The Amish Farm and House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is of great historical interest. The site is on the grounds that once belonged to William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. In 1715, the farm was given to John Evans, the colonial Governor. The road running in front of the farm, known as the Lancaster-Philadelphia Turnpike, was the country's first paved road. Homeowners and businesses alike wanted to be near the turnpike. Living along America's first paved road became very fashionable and desirable.

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Original early houses and log structures constructed with timber were soon replaced with stronger and larger stone structures, due to growing families and desired status of residents that lived along the turnpike. Barns and large stone buildings became a common site within this area of Lancaster County. Descendents of the original Evans family, Isaac and Mary Evans started building the farmhouse that currently stands at the site of the Amish Farm and House in 1805.

The property was owned by several different people over the following 150 years, but the site has always been used as a typical Pennsylvania German farm. The owners of the farm raised traditional farm animals and grew the quintessential crops of the area. After serving as a home for almost seven generations, the Amish Farm and House now serves a different purpose as the Lancaster County's first tourist attraction. This opened the county to the rest of the world.

Several different tours are offered to visitors at the Amish Farm and House. One such tour is the Guided Amish Farmhouse Tour. A knowledgeable guide leads guests on a tour lasting around forty-five minutes through the site's 1805 Farmhouse. The house tour, which doesn't require a reservation, takes place multiple times a day with the first tour taking place at 10:45 in the morning and the last at 3:45 in the afternoon. The guided tour provides an informative look into daily life of the Old Order Amish.

The Amish Countryside Bus Tour available with the Amish Farm and House allows visitors to sit back and relax as they are driven through Amish Country to see its hidden treasures. Professional, highly-trained drivers serve also as guides as they transport guests down the back roads of "America's Garden Spot." The bus tour offers visitors an up-close look into the lifestyle of the Amish.

During the bus tour through the Amish countryside, visitors will get feel for the real Lancaster County as they learn about the culture, local stories, and the history of the area. Guests will want to keep their cameras ready during the tour as they will pass stunning vistas of farmland, historic houses, farms, barns, buggies, schoolhouses. The tour even makes a stop, when available, at an Amish roadside stand so visitors have an opportunity to interact with locals who are a living heritage of Lancaster County.

The Bus Tour Only option includes a ninety-minute tour of the countryside, a self-guided tour of the Amish Farm, and a stop at the "Willow Lane One-Room School." The Premium Package Tour includes all of this plus the 45-minute tour of the Farmhouse.

2395 Covered Bridge Drive, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Phone: 717-394-6185

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