Tucked in the Alaskan wilderness, the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge offers its guests a taste of the great outdoor Alaskan adventure experience, all while pampering them with the latest amenities and luxuries of modern day lodging.

Located in Cooper Landing, Alaska, nearly touching the inviting Gulf of Alaska, guests are sure to be marveled by the beauty of both the carefully crafted indoors, alongside the dazzling outdoors when they choose to lodge at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge.

1. Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge Lodging & Dining

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge Lodging & Dining
© Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Amenities offered at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge include a numerous walking trails, RV park, private porches, wood burning stove, guest laundry, guest computers, guest service desk, gift shop, espresso bar, Rafter’s Lounge, Rod & Reel Restaurant, gift shop and complimentary wireless internet available in the Main Lodge.

The most talked-about feature of the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge is the large deck that is a part of the Main Lodge. Guests from near and far have enjoyed the comfort of sitting on the full-length, roomy deck, and have described its location as the perfect spot to look out on the turquoise, flowing water of the Kenai River.

Each of the bungalow-style rooms available to guests have a wood-burning stove, with vaulted ceilings, porch, phone, cable television, hair dryer and seating area.


Rafter’s Lounge – Guests can enjoy a cocktail or one of the popular Alaskan micro-brews while sitting out on the deck, mesmerized by the Alaskan landscape. If guests arrive with an appetite, they can search through a menu that offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. Rafter’s Lounge is open until the late hours of the night. Some of the more popular menu items are listed below:

-Calamari, Spicy Chicken Wings, Smoked Salmon Dip

-Angel’s Cornbread, Queso and Chorizo

-Bacon Lollipops, Fried Green Tomato & Dungeness Crab Stack, Clam Toast

-Wild Alaskan Salmon Chowder, Soup Du Jour, Roasted Beet and Baby Kale Salad

-Kenai Wedge Caesar Salad, Handsome Salad

-BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, Bison Chili, Steak & Frites

-Veggie Sandwich, Classic Reuben, Crab Cake Melt, Rafter Burger

Rod & Reel Restaurant – For a more elegant dining atmosphere, guests can choose to dine at the Rod & Reel Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. The Rod & Reel Restaurant is open daily. Diners can also choose to pair their meal with a specialty domestic or imported wine, from the Red & Rod Restaurant wine cellar. Restaurant hours are subject to change frequently. Some popular items available on the breakfast menu are listed below:

-Crescent Creek Omelet (ham or bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, home fries, toast)

-Quartz Creek Omelet (spinach, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, home fries)

-Plain Buttermilk, Red Velvet, Banana Macadamia Nut or Kenai Griddle Cakes


-Corned Beef Hash

-Chicken and Waffles

-King Crab Eggs Benedict

-Alaskan Breakfast

-Kenai Breakfast Sandwich

2. Activities at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Activities at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge
© Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Kenai Nature Trail – At only a mile long, hikers of all levels of fitness can enjoy the sights and wildlife offered by the Kenai Nature Trail. For hikers who are new to hiking, this trail can serve as an excellent warm-up to the more challenging, rough hikes that the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge has to offer. Staying close to the Lodge, guests hike alongside the blue-green Kenai River, with the opportunity to spot many of Alaska’s birds that are native to the area, such as bald eagles, ptarmigans, and Arctic terns. Comfortable tennis shoes are recommended for the Kenai Nature Trail.

Kenai Nature Hike – On the approximate 3 ½ hour hike, guests can experience much of the wilderness, terrain, and geography of the Alaskan Southern Peninsula. The Kenai Nature Hike is full of spruces, mountain creeks and meadows bursting with wildflowers. Hikers will eventually make their way to the Russian River Falls, in which thousands of sockeye salmon can be seen. It is recommended that hikers take a moment to look out over the mesmerizing, lush forest on one of the decks that is available at the Russian River Falls. A snack is provided to all hikers and it is recommended that participants wear strong, sturdy shoes for the parts of the hike that are off the beaten path.

Kenai Kayaking – Kayaking is an opportunity for guests to enjoy the calm waters, while looking out on the mountainous landscape. The Kenai Lake is incredibly peaceful in the morning or afternoon, and a trained kayak guide is always available to explain the local history or geography to inquiring guests. The kayaking experience lasts approximately 2 ½ hours and requires a moderate activity level. It is advised that guests dress in layers, bring gloves and a camera.

Backcountry Adventure – For guests interested in an all-day, scenic adventure, the Backcountry Adventure can meet all of their adventurous aspirations. Starting their tour off with a one-hour float trip down the Kenai River, guests will then dock and hike approximately ½ mile to their next destination, Wild Creek. Here, guests will learn how to gold pan, just like the gold miners in Alaska during the Gold Rush. After enjoying a picnic lunch, guests will then start their journey back, with a 2 ½ hour trip, ending at Jim’s landing. A shuttle will return guests back to the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. The Backcountry Adventure requires a moderate activity level and lasts approximately 8 ½ hours. A meal is provided to guests. It is advised that adventurers dress in layers.

Kenai Canyon River Rafting – On this rafting adventure, guests will explore the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, a Class II+ trip up and down the Kenai River. The Refuge is almost two million acres, offering wilderness, scenery, wildlife, and rapids. The skilled guide will maneuver the raft through the Kenai Canyon and then stop at a peaceful location for lunch. After arriving at Skilak Lake, the center of the Wildlife Refuge, adventurers will either take a six-mile boat trip or a 1 1/2-mile hike to the Hidden Creek Trail, a location that offers some of the most stunning views of the water and mountains. The Kenai Canyon River Rafting takes approximately 7 hours and requires a moderate fitness level. There is a meal provided to all participants and it is advised that dress in layers, bringing gloves and a camera to capture the gorgeous nature surroundings. The approximate time spent on a raft is 2 ½ hours.

Kenai River Scenic Float – On the relaxing waters of the Kenai River, guests can take in the serene and tranquility of its turquoise waters. An experienced guide is always present to lead guests down an 11-mile boat, float trip through the Upper Kenai River. Alaskan brown bears, moose, eagles, and salmon are oftentimes spotted on the Kenai River Scenic Float. A snack is provided to all guests. The Scenic Float takes approximately 3 ½ hours and requires a moderate level of fitness. Guests should dress in layers, bringing gloves and a camera. The approximate time spent on the raft is 2 ½ hours.

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge, 17245 Frontier Circle, Cooper Landing, Alaska, Phone: 907-595-1425

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