The state of Pennsylvania was one of the early birds when it came to drive-in movie theaters. The second drive-in to open in the country, the Shankweiler’s Drive-in, opened in Pennsylvania in 1934. This drive-in theater is still in operation today, giving the title of home of the oldest drive-in still operating in America to Pennsylvania. Within the following 10 years, 50 more drive-in movie theaters opened within the state. By the 1950s, the state was home to over 180 establishments. While around 85% have since closed, there are still around 25 drive-in theaters in operation.

1. Starlight Drive-in

Starlight Drive-in
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Formerly known as the Pioneer Drive-in, the Starlight Drive-in has been providing families with affordable entertainment since 1958. Even though there has been a major decline in the number of drive-ins not just in Pennsylvania but throughout the country as well, John and Beth, owners of the Starlight, still believe their drive-in has a future. The Starlight Drive-in, like several other drive-ins, has moved to digital projection, keeping up with modern times. Families can watch first-run double features for a fraction of what it would cost to see the films at an indoor movie theater.

1985 N Main St Ext, Butler, PA 16001, Phone: 724-284-5003

2. Becky's Drive-in

Becky's Drive-in
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Situated in the area of Lehigh Valley, Becky’s Drive-in has been the recipient of several awards, including being voted one of the “10 Best Drive-In Theaters” by USA Today, coming in fifth. On Fridays and Saturdays, the drive-in movie theater also offers pony rides for children whenever it screens PG and PG13 movies for kids. Along with its reasonable prices, Becky’s offers an array of food and beverages at its snack bar. The snack bar menu includes popcorn with 100% pure butter, nachos, pizza, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream, soft pretzels, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, pierogis, and more.

4548 Lehigh Dr, Walnutport, PA 18018, Phone: 610-767-2249

3. Moonlight Drive-in

Moonlight Drive-in
© Moonlight Drive-in

The Moonlight Drive-in theater is a place for entertainment and a fun evening out for the entire family. The outdoor movie theater offers double features for less than it would cost for one movie at a modern indoor movie theater. The Moonlight is an old-school drive-in that has been around since 1951. Two movies are shown each night the theater is open from the month of March to the month of November. The snack bar serves a wide variety of food, drinks, and candy. Menu items include burgers, hot dogs, pizza, several different sandwiches, fries, nachos, soft pretzels, and popcorn.

5268 Route 322, Brookville, PA 15825, Phone: 814-849-5588

4. Carrolltown Hi-Way Drive-in

Carrolltown Hi-Way Drive-in
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The Hi-Way Drive-in in Carrolltown, Pennsylvania, is a cash-only outdoor movie theater that screens current released movies. The drive-theater serves casual American fare as well as a variety of beverages and candy. The Hi-Way Drive-in is open seasonally, offering customers an opportunity to watch first-run films from the month of April through the month of September. Due to the theater’s location, the drive-in is sometimes referred to as the Hi-Way 129. It first opened in the year 1951 and can accommodate up to 500 cars. Audio for films can be accessed via FM radio and digital projection is used.

425 Theatre Rd, Carrolltown, PA 15722, Phone: 814-344-8684

5. Super 322 Drive-in

Super 322 Drive-in
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At the Super 322 Drive-in, every show starts after sunset and includes a double feature. The movies shown at the Super 322 are quite affordable, family-friendly, and first-run. The drive-in movie theater boasts a full concession stand that offers guests a wide array of traditional movie theater fare. Customers don’t have to worry about weather cancelling their plans for the night. Shows go on no matter what the weather may be doing. The Super 322 Drive-in opened in 1950 and is even a registered historic landmark. No outside food or drinks are allowed at the drive-in without the purchase of a food permit.

1682 Woodland Bigler Hwy, Woodland, PA 16881, Phone: 814-857-7821

6. The Comet Drive-in

The Comet Drive-in
© The Comet Drive-in

The Comet Drive-in is an old-school drive-in theater that screens new releases for the Connellsville community and the surrounding area. The outdoor movie theater opens seasonally each year from the month of April through the month of August. The Comet is a cash-only theater, so customers may as well leave their credit cards at home. A flea market is also held on the grounds of the drive-in theater on Sundays from spring through October. The Comet Drive-in opened originally in 1950, however, the outdoor theater closed in 1986. It then reopened in 1993 and uses digital projection today.

US-119, Connellsville, PA 15425, Phone: 724-628-6160

7. Circle Drive-in

Circle Drive-in
© Circle Drive-in

The Circle Drive-in movie theater is a long-running outdoor movie theater that operates on the weekends. The outdoor theater features contemporary movies on its two massive outdoor movie screens. The grounds of the Circle Drive-in are also home to a huge flea market during the weekends. The snack bar serves a wide range of typical drive-in food, such as nachos, soft pretzels, popcorn, pizza, and hot dogs. Customers are also allowed to bring their own food and drinks. The drive-in also hosts their annual “Circle of Screams” in the fall around Halloween.

