Founded by Olympian and gold medalist Tommy Moe, alongside fellow Alaska heli ski pioneer and good friend Mike Overcast, the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge was constructed through passion and love for the mountainous, snowy location.

For decades, Moe and Overcast, together with experience backcountry guides, have been attracting vacationers with the heart and soul of an adventurer and of all fitness levels, to discover the enjoyment of heli skiing, heli boarding, heli fishing, among other activities, in the mesmerizing Alaskan environment.

1. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Lodging

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Lodging
© Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Main Lodge – Recently renovated in 2017, this building has views of the Judd Lake as well as the great Alaska Mountain Range. At 5,600-feet, this log structure includes roomy decks for guests to relax on, as well as large windows to take in the lush Alaskan landscape. The Main Lodge has three various levels, on which can be found premier guest rooms. Patrons of the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge can enjoy a cozy fireplace, ample living area, wine from the renown wine cellar, or a lakeside bar and dining room displaying the beautiful surroundings. Professional, trained staff members are always willing to accommodate for any of the guest’s special requests.

Lodge 2 – This lodge accommodates up to eight people per week. This 4,600sf structure is heartily built with cedar, and paired with stainless steel amenities, creating a memorable Alaskan adventure. Floor to ceiling windows are found throughout Lodge 2, always providing guests with a glimpse of their breathtaking surroundings. Lodge 2 has four bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. All rooms are stocked and ready with a mini bar and impressive wine list. Guests can also take advantage of the world-class cuisine, massage services, hot tub and a one A-star B3 e Helicopter.

Private Cabins – Ski and canoe cabins are available to guests in search of a more private, isolated lodging experience. Each cabin has either two twin-size beds or one king-size bed, as well as a full bathroom. The cabins feature large, floor to ceiling windows as well as a spacious living area and lounge, complete with a modern glass fireplace. All of the private cabins are located close to the yoga and sauna building, as well as a short distance from the Main Lodge.

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2. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Dining

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Dining
© Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Dining at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is a fundamental part of the Alaskan adventure. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available to guests in the dining area in the Main Lodge. Guests can indulge themselves each morning in the breakfast buffet, powering up on refreshing fruit, home-baked pastries along with any of the signature hot plates. Breakfast is almost always paired with an imported international coffee or tea. Halfway through the day, hungry from their sport, guests can have a taste of the home-inspired, warming soups, sandwiches and famous, loaded brownies to get them through the rest of the day. The pantry and refrigerator are always open for guests.

Signature plates always include herbs and vegetables that are in season from the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s garden, along with seafood that can be found and caught in the area. White king salmon, Kachemak Bay oysters, Alaska king crab, black cod, scallops, and halibut are considered some of the geographic, gastronomic specialties served to guests. The local seafood makes up the featured entrées and appetizers served at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, along with the locally grown, organic vegetables found in the garden. The Lodge is more than willing to accommodate for guests with diet restrictions, if given with advanced notice. The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge cuisine is truly representative of the hearty Alaskan wilderness all around.

3. Amenities and Activities at

Amenities and Activities at
© Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge takes a 40-minute flight from Anchorage to arrive. In isolation and ultimate tranquility guests can view in awe the two 11,000-foot volcanoes from their lodge window. Also viewable from the Lodge is Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America standing at 20,320 feet. The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge welcomes guests who embrace all snow sports and thrive in the crisp mountain solitude that the Tordrillo Range has to offer. Returning, exhausted, to the Lodge, guests are embraced with the luxury and comfort found only at the elegant Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Winter amenities available to its guests include skate skiing, skiing track maintained each day for cardio, snowshoe treks, sauna, hot tubs, and fat biking. Summer activities and amenities include fishing (gear included), canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, wake boarding, foil boarding, ice climbing, rock climbing and Heli hiking. Also included are mountain biking trails and opportunities to observe the abundant Alaskan wildlife and wilderness. Yoga is available to guests as well as exercise bikes, free weights, benches, and mats for stretching and floor exercises. The gym also includes a cedar sauna.

Additional amenities indistinct to specific seasons include copper hot tubs, media and music libraries, private chef, stone fireplaces, spacious outdoor decks, massage services, wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, among others.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, 3705 Arctic Blvd #429, Anchorage, AK 99503, Phone: 907-569-5588

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