Langbaan offers a unique opportunity for individuals to experience authentic Thai food in Portland, Oregon. Langbaan’s entire approach to making and serving food is deeply rooted in traditional Thai culture. Thus, eating at Langbaan is not just a culinary experience, it is also a cultural experience. Langbaan means “back of the house,” which is reminiscent of the manner in which the food is prepared. Traditional Thai food is prepared with much thought and care, and Langbaan is committed to honoring this Thai tradition as it offers the experience of eating authentic Thai food to the general public in Portland.

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Owner and Chef Earl Ninsom’s Thai background is a major factor in how Langbaan presents Thai food. Chef Nimsom takes considerable care with ensuring that the menus offered are a true reflection of Thai cuisine. Guests will find that the unique tasting menu style of dining provides a very intimate setting, where guests can thoroughly enjoy the ambiance and atmosphere of their environment while feasting on an assortment of Thai foods.


Langbaan offers intimate Thai dining through a tasting menu format. Customers must make reservations online via the Langbaan website. Customers will be routed to the Yelp reservations website, where they can make a reservation.

Please note that because of the tasting menu-only format there are particular stipulations regarding the cancellations of reservations. Cancellations must be made up to 48 hours in advance to avoid cancellation fees. Cancellations that are not made within the required 48 hour time allotment will be subject to cancellation fees of $80 per person for each reservation.


The menu at Langbaan consists of a number of authentic Thai meals that are thoughtfully selected and prepared by the chef. The menu is ever changing as only readily available seasonal ingredients are used for each menu. Usually the menu changes on a monthly basis and can be viewed by visiting the Langbaan website. The following is a sample of some of the Thai food offerings available at a weekly tasting at Langbaan.

· Snacks - Pueak sod said todd, miang som-O, and kanom krok

· Soup and Salads - Guay job muu (soup); yum goong mung-gorn lae hoy-lai; a salad with pig ear, jellyfish, Chinese celery, kohlrabi, lotus root, ginger, and scallions.

· Main Course - Gang gari neua, nahm prik muu sub, and gang gari neua.

· Dessert - Tao hoo song kruang and cake gluay hom.

· Wine - The wine list offered at Langbaan is very informative as it provides details on how each type of wine works with food. The wine list is divided by such traits as acidity, effervescence, and dryness. The wine list also provides a complete detailing of the region of origin, variety, and vintage year. If desired, Langbaan also offers wine pairings by the glass.


Langbaan, 6 SE 28th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, Phone: 971-344-2564

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