Town Hall in Cleveland, Ohio, believes that everyone deserves to eat good, healthy food. This restaurant is committed to bringing authentic food to the table, and by authentic they mean non-GMO. They want to feed people food that was actually grown from seeds, food that is truly healthy and nourishing. Town Hall is committed to making sure that its menu is based on quality and authenticity and only features food that anyone would want to consume. Town Hall also realizes the importance of balance.

While it's good to be healthy, it's also important to have a treat every now and then. The menu at Town Hall reflects the desire to give people balanced authentic food options. Anyone looking for a place that caters to offering food the way nature intended would be interested in dining at Town Hall in Cleveland, OH.

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Seating at Town Hall is on a first-come first-served basis.


The menu at Town Hall boasts authentic food. Diners will find that there are no GMO foods here as Town Hall is committed to sourcing and plating up only the most authentic, fresh food available. From vegan and vegetarian fare to meat dishes, customers can rest easy knowing that Town Hall actually has food that was grown, harvested, and prepared in a natural manner. Some of the menu options at Town Hall include:

· Food and Drink - Vegan: popcorn tofu nuggets, cauliflower T-bone steak; soups and salads; shares: lettuce wraps, smashed avocado, baked chicken tenders, chicken nachos; bowls: Thai peanut, Bangkok bazaar; plates: Harissa chicken, wild salmon, glazed New Zealand lamb, and more.

· Brunch - Hotcakes, food truck tacos, crepes, cookies, buttermilk biscuits, egg sandwich, granola bowl, and more.

· Bean Bar - An assortment of coffees and other warm drinks such as Kickstarter, espresso, pourover, shakerato, melted mocha, hot chocolate, and tea.

· Beer Menu - An assortment of American craft beers on tap. An updated listing of the beers offered is available on the Town Hall website.

Online Ordering/Delivery

Ordering online for pick-up or delivery is available at Town Hall. Customers interested in ordering food for pickup can do so by visiting the Town Hall website. Customers who want to order food for delivery can use either Uber Eats or Deliver Me Food.


Stay healthy by partaking in one of the upcoming events at Town Hall. Town Hall offers an assortment of events that are related to either food or general health. From food events to discussions and classes on healthy eating to organic food and wellbeing workshops, Town Hall invites guests to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Information about tickets and reservations for upcoming events is available on the Town Hall website.

Gift Cards

Town Hall offers e-gift certificates via its website. Gift certificates can be purchased in denominations of $5-$250.


Town Hall Ohio City, 1909 West 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113, Phone: 216-344-9400

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