Jacqueline Peccina-Kelly, a trained professional chef, dedicates herself to providing guests with a premier culinary adventure with her company Taste 4 Travel in Philadelphia. She shares her culinary expertise and knowledge so that those who enjoy food are able to take their senses to new heights. On her tours, Chef Jacquie answers questions about food and its history, combining her enthusiasm for food and fun with the true flair of South Philadelphia.

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One of the newest tours offered by Taste 4 Travel is the Chestnut Hill Tour. Chestnut Hill was named by the American Planning Commission as one of the Top Ten Great Neighborhoods. The urban enclave of Philadelphia is home to world-class restaurants and artisanal food stands. Chef Jacquie takes guests on a gastronomic tour that features "the planet's greatest sandwich" and melt-in-your-mouth, made-from-scratch sticky buns. Tour participants also have the chance to enjoy expertly paired gourmet cheeses at the town's best cheese shop and a delicious lunch at the farmer's market, which ends with a taste of artisan chocolate.

The Italian Market Food Tour offers visitors an insiders' experience of the best of the best of South Philadelphia. Chef Jacquie was born and raised just a short distance from the market, and grew up with several of the shop owners on 9th Street. The Italian Market features freshly ground coffee, artisanal cheeses, fragrant spices, and more. Along with the buzzing bustle of shop owners, the market is filled with hidden gems of Philadelphia's food scene.

Those taking part in the tour should be sure to come hungry, as they will be tasting their way through Philadelphia's iconic gourmet cheese shop, enjoying a perfect slice of South Philly pizza, and tasting a scrumptious cannoli made in a bakery that has been around for 100 years. The tour also visits the place where famous cookbook authors and chefs stop when they're in town, a shop nationally recognized as one of the industry's finest houseware shops.

Chef Jacquie introduces visitors to several hidden foodie gems during her East Passyunk Avenue Culinary Walking Tour. East Passyunk Avenue was named by Food and Wine Magazine as one of the "10 Best Foodie Streets in America," and is the city's Restaurant Row, featuring many upscale restaurants that tempt just about any palate. While the iconic street has strong Italian roots, what with its close proximity to the Italian Market, it has recently experienced a food renaissance and now consists of daring and elevated cuisine from around the world.

The Passport to Passyunk Dinner Tour with Taste 4 Travel takes guests on an elevated international gastronomic experience that introduces them to Restaurant Row's hidden gems on a unique foodie adventure. The dinner tour features modern Filipino-inspired appetizers made from seasonal, locally sourced ingredients as well as Malaysian delicacies and exotic tea at a Zagat-rated restaurant as the main event. The dinner is completed by an authentic Italian cannoli and coffee for dessert as guests are serenaded by professional opera singers.

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