The second biggest city in Ohio, Cleveland is particularly rich in culture and history. The city boasts an impressive skyline, with several uniquely-designed buildings in the downtown area, as well as various monuments like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, FirstEnergy Stadium, and more. The city is located on the banks of one of the five Great Lakes of North America: Lake Erie. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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With such a huge body of water right next door, it's only natural that the city of Cleveland is a popular spot for water-based activities like fishing and kayaking. Indeed, kayaking in Cleveland has seen a real surge in popularity in recent years as ecotourism takes off and more people seek new ways to stay active, get in touch with nature, and spend fun time together with friends and family members. Things to Do in Cleveland

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2.Best Spots to Kayak in Cleveland

Best Spots to Kayak in Cleveland
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Lake Erie is obviously the number one spot for kayaking in Cleveland, but the lake is enormous and has many different sections with different styles of water and surroundings to enjoy. Other lakes, as well as rivers and canals, can also be found in and around Cleveland for your kayaking enjoyment, and here are some of the top kayaking spots the city has to offer.

· Lake Erie

Lake Erie covers an incredible 9,910 square mile area and has a shoreline of around 800 miles, as well as several little islands to explore, with several just off the coast of Cleveland. Filled with fish and attracting all sorts of other wildlife, it’s an incredible natural wonder and a great place to kayak. Good kayaking spots around Lake Erie include Put-In-Bay island, Huntington Beach, and the Rocky River.

· The Flats

The Flats is one of Cleveland's most unique areas. This mixed-use district has been revitalized in recent years as a vibrant entertainment destination and culturally significant part of the city, and the titular flat waters of the Cuyahoga River provide the perfect setting for relaxing kayaking sessions.

· Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Just a short drive south of Cleveland sits the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The Cuyahoga River covers around 100 miles of ground and features a wide array of water styles from intense rapids to calmer stretches. The National Park features various launch sites and kayak rental services, making it easier than ever for keen kayakers to enjoy these waters.

· Ohio & Erie Canal

With a fascinating history behind it, the Ohio & Erie Canal can be a lovely location for a day of paddling. You can really feel all the industry and movement that these waters have played home to over the years, and there are some stunning views along the way. The canal runs for more than 100 miles too, so even on busy days, you can always find a stretch that isn't too crowded.

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3.Kayak Tours and Rentals in Cleveland

Kayak Tours and Rentals in Cleveland
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If you really want to make the most of your kayaking time in Cleveland without any worries, there are plenty of great kayaking companies to be found in and around the city, serving both Lake Erie and other kayaking locations like the Cuyahoga River and Ohio & Erie Canal. These companies provide guided tours, kayak rentals, and additional kayaking services to suit every customer. Here are a few of the top rated kayak companies in Cleveland.

1. 41 North Kayak Adventures - 1500 Scenic Park Dr, Lakewood, OH 44107 (866 529-2541)

Established in 2003, 41 North has quickly grown into one of the most trusted names in Cleveland when it comes to kayaking. Offering all sorts of kayak services from rentals to classes and guided tours, 41 North gives you everything you need and specializes exclusively on Lake Erie. Sign up with this company if you want to enjoy a kayaking adventure of one of America’s Great Lakes.

2. River Cruiser Kayaking - 3995 Jennings Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109 (440 539-6611)

One of Cleveland's top kayak rental services, River Cruiser Kayaking also runs self-led and fully-guided kayaking tours around Cleveland and the surrounding area. Focusing predominantly on the Cuyahoga River, this is a highly rated kayaking company with some excellent tours that all the family can enjoy.

3. Great Lakes Watersports - 1148 Main Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113 (216 771-4386)

Located in Cleveland's The Flats district, Great Lakes Watersports offers kayak rentals at almost time of the year and day of the week. If you just want to rent a kayak and take to the water for your own adventures, this is a great place to start. Great Lakes Watersports provides low cost rentals and will also offer tips and guidance to help you find the best routes around The Flats too.

