The town of Jacksonville, Oregon is a historic town from the Gold Rush era, known today for having a thriving epicurean and cultural scene. Jacksonville is home to opportunities for biking and hiking, celebrated winemakers, historical attractions, independently owned restaurants and shops, and much more. A number of special events take place in the town as well, such as the Britt Music and Arts Festival, which lasts basically the entire summer season.

1. Red Lily Vineyards

Red Lily Vineyards
© Red Lily Vineyards

The Red Lily Vineyards is a vineyard and winery that boasts a commitment to one goal: making the best Spanish-inspired, tempranillo wine possible. Visitors can stop by the winery to sample or purchase wines from 11:00am until 5:00pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Located around twelve miles outside of town, the Red Lily Vineyards are principally named after the Bolander’s Lily, a rare red lily species found in the nearby Siskiyou Mountains. A more special meaning to the name, however, is that the daughter of the owners is named Lily, who now shares their love for wine.

11777 OR-238, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-846-6800

2. Art Presence Art Center

Art Presence Art Center
© Art Presence Art Center

Dedicated to enriching the artistic lives of Jacksonville residents and visitors, the Art Presence Art Gallery is a must-see attraction for all art enthusiasts. The center provides artistic inspiration and education to the wider Jacksonville community and offers budding artists the means and exposure to pursue their hobby. The center stages regular exhibitions for both established and emerging artists in their lovely gallery located within the Old County Jail building. Art Presence also hosts many art courses in various mediums and for all ages, aimed at encouraging and improving everyone’s artistic talents. If you need studio space you can rent a studio in The Loft.

206 N. 5th Street, Jacksonville, OR 97530, 541 414 3234

3. Quady North Winery Tasting Room

Quady North Winery Tasting Room
© Quady North Winery Tasting Room

The Quady North Winery Tasting Room invites guests to stop by and sample some of the wines produced by Quady North, a winery with a commitment to producing minimally-handled, small-lot wines reflective of diverse cool-climate vineyards. Wines here are focused around vineyard-select Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Viognier that are expressive of the soils and climate, as well as the people who farm them. The Tasting Room is open to visitors Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00am until 6:00pm and on Mondays from 12:00pm until 5:00pm. Wine tasting flights include samples of five different wines.

255 E California St, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-702-2123

4. Cowhorn Vineyard, Jacksonville, Oregon

Cowhorn Vineyard, Jacksonville, Oregon
© Cowhorn Vineyard

The Cowhorn Vineyard is situated within southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley wine appellation in Jacksonville, Oregon. The nearly 120-acre property is located along the Upper Applegate River and features around twenty-five acres of planted wine grapes. The Cowhorn Vineyard estate is different from others in several ways. The vineyard features grape varietals historically associated with France’s Rhône River wine region, the winery uses only its own grapes grown approximately one hundred feet away, the vineyard is just a portion of a polyculture farm made up of other crops, and the vineyard is one of the more densely planted in the United States.

1665 Eastside Rd, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-899-6876

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5. Devitt Winery and Vineyards, Jacksonville, Oregon

Devitt Winery and Vineyards, Jacksonville, Oregon
© Devitt Winery and Vineyards

The Devitt Winery and Vineyards is a family owned and operated boutique winery situated in the middle of Oregon’s Applegate Valley, only a short drive outside of historic Jacksonville. The small winery is dedicated to making premium varietal wines, which include Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Viognier, in addition to a handful of blends. All of the wines are produced from locally grown or Estate fruit and the winery aims to keep the wine they make “small and special.” The Devitt Winery tasting room is open from 12:00pm until 5:00pm year-round, every day with the exception of Wednesdays.

11412 Highway 238, Jacksonville, OR, Phone: 541-899-7511

6. Cricket Hill Winery Downtown Jacksonville Tasting Room

Cricket Hill Winery Downtown Jacksonville Tasting Room
© Rostislav Sedlacek/

The Cricket Hill Winery Downtown Jacksonville Tasting Room is the perfect place to go in Jacksonville, Oregon for anyone who loves Bordeaux wines. Cricket Hill brings the classic Right Bank Bordeaux to the wine country of Southern Oregon and offers a pleasant garden tasting room right in the middle of downtown Jacksonville. The Cricket Hill Tasting Room is housed inside the historic McCully House.

240 E California St, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-899-7264

7. Daisy Creek Vineyard, Jacksonville, Oregon

Daisy Creek Vineyard, Jacksonville, Oregon
© volff/

Owned and operated by Margaret and Russ Lyon, the Daisy Creek Vineyard was established in 1994 when the couple moved to Jacksonville in search of somewhere similar to the famous Côte Rotie of the Northern Rhone Valley, an ideal place for growing Viognier and Syrah. The vineyard now sits on approximately twenty-three acres where people once panned for gold. The Daisy Creek Vineyard today makes up half the grounds and produces several different varietals of wine grapes, all of which are available to guests for tasting inside the tasting room. The tasting room is open Thursday to Sunday, from May to October.

