One of the prettiest cities in the United States, Pittsburgh is the heart of Pennsylvania and often classed as one of the most welcoming cites of North America. Between museums, sports, theaters, and more, there's a lot to do in and around the Pittsburgh area and one of the activities that has really seen a surge in popularity recently is ziplining.

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A bunch of different zip lines and zip line tours have opened up in and around the Pittsburgh area, offering lots of options to anyone who wants to spend some quality time outdoors and feel the wind rushing through their hair as they glide through the skies like a bird. Here’s a brief breakdown of some of the best zip lines you can enjoy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

1. Pittsburgh Zoo - 7370 Baker Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (412-665-3640)

Take a walk on the wild side with the incredible zip line at Pittsburgh Zoo. Many zip lines offer cool new ways to get in touch with nature and local wildlife, but this zip line is something really special. Riders actually get to fly over the grounds of the Pittsburgh Zoo, catching unparalleled views of various species in every direction, including several endangered animals from all over the world like hippos and giant anteaters.

No trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo can be complete without a ride on this thrilling zip line. A sure hit with animal lovers, the zip line is available to all guests aged 6 and above weighing between 60 and 250 pounds. All riders will have to sign a waiver and close-toed shoes must be worn at all times. If you're looking for a one-off zip line experience that you'll never forget, this is definitely one of the best options in all of Pittsburgh.

2. Seven Springs - 777 Waterwheel Drive, Seven Springs, PA 15622 (814 352-7777)

Choose from two top quality zip line tours at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort, just a short drive outside of Pittsburgh. One of the most popular and scenic resorts in the surrounding Pittsburgh area, Seven Springs offers unbeatable experiences and activities in all domains, including ziplining. The two different courses have a lot to offer, including a super long zip line measuring up at approximately 1,500 feet!

This resort provides both the Laurel Ridgeline Zip Line Tour and the Screaming Hawk Zip Line Course. The former is a full-on tour involving a chairlift ride up the mountain and a total of ten zip lines, all led by a friendly, educational guide, while the latter is more of an active obstacle course involving nets, towers, and four zip lines overall, allowing guests to make their way from one end of the course to the other at their own pace, enjoying the thrills and spills of the full adventure.

3. Go Ape - 991 Tennis Court Road, Allison Park, PA 15101 (1800 971-8271)

One of the leading names in zip line and other aerial adventures, Go Ape has locations all around the United States, including one in Pittsburgh. This company offers great prices and exciting adventures for guests of almost all ages. A whole array of zip lines and obstacles have been laid out between the trees for you to enjoy. Everything from sky bridges to platforms, ropes, towers, and more is featured in this super zip line adventure course.

The whole thing takes up to three hours to complete and is available to anyone aged 10 and above. The minimum height requirement is 55 inches and the top weight limit is 285 pounds per rider. With several different zip lines and activities to enjoy, Go Ape is the perfect option for people looking for excitement and adventure in the Pittsburgh area.

Important Information for Zip Lines in Pittsburgh

As you can see, there are various zip line options for Pittsburgh visitors, with each one involving its own rules and requirements. It’s vital for all prospective visitors to be fully aware of the regulations of each zip line operator before booking a tour. Each tour will have its own height, age, and weight requirements, and the physical activity levels of zip line tours and experiences can also differ.

In general, zip line tours require some physical strength and fitness, so aren’t recommended to people with mobility issues or health problems. Most tours also have dress codes forbidding short shorts, skirts, and dresses. Long hair will also need to be tied up and valuables are taken at their owner’s risk.