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Best Kayaking in Cleveland, Ohio

More Ideas: Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is not like other museum where artifacts that commemorate history are stored behind display cases for viewing. Instead, this museum offers guests the opportunity to learn about the natural world around them, past, present and future through interactive exhibits, wild animal encounters, a planetarium, 6,400 acres of natural areas, a discovery center and, of course, galleries.

In the 1830’s, a group of gentlemen began a collection of natural specimens that were housed on the public square in a two-room building. The space was nicknamed “The Ark” and the 26 men who collected and stored these specimens were called the “Arkites.” These men were the foundation of would become the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

In 1920, the museum of natural history was incorporated and the first director was instated. Over the next decade, a library and education program, the museum opened with exhibits to the public (1922), nature trails, and buildings were added—along with several collections being donated and collected on expeditions. The 1930’s saw the addition of an arboretum and planetarium, in 1940 the museum took control of the Brookside Zoo. In the 50’s the excavation team discovered a dinosaur and an aquarium was added to the museum. During this decade, the museum also relocated to its present location.

The museum did not charge admission until the 1960’s and it was only 50 cents for adults. The department of paleontology and archaeology was also officially established in 1967 and two more dinosaurs were uncovered in this decade. In the 1970’s the museum opened The Memorial Woods Garden for animal rehabilitation and the next year began a bald eagle program.

1974 was one of the most exciting times for the museum as Dr. Donald Johanson discovered the bones of a new hominoid species, Australopithecus afarensis, in Ethiopia and named her Lucy. The rest of the decade saw the museum finally becoming accredited and an Adopt a Student Program was initiated. Over the next decade the museum would focus on ecology and conservation; as well as, traveling exhibits and the first female director, Dr. Mary Taylor, was installed.

The 1990’s saw massive expansion of the museum which became the first to integrate geology and astronomy with a permanent exhibit that educated visitors about the planets in our solar system. IN the 2000’s more expansion and some very significant discoveries of human and dinosaur life and history were uncovered in Ethiopia and Canada. The museum also opened exhibits that explore DNA and race. In 2006 the museum surpassed a huge milestone of having educated over 5 million people in 84 years. Another major discovery was unearthed in 2010 by the anthropology team of a human ancestors older than Lucy by 400,000 years that proved human kind began to walk upright much earlier in history than originally thought.

The collection at Cleveland Museum Natural History is comprised of more than five million specimens and is considered one of the top ten collections in America. The curators of the museum conduct research globally and have uncovered many remarkable discoveries relating to human history as well as animal. All collections are organized into departments.

Archaeology- This collection is where articles that were made by humans can be seen. This department focuses on prehistoric Ohio and contains artifacts such as Paleoindian tools, bones from an Ice Age cave, artifacts from settlements around Ohio dating back 800 years, and a five hundred-year-old water craft. Botany- Herbs, moss and seeds are featured in this collection that represent plants that are native to Ohio. The herbarium has more than 75,000 specimens collected including some very rare and thought to be extinct plants. The Herbarium is only open by appointment while the seed share program is open to visitors during regular admission hours.

Human Health and Evolutionary Medicine- This collection is divided into two departments—The Biorepository and The Hamann-Todd Osteological logical collection. The former includes samples of teeth, hair, finger nails, hair and other human tissues while the latter includes human cadavers. The Osteological collection is the world’s largest collection of human skeletons. These departments are accessible only by appointment for qualified researchers and scientists with the right credentials.

Invertebrate Paleontology- Fossils of Invertebrates from across the world are housed in this collection that also has the greatest variety of any other collection at the museum. Echinoderms, rare myriapods, Arthropods and many other fossils make up this 79,000 piece collection.

Invertebrate Zoology- The research on praying mantises and dung beetles that this department has conducted is internationally recognized. This department focuses on insects and mollusks, but the praying mantis collection, with over 14,000 specimens, is the largest in the western hemisphere. In 2014, a curator and a student discovered 20 new species of the insect.

Library and Archives- The library has an impressive rare book collection with more than 1,000 volumes. This collection is not available to the public and is stored in a climate controlled, compacted storage; however, upon special request, items can be pulled for viewing and research.