675 Shafer Ln, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-899-8329

8. Jacksonville Woodlands Association Trail System

Jacksonville Woodlands Association Trail System
© pavel1964/

The Jacksonville Woodlands Association Trail System consists of more than sixteen miles of hiking trails within the Woodlands of Jacksonville, Oregon. It’s fairly easy for both visitors and locals alike to find a destination or loops that’s right for their time, with several trailheads in the city serving as starting points. The Jacksonville Woodlands Association Trail System can be accessed from the Britt Gardens, above Britt, the Beekman House, and at various access points in a number of neighborhoods and along multiple streets that adjoin the trail system. The Sarah Zigler Trail in particular is a pleasant self-guided nature trail.

9. Beekman House, Jacksonville, Oregon

Beekman House, Jacksonville, Oregon
© Jacksonville, Oregon

The Beekman House is a house museum that was formerly the home of Cornelius C. Beekman, a prominent pioneer of Jacksonville, Oregon, and his family. The house still contains much of the original furnishings put in place by the Beekman family, as well as many of their belongings, showcasing how many families lived in a typical gold-boom Western town during the Victorian era. Tours of the Beekman House are available between the month of May and the month of October on the third and fourth Saturdays of each month, along with special holiday tours in December on the weekends.

470 East California St, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-245-3650

10. GoodBean Coffee, Jacksonville, Oregon

GoodBean Coffee, Jacksonville, Oregon
© GoodBean Coffee

Established in 1990 by Michael and Mary Kel in picturesque Jacksonville, Oregonl, GoodBean Coffee boasts that their coffee is “exceptional” and that the “proof is in the cup.” The coffee beans here are roasted in only small batches, ensuring customers get the same cup of delicious coffee with every cup. Completely family-owned and operated, GoodBean Coffee also takes a great amount of care in procuring their world-class coffees, as well as the process. The company has positioned themselves as one of the premier and original coffee roasting companies in Southern Oregon, having been awarded as “Best Coffee in Oregon.”

165 S Oregon St, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-899-8740

11. The Schoolhaus Brewhaus, Jacksonville, Oregon

The Schoolhaus Brewhaus, Jacksonville, Oregon
© The Schoolhaus Brewhaus

The Schoolhaus Brewhaus is located in the heart of the gold-rush town of Jacksonville, housed inside of a historic brick school building dating back to the year 1908 and takes guests back to Jacksonville’s German roots. Both locals and tourists alike can experience a fun German dining atmosphere, play a round of mini-golf or Bocce Ball, take a walk through organic gardens, or simply sit back and just relax with a cold beer in one of the most festive locations in Southern Oregon. The Schoolhaus Brewhaus invites people to experience Bavarian cuisine and the unique culture of Gemutlichkeit, offering welcomeness and warmth.

525 Bigham Knoll Dr, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-899-1000

12. South Stage Cellars, Jacksonville, OR

South Stage Cellars, Jacksonville, OR
© South Stage Cellars

South Stage Cellars, located around 20 minutes from Medford in Ashland, is situated within the preserved Gold-Room town of historic Jacksonville, among the brick buildings that now contain unique shops, art galleries, and fine restaurants. South Stage Cellars proudly features their own estate wines in the vineyard-based tasting room, in addition to various wines produced by more than a dozen prestigious winemakers in Oregon, all created exclusively with grapes grown by South Stage Cellars, which include twenty-eight different varieties. The beautiful European-style wine garden and tasting room is housed in one of the oldest buildings in town.

125 S 3rd St, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-899-9120

13. Jacksonville Cemetery, Jacksonville, Oregon

Jacksonville Cemetery, Jacksonville, Oregon
© Rob Mutch Photo/

The Jacksonville Cemetery feels like a step back to the past, back to the 1850’s. Visitors can experience the tribulations and trials of the founding families of Jacksonville, Oregon during a tour of this historic cemetery. Founded back in the year 1858, the Jacksonville Cemetery serves as a final resting place for around four thousand citizens of the local area. Tours highlight varying aspects of the historic burial grounds and are usually available once a week.

Cemetery Rd, Jacksonville, OR 97530, Phone: 541-899-1231

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14. Applegate River Lavender Farm

Applegate River Lavender Farm
© doda/

Family owned and operated, Applegate River Lavender Farm is a joy to behold when the lavender is in full bloom in summer. The small-scale lavender farm is home to more than 1000 lavender plants and produces exceptionally pure, steam-distilled, essential lavender oil for which you will find many, many uses around your home. Visitors are invited to come and experience the wonderful aromas of thousands of lavender plants in full bloom and to visit the farm store to stock up on various unique lavender products. U-Pick Lavender takes place each year in June – come and enjoy lemonade and brownies and picking your own all-natural lavender.

375 Hamilton Rd, Jacksonville, OR 97530, 541 702 2250

15. Valley View Winery

Valley View Winery
© Valley View Winery

Valley View Winery is nestled in the heart of Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, close to the historic town of Jacksonville. The terroir of the valley is perfect for growing a wide selection of grape varietals, and slightly warmer temperatures in the area perfectly suit the cultivation of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Viognier, Syrah and Tempranillo grapes in particular, all of which form the basis of their famous Rogue Red blend. Visitors are encouraged to stop by for a tasting and/or a picnic on their patio and lawn areas, surrounded by the beautiful vineyards. The winery hosts regular wine events where you can enjoy sipping your favorite wines while enjoying live music.

1000 Upper Applegate Rd, Jacksonville, OR 97530, 800 781 9463

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