1911 Scranton Carbondale Highway, Dickson City, PA 18508, Phone: 570-489-5731

8. Haar's Drive-in

Haar's Drive-in
© Haar's Drive-in

Haar’s Drive-in is a family-owned and operated drive-in movie theater that originally opened to the people of the Dillsburg community and surrounding area back in the year 1952. The outdoor movie theater is one of just four of its kind in the mid-state area of Pennsylvania. Haar’s includes digital movie screens and hosts a variety of themed events throughout the year. The on-site snack bar offers an array of movie theater food, including nachos, pizza, popcorn, burgers, footlong hot dogs, and fries as well as dill pickles. Both the ticket booth and the snack bar are cash only.

185 Logan Rd, Dillsburg, PA 17019, Phone: 717-432-8246

9. Sky-Vu Drive-in

Sky-Vu Drive-in
© Sky-Vu Drive-in

The Sky-Vu Drive-in in Gratz, Pennsylvania, shows popular movies on its large outdoor movie screen with an old-school drive-in setting. The drive-in theater is open from the month of April to the month of October. It is open on Fridays and Saturdays during the season and on Sundays during holiday weekends. Showings begin after the sun sets and include double features of first-run films. The very affordable and family-friendly Sky-Vu boasts a full concession stand, offering a range of movie theater snacks. Outside beverages and food are not allowed, and movies are shown no matter the weather.

813 E Market St, Gratz, PA 17048, Phone: 717-360-8876

10. Brownsville Drive-in

Brownsville Drive-in
© Brownsville Drive-in

The Brownsville Drive-in is retro-style drive-in that shows first-run films. The drive-in offers a clean and safe family atmosphere where the entire family can enjoy first-run movies across the outdoor movie theater’s three large screens. The drive-in theater uses stereo radio for audio during films and high-quality projection, and has a security team on-site during showings so families don’t need to worry about safety. The Brownsville Drive-in offers an affordable movie-going experience for the whole family as well as affordable prices on food and drinks at the snack bar. Items at the snack bar include popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and pizza.

6231 National Pike E, Grindstone, PA 15442, Phone: 724-785-7190

11. Garden Drive-in

Garden Drive-in
© Garden Drive-in

The Garden Drive-in is an outdoor movie theater with big outdoor screens with leafy backdrops. Classic movies are shown at the drive-in theater, while the grounds are the site of a large flea market held on the weekends. Customers will get to watch two movies for just one affordable price on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the warmer months. The drive-in originally opened in 1952 as the Gardens Drive-In, able to accommodate up to 325 cars. It was later renamed in 1954 as the Garden Drive-In, and today can hold up to 600 vehicles at the twin-screen theater.

US-11, Hunlock Creek, PA 18621, Phone: 570-735-5933

12. Palace Garden Drive-in

Palace Garden Drive-in
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The Palace Garden Drive-in opened to the community of Indiana, Pennsylvania, back in the year 1950. The drive-in theater is open seasonally from the month of April through the month of September and features a single screen. The outdoor movie theater offers guests of all ages a relaxing and fun movie viewing experience within a family-friendly setting. Double features of current releases are screened on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. The concession stand at the Palace Garden Drive-in serves typical drive-in food, such as fresh popcorn, nachos, pizza, hamburgers, fries, candy, and more.

225 Indian Springs Rd, Indiana, PA 15701, Phone: 724-465-9032

13. Silver Drive-in

Silver Drive-in
© Silver Drive-in

The Silver Drive-in in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, opened back in the year 1957, and still operates today with a single large outdoor movie screen and a capacity of up to 400 vehicles. The cash-only drive-in theater is open on a seasonal basis during the warmer months of the year and shows double-features of current movies every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the season. Double features begin at dusk, and customers are advised to get to the drive-in early in order to find a great spot to really enjoy the experience. Audio for the films is accessed through FM car radio.

1664 Scalp Ave, Johnstown, PA 15904, Phone: 814-266-9177

14. Kane Family Drive-in

Kane Family Drive-in
© Kane Family Drive-in

The Kane Family Drive-in, located in the town of Kane, is the one and only drive-in situated within the region of the Allegheny National Forest. Customers can lean back in the comfort of their own car and listen to the film’s audio from their car’s radio. Guests can find the perfect spot on the grass covered and terraced lot, then sit back and relax as they watch double features and movie hits on the outdoor movie theater’s fully digital, 63-foot-tall screen. The concession stand serves soda, popcorn, pizza, burgers, and hand-dipped milkshakes. There is also a mini-golf course.

6627 Route 6 East, Kane, PA 16735, Phone: 814-837-9760

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15. Mahoning Drive-in

Mahoning Drive-in
© Mahoning Drive-in

The Mahoning Drive-in is a single-screen drive-in movie theater that boasts more of an old-fashioned setting. The outdoor theater was built back in the year 1948 and opened to the residents of Lehighton and the surrounding area the next year. The drive-in screens vintage movies in a truly nostalgic atmosphere. Since its first year of operations, the Mahoning has entertained customers with a variety of movies on the state’s largest CinemaScope movie screen. Open seasonally from May through September, the drive-in shows films during the weekends on its massive screen. Guests can also camp on the property. Open May to September on weekends, it features the area’s largest screen, measuring 120ft wide.

