Portland, Oregon, gets a taste of authentic omakase Japanese cuisine through the quaint Japanese eatery Nodoguro. The dining experience at Nodoguro is unique in that the setting is private and the menu offerings are uniquely made for each group of diners. This isn’t the typical dining experience, where one simply chooses a Japanese restaurant for its most popular cuisine. At Nodoguro, the menus are personally created for every dining party on the day of the reservation. The atmosphere is intimate and inviting. Nodoguro is an excellent way to experience authentic Japanese cuisine in a personable manner.

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Restaurant Hours

Nodoguro is open 5 days a week. Days and hours of operation vary and are as follows:

Wednesday - Sunday: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Monday - Tuesday: Closed


Reservations are required in order to dine at Nodoguro and these are made by purchasing tickets, as Nodoguro offers the opportunity to experience a 13-course tasting menu. Tickets can be purchased online via the Nodoguro website.

Seating at Nodoguro is very limited. Thus, patrons are asked to honor their reservations. Those who need to cancel should do so by contacting Nodoguro well in advance.

While waiting lists are not available, individuals can check the Nodoguro website for possible cancellations.


Nodoguro offers a 13-course tasting menu. As this is an omakase restaurant, the chef decides what will be on the menu. This type of dining experience is for anyone that is open to experiencing a wide-breadth of Japanese cuisine. The menus developed for the 13-course tasting are ever-changing to ensure the freshest ingredients are utilized as only seasonal ingredients are used when creating a menu.

Please note that menus are finalized the day of the reservation. Dining parties will receive an email that provides detailed information about the prospective menu so that necessary changes can be made if needed.


Patrons can keep abreast of news regarding Nodoguro by visiting the restaurant’s blog located on its website or by staying connected via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


Nodoguro, 2832 SE Belmont, Portland, OR 97214

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