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Mineralogy- Crystalline materials from both earth and outer space are featured in this collection. There are also some synthetic minerals housed in this space as well. There is a moon rock and well as meteorites on display as well as many semi-precious stones and minerals, coal, and other geological findings. There are ten total collections in this department that range from slices of building materials, to jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

Ornithology- Dating back to 1830, this collection features skins, wings, and tissue samples. There are also 2,500 skeletons, nests and eggs that are available to be viewed for a cost by qualified researchers.

Paleobotany and Paleoecology- fossilized plants, pollens, and coal ball peels can be found in this collection that is accessible by curator approval only. Plant fossils dating back 542 million years ago can be found here along with 35,000 slides of pollen, and 4,000 cellulose coal ball peels.

Physical Anthropology- This collection includes human and primate remains and fossil casts. The uses for this collection range from evolutionary study to making casts for prosthetics. The Hamman-Todd Osteological collection and Non-Human Primate collection are both part of this collection and consist of skeletal remains that are studied for disease research. Human fetal skulls can also be found here.

Vertebrate Paleontology- More than 15,000 specimens from fish, amphibians, reptiles, and dinosaurs are in this collection. Some of the creature remains and fossils that can be found here include a giant predator fish from the Devonian Age, an herbivore dinosaur from the Jurassic Age and a Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a dinosaur called Coelophysis baurl that is over 225 million years old.

Vertebrate Zoology- Crayfish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish can all be found in this collection that contains more than 50,000 specimens. Most of these creatures come from the Ohio region but there are some from Africa, Central and South America as well. This collection is only available to researchers with curator approval.

The planetarium was designed so that the architecture of the building would function as an astronomical instrument. Visitors can use the building at night to locate the north star through the angled roof. The outer covering of this building is embedded with fiber-optic stars that emits a soft glow that does not add to light pollution. The theater is handicap accessible with seating for 87 people stadium style.

Sky-Skan technology is used in the planetarium which is the newest and best equipment that allows viewers to journey through the universe virtually and zoom in on planets and objects that are moving through space such as meteors and comets.

The observatory is open in the fall and winter months from 8:30pm through 11pm. There is a refracting telescope in the dome, which can be rotated all the way around and is motor operated.

The Perkins Wildlife Center & Woods Garden was recently renovated and now boasts some pretty remarkable ways to get up close and personal with living animals from Ohio and surrounding areas. Visitors can venture below the water line and into the canopy of trees using winding pathways. Watch from above a pack of wild coyotes roam the forests and come face to face with Peregrine Falcons. Visitors can even glimpse inside the dens of red foxes and Bald Eagle nests. There are five distinct ecological communities in the Wildlife Centers and pathways that take visitors through, above, and below many habitats.

The Smead Discovery Center, located in the lower level of the museum, is the ultimate place for families and children to discover their natural world through interactive, hands-on learning and engagement. Kids can play with microscopes, participate in a fossil dig, experience the touch wall where they can feel the fur of a cheetah or skin of an alligator, make bird music on a piano and much more. There are also many special programs where an in-depth look is taken into specific topics such as bats, skulls, and the links between animals such as dinosaurs and turkeys.

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1 Wade Oval Dr, Cleveland, OH 44106, Phone: 216-231-4600

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More Ideas: I-X Indoor Amusement Park

The I-X Indoor Amusement Park, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a unique family friendly attraction for guests who do not want to worry about the weather while they have fun. With a huge selection of rides from the youngest guests through the most thrill-seeking, adult guests, the park will provide every guest with an all-day experience they will not soon forget, and the memories will last a lifetime.


The International Exposition Center, also known as the I-X Center, was opened next to the Cleveland Airport in 1942. It has over two million square feet of space, with around a million of those square feet dedicated to the conference and exposition space that the amusement park is located in during a portion of the year. Opened in 1985, the amusement park is one of the most interested exhibitors at the I-X Center. The Ferris Wheel, which is a centerpiece of the amusement park, stands 125 feet tall and made its debut at the Auto Show in Cleveland in 1992. At that time, it was the world’s largest Ferris wheel located indoors (that title has since been claimed by another Ferris wheel).