635 Seneca Rd, Lehighton, PA 18235, Phone: 610-683-7243

16. Midway Drive-in

Midway Drive-in
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The Midway Drive-in movie theater shows current release films. The outdoor theater is open on a seasonal basis every year, from the month of May through the month of September. There is a concession stand on site that offers hot dogs, freshly popped popcorn, soda, and more. The Midway first opened on May 17th of 1950, showing the film When My Baby Smiles at Me. The drive-in opened originally with just one large outdoor movie screen, but a second movie screen was added later. A maximum of 500 cars can be accommodated at the Midway Drive-In.

1380 William Penn Hwy, Mifflintown, PA 17059, Phone: 717-436-6011

17. Pike Drive-in

Pike Drive-in
© Pike Drive-in

The Pike Drive-in is located in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, and is a seasonal vintage drive-in theater. The outdoor theater boasts three large outdoor screens that it uses to show double features of first-run films. There is also a concession stand on site that offers a range of typical movie theater food. Outside food and drinks can be brought to the drive-in as long as guests purchase a food permit upon arrival. Customers can enjoy movies under the stars from the month of April to the month of October. Car shows, as well as other events, take place at the Pike throughout the year.

5798 U.S. Hwy 15/501, Montgomery, PA 17752, Phone: 570-547-7232

18. Dependable Drive-in

Dependable Drive-in
© Dependable Drive-in

The Dependable Drive-in is a classic drive-in movie theater in the Moon township of Pennsylvania. Built originally in the year 1949, the Dependable opened for the summer the following year and has since lived up to the name. The drive-in theater boasts four large outdoor movie screens as well as concession stands that serve a variety of food and treats, such as ice cream, popcorn, and hot dogs. From April to September, the Dependable is open every day, depending on the weather. From around October to March, it is open on the weekends.

549 Moon Clinton Rd, Moon, PA 15108, Phone: 412-264-7011

19. Evergreen Drive-in

Evergreen Drive-in
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First opened in 1947 in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, the Evergreen Drive-in is a vintage Americana drive-in theater that shows classic movies on several large outdoor screens. It also offers an array of movie theater food, drinks, and candy from its full-service snack shack. The outdoor movie theater only accepts cash at both its ticket booth and concession stand. Customers can enjoy movies under the stars across three screens from the month of March to the month of October. The Evergreen runs six different first-run films on its three screens, with audio provided through FM radio. Double features begin at dusk.

309 Drive in Ln, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, Phone: 724-547-2632

20. Cumberland Drive-in Theatre

Cumberland Drive-in Theatre
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The Cumberland Drive-in has been in operation since 1952 and is an affordable and family-friendly place for entertainment for guests of all ages. This family-friendly atmosphere is why almost every movie shown at the outdoor movie theater is suitable for children as well, with G, PG, or PG-13 ratings. In addition to the huge outdoor movie screen, the grounds also include a playground area, so children can be entertained until the movie begins. There is also a snack bar, which serves an array of cold and hot food as well as a variety of drinks. Movies are shown only on the weekends.

3290 Ritner Hwy, Newville, PA 17241, Phone: 717-776-5212

21. Riverside Drive-in

Riverside Drive-in
© Riverside Drive-in

The Riverside Drive-in movie theater shows current releases on its large outdoor screen. The drive-in, which has stood the test of time, also hosts the Monster-Rama event as well as other variously themed nights. While the movie screens take place during the weekends, there are tributes and special events that are held throughout the theater’s open season, making it a great entertainment option for anyone in Vandergrift or the Pittsburgh region. The on-site snack fare serves popcorn, pizza, and many other goodies that are sure to satisfy everyone who comes to see a movie.

1114 Lees Lake Ln, Vandergrift, PA 15690, Phone: 724-568-1250

22. Point Drive-in Theatre

Point Drive-in Theatre
© Point Drive-in Theatre

The Point Drive-in Theatre first opened back in June 1952. The outdoor movie theater consists of three large screens that it uses to show double features on a seasonal basis, from April to October. The Point was originally named the Arrow Drive-in when it first opened, but was renamed during the late 1950s. In October, the drive-in hosts a haunted house as well as the annual Horror Fest, which features four movies shown back-to-back for Halloween. The theater is one of the few left that feature three screens.

3601 Point Township Dr, Northumberland, PA 17857, Phone: 570-275-9926

23. Shankweiler's Drive-in

Shankweiler's Drive-in
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Shankweiler’s Drive-in theater is the oldest operating drive-in in the United States. The outdoor theater first opened in 1934 and was the second drive-in in the country. Shankweiler’s Drive-in has one large outdoor movie screen, and while it has never closed for a season, the theater has seen several different owners during its time. The outdoor theater can accommodate less than 300 vehicles, so customers are advised to arrive extra early, as the grounds fill up quickly, particularly on the weekends. Shankweiler’s is situated in the town of Orefield, only 15 minutes away from Allentown.

4540 Shankweiler Rd, Orefield, PA 18069, Phone: 610-481-0800

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