Living in a big city comes with so many advantages; cities are filled with shops, restaurants, attractions, and fun things to do. However, one thing many cities tend to lack is greenery. Countless scientific studies have shown the importance of plants and the positive impacts we can enjoy by getting out into nature and enjoying the sights of trees and wildlife all around us, and many big cities are starting to incorporate new plans and projects to become a little ‘greener’.

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Philadelphia is a perfect example. Home of such iconic historical items and landmarks as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Philadelphia is the biggest city in Pennsylvania and one of the biggest cities in America, but even as it grows and expands, the city and its people have always had a special place in their hearts for the natural world. Places like Fairmount Park and Wissahickon Valley stand out as some of the best green spaces in Philly, and you can start making your own home a little greener with TreePhilly.

TreePhilly - Making Philadelphia More Tree-Friendly

All across America, cities both great and small are making efforts to engage with nature in new ways as we all become increasingly aware of the harmful effects that our actions and urban development can have on the world around. Philadelphia is leading the way, and the Office of Sustainability’s Greenworks Plan was established to try make the city greener and more natural. In response to this plan, TreePhilly, a program devised by Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, was launched.

TreePhilly aims to get 30% tree canopy coverage all across Philadelphia through the planting and upkeep of street trees and yard trees, educating residents on how to grow and look after their own trees and making the streets of Philly prettier and greener for all. Over 21,000 free trees have already been provided through the TreePhilly program, with more than 9,000 residents actively involved and engaged so far and countless others benefiting from the beauty of these new trees on a daily basis.

- Yard Trees - A big part of TreePhilly's efforts so far is concentrated on yard trees. TreePhilly gives out more than 1,000 free trees for planting in private yards each spring and fall.

- Street Trees - As well as the yard trees, TreePhilly is also working to enhance the beauty and greenery of Philly's streets through the planting of streets in sidewalks and rights-of-way.

- Tree Maintenance - TreePhilly also has its own seasonal maintenance crew of Treekeepers working tirelessly to maintain the trees and green spaces of Philadelphia, cleaning up parks, playgrounds, and other public spaces, pruning the trees, ridding these areas of invading species, and more.

Get Involved with TreePhilly

So what can TreePhilly do for you and how can you get involved? This program is working all through the year to make Philadelphia a prettier and more eco-friendly big city, and here are just a few ways you can engage with TreePhilly today:

- Get Your Own Yard Tree - There are several ways in which you can get your own yard tree through TreePhilly. You can get a free tree by participating in the Community Yard Tree Giveaway events, which run each year in spring and fall. You can also host your own Community Yard Tree Giveaway by getting in touch with a local community group and contacting TreePhilly to organize the event. Otherwise, you can simply buy your own yard tree and plant it on your property, with TreePhilly offering lots of assistance for those in need of aid with caring for their tree and helping it grow.

- Get A Street Tree - Maybe you don't have enough yard space for a yard tree right now, but you could request a street tree through TreePhilly to get a brand new tree planted in the street outside your home, office, or somewhere else. To do this, you can simply request a free tree through TreePhilly, hire a certified arborist at your own expense, or get involved with a volunteer planting program through the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. TreePhilly has more information on all of these methods, and you can get in touch via the official site to learn more.

- Give A Tree - If you already have your own yard or street tree or would just like to contribute to the great work being done through the TreePhilly program, you can choose to make a donation and effectively 'gift' a tree to the city. A donation of just $25 in enough for one whole yard tree, and donations can be made online direct to the Fairmount Park Conservancy non-profit organization. With your help, Philly can become a tree-filled city for all. website