The I-X Indoor Amusement Park, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is a unique family friendly attraction for guests who do not want to worry about the weather while they have fun. With a huge selection of rides from the youngest guests through the most thrill-seeking, adult guests, the park will provide every guest with an all-day experience they will not soon forget, and the memories will last a lifetime.

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The International Exposition Center, also known as the I-X Center, was opened next to the Cleveland Airport in 1942. It has over two million square feet of space, with around a million of those square feet dedicated to the conference and exposition space that the amusement park is located in during a portion of the year. Opened in 1985, the amusement park is one of the most interested exhibitors at the I-X Center. The Ferris Wheel, which is a centerpiece of the amusement park, stands 125 feet tall and made its debut at the Auto Show in Cleveland in 1992. At that time, it was the world’s largest Ferris wheel located indoors (that title has since been claimed by another Ferris wheel).

The amusement park is only a seasonal offering - open only in March and April every year. It quickly became a family favorite and welcomes thousands of guests through the front doors over the course of just a few short weeks.

Permanent Attractions

The amusement parks feature a diverse variety of rides, shows, games, and experiences meant for every member of the family.

Permanent attractions at the amusement park include –

? Rides - The rides at the park are divided up into two areas.

? Mountain Dew Thrill City - There are a variety of rides at Thrill City. Rides that guests must be 42 inches tall to ride include Alien Abduction, Zero Gravity/Whirlwind, and Zumar. Rides that guests must be 48 inches tall to ride include Ali Babi, Backspin Coaster (guests cannot be over 78 inches tall), Black Widow (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall), Ferris Wheel (children can be as small as 36 inches with a responsible person), Hurricane (children can be as small as 36 inches with a responsible person), Mega Bounce, Quasar (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall), Rock O Plane (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall but no single riders are allowed), Super Slide (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 30 - 48 inches tall), Twist N Drop (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 48 inches tall), Twister (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 36 - 48 inches tall), Vertigo, and Zip Line. Rides that guests must be at least 52 inches tall to ride include G-Force, Orbiter, Ring of Fire, Sizzler (children are allowed to ride with an adult provided they are 42 - 51 inches tall), Tip Top, and Wild Cat (minimum height of 55 inches and maximum height of 77 inches).

? Kidzville - The rides are Kidzville are meant for younger guests, and the minimum height tends to be much lower.

? Bug N Around

? Dune Buggy Hampton

? Rabbit Rider

? Wacky Worm/Apple

? Alien Adventure/Helicopter

? Charlie Chopper

? Crazy Bus

? Dragon

? Wagon

? Eli Wheel/Kiddie Wheel

? Flying Dragon

? Frog Hopper

? Happy Swing

? Loop O Plane

? Orient Express

? Quadzilla

? Spider Mania

? Street Racer

? Tubs of Fun

? Barrel of Fun

? Bear Affair

? Black Widow

? Carousel

? Cliff Hanger

? Frenzy

? Giant Ferris Wheel

? Hurricane

? Rock O Plane

? Scooter

? Sizzler

? Super Slide

? Twist N Drop

? Twister

Although the games and other experiences in the amusement park do require a small, additional cost, it is worth it to be able to take home a prize and show off skills for the family. There are more than 25 different game stations located all throughout the park and the games are designed for every member of the family, no matter how young or old. Below is a small selection of the many games and other experiences to be found at I-X:

? Bubble Soccer

? Dual WipeOut (Surf Ride)

? Petting Zoo

? Rock Climbing Wall

? Dark Ride

? Looney Belle

? Marti Gras

? Glass House

? Monkey Maze

? Raider’s Jungle Gym

Admission to the amusement park is provided on a pay once, stay all day basis. Admission includes all attractions, with no additional wristbands or tickets required. It also includes all animal shows and live performances that occur in the park as well as the petting zoo, Kidzville, and more. The admission fee does not include the fun houses, carnival games, bungee tramp, and pony rides. There is a small discount provided for guests who purchase their tickets in advance by using the website. A significant discount is available for service members with a valid ID. Seniors are permitted into the park for free Monday through Friday, and children under the age of three may enter the park for free as well.

Wheelchairs are available only on a first come, first serve basis and are offered to guests at no charge. A valid ID is required and must be left with the attendant when taking a wheelchair into the park. There are no wagons or strollers available, however, but guests are welcome to bring their own in when visiting the park.

Special Events

The amusement park offers a variety of live, special events during their open hours. These shows are all offered free of charge with the price of admission.

? Amazing Giants - Well known throughout the area for the passion that the talented, creative team displays during their live performances, Amazing Giants features stilt walking, an aerial stunt show, and many other feats of acrobatics.

? Adventures in Neverland - Children can help Peter Pan and Tinkerbell keep an eye out for Captain Hook on the Beach Street Stage with a meet and greet of all the characters right after the show. The whole family will enjoy a trip to Neverland.

? Gossamer Magic - Meet Peter Gossamer, who is world renowned for his blend of theater, dance, and magic. Often considered one of the pioneers of modern magic, Gossamer showcases his unique combination of illusion and charisma for guests on the Beach Street Stage.

? Jungle Terry - All ages of guests will enjoy meeting Jungle Terry and his friends. Performing daily at the Beach Street Stage, Terry will show off the knowledge and animal skills he has learned since his initial appearance in 1990. This show is a combination of fun and animal education for families of all sizes.

? Junior Super Hero Academy - Performing at the Beach Street Stage, the Academy helps children bring out their own inner superheroes. Children can stay after the show to meet and greet the superheroes afterward as well.

? Roberto the Magnificent - When Roberto explodes onto the Beach Street Stage, the action-packed performance will blow guests of all ages away. Featuring super tall unicycles, pogo sticks, flaming swords, knife juggling, and even spinning hand saws, guests will be entertained, thrilled, and laugh the entire time (sometimes out of fear).

Dining and Shopping

There are various concession stands located throughout the park for guests to stop at and dine on a variety of different food options. Each stand and bistro have a selection of American favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, deli sandwiches, pizza, hot pretzels, french fries, salads, and other assorted snack options. There are also various stalls located throughout the amusement park that sells a variety of merchandise. Options are standard for the setting - toys, apparel, balloons, and other amusement park related goods to help commemorate a visit to this unique park.

I-X Indoor Amusement Park, One I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, OH, 44135, Phone: 216-265-2586

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