As minimalistic living takes the world by storm, more people are looking for a way to jump on board the tiny living movement. Modern Tiny Living based out of Columbus, Ohio, was formed by a group of friends who have always wanted to live a more simplistic lifestyle. They finally found a way to do it by adopting a minimalistic way of living that is offered through the experience of tiny house living. Modern Tiny Living has helped many people achieve their goal of living a more simplistic life free of burdens and stress by offering the affordable housing option of a tiny house. Those interested in a tiny house would do well to consider the expertise on offer at Modern Tiny Living.

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Tiny Home Tours

Modern Tiny Living wants its prospective customers to know what they're getting into when they consider purchasing a tiny home. For this reason, they offer model tours of their tiny houses. Known as MTL Pop-ups, they are a great way for individuals to actually see firsthand what a tiny house looks like and if this type of housing option is suitable for them.

These pop-ups allow individuals to speak directly with the Modern Tiny Living crew and ask a number of questions about tiny houses. Information on the latest tiny home tours can be obtained by visiting the Modern Tiny Living website.

Tiny Home Models

Modern Tiny Living offers several tiny home models at a wide variety of preferences and budgets. The currently available tiny home models from Modern Tiny Living include:

· The Nugget

· The Kokosing

· Koko 2

· The Latibule

· Siesta Key

· The Mohican

Detailed information about the size and available features for each of these tiny homes is available on the Modern Tiny Living website.

Custom Design Process

Modern Tiny Living offers a custom design process that helps to walk potential customers through the tiny house creation and building process. From getting a free consultation to discussing whether tiny house living is most suitable to creating a draft for a tiny home to actually working with local contractors to build the tiny home and finally having the tiny home delivered to the location of choice, Modern Tiny Living is there to assist from start to finish. More information about the custom design process is available on the Modern Tiny Living website.

DIY Services

Modern Tiny Living can assist with various aspects of the tiny home building process for those who choose to build their houses on their own. Some of the services provided by Modern Tiny Living for the do-it-yourself tiny home builder include:

· Trailer foundations

· Design consulting

· MTL shells

Do-it-yourself tiny home builders will find that Modern Tiny Living offers valuable assistance for those interested in building their tiny homes on their own.


Pricing for tiny homes offered by Modern Tiny Living vary based on a number of factors. The following are current price points for tiny homes based on size.

?20 ft. models start at $48,000

24 ft. models start at $56,000

?28 ft. models start at $66,000

Modern Tiny Living also sells tiny home shells. Price points are as follows:

20 ft. shells start at $18,000

24 ft. shells start at $20,000

28 ft. shells start at $25,000


Modern Tiny Living, Columbus, Ohio, website, Phone: 614-259-7042

(Last Updated on September 19, 2017)