The amusement park is only a seasonal offering - open only in March and April every year. It quickly became a family favorite and welcomes thousands of guests through the front doors over the course of just a few short weeks.

Permanent Attractions

The amusement parks feature a diverse variety of rides, shows, games, and experiences meant for every member of the family.

Permanent attractions at the amusement park include –

- Rides - The rides at the park are divided up into two areas.

- Mountain Dew Thrill City - There are a variety of rides at Thrill City. Rides that guests must be 42 inches tall to ride include Alien Abduction, Zero Gravity/Whirlwind, and Zumar. Rides that guests must be 48 inches tall to ride include Ali Babi, Backspin Coaster (guests cannot be over 78 inches tall), Black Widow (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall), Ferris Wheel (children can be as small as 36 inches with a responsible person), Hurricane (children can be as small as 36 inches with a responsible person), Mega Bounce, Quasar (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall), Rock O Plane (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall but no single riders are allowed), Super Slide (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 30 - 48 inches tall), Twist N Drop (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall), Twister (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 36 - 48 inches tall), Vertigo, and Zip Line. Rides that guests must be at least 52 inches tall to ride include G-Force, Orbiter, Ring of Fire, Sizzler (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 51 inches tall), Tip Top, and Wild Cat (minimum height of 55 inches and maximum height of 77 inches).

? Kidzville - The rides are Kidzville are meant for younger guests, and the minimum height tends to be much lower.

- Bug N Around

- Dune Buggy Hampton

- Rabbit Rider

- Wacky Worm/Apple

- Alien Adventure/Helicopter

- Charlie Chopper

- Crazy Bus

- Dragon

- Wagon

- Eli Wheel/Kiddie Wheel

- Flying Dragon

- Frog Hopper

- Happy Swing

- Loop O Plane

- Orient Express

- Quadzilla

- Spider Mania

- Street Racer

- Tubs of Fun

- Barrel of Fun

- Bear Affair

- Black Widow

- Carousel

- Cliff Hanger

- Frenzy

- Giant Ferris Wheel

- Hurricane

- Rock O Plane

- Scooter

- Sizzler

- Super Slide

- Twist N Drop

- Twister

Although the games and other experiences in the amusement park do require a small, additional cost, it is worth it to be able to take home a prize and show off skills for the family. There are more than 25 different game stations located all throughout the park and the games are designed for every member of the family, no matter how young or old. Below is a small selection of the many games and other experiences to be found at I-X:

- Bubble Soccer

- Dual WipeOut (Surf Ride)

- Petting Zoo

- Rock Climbing Wall

- Dark Ride

- Looney Belle

- Marti Gras

- Glass House

- Monkey Maze

- Raider’s Jungle Gym

Admission to the amusement park is provided on a pay once, stay all day basis. Admission includes all attractions, with no additional wristbands or tickets required. It also includes all animal shows and live performances that occur in the park as well as the petting zoo, Kidzville, and more. The admission fee does not include the fun houses, carnival games, bungee tramp, and pony rides. There is a small discount provided for guests who purchase their tickets in advance by using the website. A significant discount is available for service members with a valid ID. Seniors are permitted into the park for free Monday through Friday, and children under the age of three may enter the park for free as well.

Wheelchairs are available only on a first come, first serve basis and are offered to guests at no charge. A valid ID is required and must be left with the attendant when taking a wheelchair into the park. There are no wagons or strollers available, however, but guests are welcome to bring their own in when visiting the park.

Dining and Shopping

There are various concession stands located throughout the park for guests to stop at and dine on a variety of different food options. Each stand and bistro have a selection of American favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, deli sandwiches, pizza, hot pretzels, french fries, salads, and other assorted snack options. There are also various stalls located throughout the amusement park that sells a variety of merchandise. Options are standard for the setting - toys, apparel, balloons, and other amusement park related goods to help commemorate a visit to this unique park.

I-X Indoor Amusement Park, One I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, OH, 44135, Phone: 216-265-2586

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