Started as the Barbecue Ministry in 2004, 4 Rivers Smokehouse is dedicated to offering patrons the best barbecue in Florida while also giving back to the community. Owner John Rivers has turned his passion for Texas BBQ into a way to make life better for those in the local community. Originally, Rivers sold barbeque in order to help a local family in Florida that was down on their luck. Eventually, people became so interested in the barbecue that Rivers finally decided to open the first 4 Rivers Smokehouse in 2009. Now, 4 Rivers Smokehouse has numerous locations across Florida and a location in Georgia and is looking to continue expanding.

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4 Rivers Smokehouse is dedicated to offering its patrons some of the best barbecue available while also staying committed to giving back to the community. The atmosphere at 4 Rivers Smokehouse is casual and inviting because everyone deserves to experience good barbecue, just as everyone deserves the opportunity to live a prosperous life.

Restaurant Hours

4 Rivers Smokehouse operates 7 days a week. The specific days and hours of operation vary based on location. Customers can use the restaurant locater on the 4 Rivers Smokehouse website to obtain days and hours of operation for specific locations. The following is a listing of cities where 4 Rivers Smokehouse operates.


· Downtown Orlando

· Carrollwood

· Coral Springs

· Gainesville

· Jacksonville

· Kissimmee

· Jacksonville

· Longwood

· Orange Park

· Orlando/UFC

· South Tampa

· Tallahassee

· Winter Garden

· Winter Park


· Atlanta


4 Rivers Smokehouse is a casual dining establishment that does not accept reservations. Guests are served on a first-come first-served basis.


The menu at 4 Rivers Smokehouse features some of the finest Southern BBQ. From brisket to ribs and an assortment of sides, 4 Rivers Smokehouse is where people go when they want to experience good Southern hospitality through classic Southern dishes. Menu options vary based on location. Some of the menu offerings are as follows:

Old School

· Smoked turkey

· Sausage

· Tri-Tip

· Brisket

· Sliced pork

· Pulled chicken

· Pulled pork

· Burnt ends

· Prime rib

· Brontosaurus beef rib

· Smoked chicken-quarter/half/full bird

· Pitmaster combo

· Happy Herd

· St. Louis ribs-quarter/half/full rack

· Texas Two-Step

From the Farm

· Smoked portobello

· Veggie plate

· Vegetarian sideboard

· Smokehouse salad

· Vegetarian quesadilla

Signature Stackers

· Messy Pig

· Longhorn

· BBQ street tacos

· Smokehouse sliders

· Six shooter

· Smokehouse Cuban

· BBQ quesadilla

· Texas Destroyer

Sides include mac n’ cheese, cornbread, tater tots, fries, smoked jalapeños, baked cheese grits, fried pickles, fried okra, biscuit, bread pudding, and more.

Private Events

4 Rivers Smokehouse does not offer private dining space. Large parties are welcome to dine at any one of the 4 Rivers Smokehouse locations or obtain catering services for a private event at a location of the customer’s choosing.

More information about catering services is available by contacting the 4 Rivers Smokehouse location of choice.

Gift Cards

4 Rivers Smokehouse gift cards are available for purchase online via the restaurant’s website. Gift cards are available in denominations from $10 to $100, and they are mailed to the recipient.


4 Rivers Smokehouse, 400 S Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801, Phone: 407-270-6400

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