Located outside of Ketchikan, Alaska, Clover Pass Resort features breathtaking sights, easy access to coastal fishing, and an RV park.

With its location beside the water and its knowledgeable guides, Clover Pass Resort is ideal for family vacations to Alaska, getaways with friends, or fishing trips.

1. Rooms, Cabins & Dining at the Clover Pass Resort

Rooms, Cabins & Dining at the Clover Pass Resort
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With 30 guest rooms, Clover Pass Resort boasts homey décor, 24-hour access to staff, and close proximity to the marina. Each room contains a private bathroom and two queen-sized beds. Each room can sleep up to 4 guests. Guests can expect to receive daily housekeeping services while staying at the resort.

Guests are welcome to reserve a spot at Clover Pass Resort’s RV Park. Each of its 35 spaces includes access to showers, laundry facilities, and cable hookups.


Clover Pass Resort features delicious dining options for guests to enjoy during their stay.

The dining room at Clover Pass Resort is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests can enjoy local seafood beside panoramic windows that offer views of Clover Passage. To accommodate the fishing schedules of their guests, breakfast is offered early in the morning, while sack and boxed lunches are available for anglers to take with them to the water. Beer and wine are available during dinner service.

2. More About the Clover Pass Resort

More About the Clover Pass Resort
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Clover Pass Resort is the perfect place for a fishing trip. Accessible from the marina, the lodge’s fishing areas boast clean waters and ample salmon, halibut, and red snappers.

Guests are able to customize their fishing experience completely. Saltwater and freshwater fishing are both available, and guests can participate in guided fishing trips or strike out on their own. Guided fishing trips are conducted by one of Clover Pass Resort’s expert fishing and wilderness guides.

The resort offers boat rental of both covered and uncovered vehicles. Guests are welcome to bring their own equipment, but the resort does offer bait, tackle, and rain gear rental, as well as rental rods and reels.

Fish processing and packaging is available to guarantee that guests’ catches can be brought home with them.

Family Services & Kids’ Club

Clover Pass Resort welcomes families to stay and fish at their property. Families can enjoy a variety of available fishing packages, while guided fishing tours give families the opportunity to get the most out of their visit.

Weddings, Reunions & Conference Facilities

Clover Pass Resort’s picturesque location and facilities make it ideal for small gatherings. Its rustic facilities and natural surroundings let the resort serve as a background for weddings, church retreats, and family reunions.

Catering is offered from the dining room at Clover Pass Resort, and a variety of group packages are available.

Things to Do Nearby

The nearby town of Ketchikan has much to offer visitors of Clover Pass Resort.

Guests can visit the nearby Tongass National Forest or Misty Fjords National Monument for hiking, wildlife viewing, and mountain biking. For history and culture, the Metlakatla Native Community, the Tongass Historical Museum, or the Saxman Native Museum are all great stops to learn more about the history of Alaska and the Native Americans in the area. Visitors can even find the world’s largest collection of totem poles in downtown Ketchikan and the Saxman Totem Village. Dolly’s House Museum and Gift Shop also offers a fascinating look into a 19th-century brothel.

Ketchikan also hosts a variety of artists that contribute to the beauty of the area. Art festivals and native handicrafts celebrate the role that these individuals play in the community.

Other popular activities in Ketchikan include flightseeing, zip line tours, ATV tours, and boating, as well as fishing and camping. Guests of the area can also partake in mountain biking, logging shows, and scuba diving.

There is a wide selection of dining options in the town of Ketchikan. Guests of Clover Pass Resort can choose between burgers and pizza, Mexican food and Filipino cuisine, or fast food and sit-down dining. Visitors can also enjoy fresh, local seafood. Live music is available at several locations throughout town.

Nearby shops offer handcrafted gifts and souvenirs, vehicle and tool rentals, and camping and fishing gear.

Communities like Prince of Wales Island, Wrangell, and Metlakatla offer even more culture, history, and nature to visitors of Clover Pass Resort. Accessible by plane or boat, quick trips to these communities, as well as to some in Canada, can enrich any guest’s experience. Guests can expect to tour old Native American communities, go spelunking in local caves, visit state parks and historic beaches, and observe wildlife that is native to the area.

Clover Pass Resort, 708 North Point Higgins Road, Ketchikan, AK 99901, Phone: 800-410-2234

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