Marigold Kitchen is a fine dining New American restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which offers seasonal fares in a traditional Victorian home. The restaurant is popular for their ever-changing and creative tasting menus that are both fun and delicious. The restaurant is now owned and managed by Chef Andrew Kochan and Chef Tim Lanza, after it was sold to the duo in September 2014 by Marigold Kitchen's previous owner and chef Rob Halpern.

The restaurant offers several courses of unique and beautifully presented tasting menus that far exceed standard dinner menus. Some of the courses are specially designed to invoke a whole different experience, while some courses induce a nostalgic familiarity. The Marigold Kitchen is a bring-your-own bottle concept restaurant that offers customizable surprise dinner fares that consist of 14 to 16 courses, charged per person.

Chef Robert Halpern

Customer Rinna Diaz loved Chef Rob Halpern's crab mac and cheese so much that she wanted to marry the chef who made it. Rob Halpern sold Marigold Kitchen to two of his right-hand men, Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza, before moving out west with Rinna.

Sample Dinner Menu

Marigold Kitchen follows a tasting menu approach that is largely dependent on seasonal ingredients available on the day. The restaurant became famous for their foie gras, lettuce and tomato, duck negima maki, and their new version of "dipping dots".

The Marigold Kitchen features a sample menu that consists of lemon-poppyseed donut holes, Gazpacho Dippin' Dots, Foie Gras Chocolate Tuile, and Follies along with the below fares;

· Liquid Nitro Popcorn - truffle oil and sea salt

· Everything Carrot - agave syrup, pumpernickel soil

· Cauliflower Bisque - ham bubbles

· Roasted Corn Ravioli - chocolate salt

· House Cured Kago Buri Hamachi - wild mushroom forest, mushroom tea

· Beef Tartare - made with several varieties of garnishes

· Lamb - summer beans, artichoke, chickpea panisse, cauliflower-almond puree

· Summer Fruits & Berries - goat's kefir ice cream, mint, white chocolate powder, rose water consommé

· Cracker - 2-year aged Cabot clothbound cheddar

· Duck Egg "Carbonara" - zucchini, sheep's milk ricotta, pancetta

· Cheese Plate - Bathed in Victory from Doe Tun, Valley Shepherd Creamery’s More-Beer, Point Reyes Blue


Marigold Kitchen offers an online reservation option that is powered by the OpenTable real-time table reservation application. The online application offers instantly confirmed online reservations for up to 4 guests. For groups that consist of more than 4 and less than 8 guests, table bookings can be made directly at the restaurant through a phone call.

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Private Events

For parties or groups larger than 8 people, the restaurant requires a phone call reservation with a credit card. Marigold Kitchen requires a credit card to hold space for a large group of more than 8 guests and the booking is subject to cancellation fees if the party is cancelled for the scheduled day.


Marigold Kitchen, 501 South 45th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, Phone: 215-222-3699

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