bar, which is several layers of decadent shortbread, creamy, soft caramel, and chocolate sprinkled with coarse bits of sea salt.

Petal Dust Bake Shop, 9301 Bathurst St., Richmond Hill, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 905-237-6233

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