A world of enchantment where adventure and imagination meet to bring thrill rides and lands long past together to create fun for the whole family in Salem, Oregon.

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Roger Tofte began The Enchanted Forest theme park in 1964 with the purchase of 20 acres of land off interstate 5 and a few bags of cement. Determined to create a family friendly and creative place for kids and families, he worked on the theme park by hand in his spare time-after workdays and on the weekends, and began collecting park figures and buildings in his own backyard.

After 7 years, The Tofte's opened their Storybook Trail on August 8th, 1971 and welcomed 75 visitors the first day. Although many of their neighbors thought they were crazy, they charged one dollars for adults and only 50 cents for children and the next week, they had 1,000 people come to see their Storybook brought to life. Within a year, Roger was able to quit his full-time job and focus solely on The Enchanted Forest.

The Enchanted Forest has seen many expansions through the years beginning in 1974 when The Tofteville western town was built, including the Haunted House. A Comedy Theatre was also added at the request of one of Tofte daughters who writes and directs the fairy tale based musicals, the first roller coaster was installed in 1983, followed by the Old Europe Village in 1988 and a waterfall with a lightshow two years after that.

The Tofte's son Ken designed and built all of the animatronics in the Enchanted Forest in 1993 and more rides were added into the late 1990's. In 2002 renewed interest was put onto adult attractions in The Enchanted Forest and Crazy Bumper Cars were added along with inner tube cars, Challenge of Mondor, and a speed way in 2007.

Although Roger Tofte is still very involved in the business, most of the day to day operations have been passed on to his three children—Susan, Ken, and Mary. Three generations of the Tofte family still work at the Enchanted Forest with plans to continue to evolve the park in the future with special attention always paid to artistic detail.

The Enchanted Forest is made up of three distinct villages, an amusement park with rides, entertainment venues, shopping, and dining opportunities that all have been created from Roger Tofte's imagination and stem from childhood fairytales. Hours vary seasonally and are updated on the website.

Storybook Lane- The first part of The Enchanted Forest to come alive, this area is full of traditional storybook characters from everyone's childhood. Visitors can find their way through the Red Queen of Heart's maze, crawl through the White Rabbit's hole, visit the candy house from Hansel and Gretel's tale, find out what was so great about the 3 bears porridge, or make their way to Grandma's house with Little Red Riding Hood. This part of The Enchanted Forest is surrounded by wooded areas and still displays Roger Tofte's handmade creations.

Tofteville Western Town- The Old West is brought to life in this scaled down town where visitors can test their skills at the shooting gallery, discover treasure, explore underground tunnels and secret passageways of lost Indian caves and brave the Haunted House. The Big Timber Log Ride, a guest favorite can also be found in Western Town. Don't forget to check out the Wagon Wheel Opera House where a documentary on the history of The Enchanted Forest can be viewed. One of the most popular attractions in the Western Town is Pan for Treasure where visitors can sift through sand like miners during the gold rush. Participants get to take home any fool's gold, crystals, agate, and treasures that they find (all participants are guaranteed something).

Old European Village- Compete in the Challenge of Mondor or watch the Fantasy Fountains show all white taking a giant leap back in time in the Old European Village. Children will love the hands-on fun of Pinocchio's Playhouse, and learning all about the laws and theories of gravity in the Sir Newton Gravity Factory. Visitors will also find that Gepetto is still in business selling toys and trinkets in his shop. The Fantasy Fountains are also located in the village with a repeating show every 15 minutes just outside of the Jolly Roger Inn. Possibly Irish, an Irish pub music band also performs a live 20-minute set that is family friendly in the Gathering Hall during the summer and on weekend. There are often other musical acts throughout the park as well.

Comedy Theatre- Susan Vaslev, Daughter of Roger Tofte, writes, directs, and produces all of the musical fairy tales that are performed on the stage. All plays are comedies and visitors to The Enchanted Forest are invited to sit in on rehearsals. Performances are 30 minutes long and begin in May.


No amusement park would be complete without thrill rides and The Enchanted Forest has no shortage of rides for the entire family to enjoy. All rides are marked with signage that indicate the number of tickets required to ride, as well as height requirements to ride alone or with an adult. There are also general ride bracelets that can be purchased at the admission gates that allow you to ride unlimited rides for the day without purchasing individual tickets.

Big Timber Log Ride- This ride is a favorite that combines a log flume and a roller coaster that features a 40-foot drop and splashdown. Make sure to ask for a poncho to avoid getting wet!

Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster- An Enclosed train car ride that takes riders 100 feet up through turns, drops and hops along 1600 feet of track.

Challenge of Mondor- An Interactive adventure that scores riders as they fight creature of the dark to find Mondor the Wizard in order to free the Drumlins. *Mild Violence through target shooting.

Speedway Bumper Cars- A classic bumper car motorway

Frog Hopper- The perfect ride for little children that bounces only 20 feet high.

Kiddy Bumper Boats- A special bumper boat for kids only. An attendant is in the water with the children.

Kiddy Ferris Wheel- An enclosed Ferris Wheel for children under 54” only.

Tiny Tune Train- A magical choo choo experience for toddlers only that chugs past some favorite homes in Storybook Lane.


There are four gift shops in The Enchanted Forest that each specialize in different areas of gift giving. Shoppers can also purchase items online through the online gift shop accessible through the Enchanted Forest website.

The Entrance Gift Shop is a traditional gift shop where visitors can find souvenir t-shirts, hats, pens, magnets, toys and other great accessories and gifts.

The Opera House, located in Western Town is where visitors will find old fashioned candies, western themed gifts, and gift items that are inexpensive.

Gepetto's Toys, Treasures, and Trinkets Shoppe can be found in the Old European Village and is where the most artistic and unique gifts can be located. This is a clear favorite for children who enjoy watching the train circle the upper walls and the miniature village table that welcomes play. Many of the items found in this gift shop are hard to find and one-of-a-kind items.

The Best Little Facepainting and Costume Shoppe is also in the Old European Village and can turn anyone in the family into a character from your favorite story or imagination.


The Enchanted Forest welcomes visitors to bring their own food and beverages into the park as long as there are no alcoholic beverages and no grills. There are several picnic areas and shelters available through the park for visitors to use to eat at.

There are also several dining options available in The Enchanted Forest although not all of these options are available every day and hours will vary according to business needs and trends.

Snack Carts can be found in Western Town, the Kiddy Rides area, and the Log Ride entrance. Guests can find soft pretzels, churros and ice creams and drinks at these carts.

Mary's Coffee Cottage is located at the castle picnic shelter and serves coffee, smoothies, shakes and snack items such as muffins.

Theatre Snack Bar can be found just outside of the Comedy Theatre and patrons can find nachos and other stadium style snack items here.

Ice Cream Parlor serves all kinds of ice cream in the picnic area.

Pulled Pork and Beef Barbeque is named after its menu and is located in the Western Town.

Jolly Roger Inn is named after Captain Hook's famous ship and is where the Fantasy Fountains can be found in the Old European Village. The Inn serves pizza, salads, snacks, and vegetarian options.

Gretel's Grill is also located in the picnic area and features the most hot food items such as hot dogs, burgers, chicken strips, chili, French fries, and nachos.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a very special occasion in The Enchanted Forest and there are special arrangement that can be made for groups of 25 or more. There are special birthday discounts for admission that are detailed on the website, along with special activities for the birthday boy or girl such as a birthday button, picnic, and birthday serenade.

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