Our planet is undergoing some very drastic changes, and it's clear to see that some big efforts need to be made in order to repair some of the damage that has been done and reverse some of the more harmful processes affecting the Earth each and every day. One of the biggest issues facing the planet is all about one of its smallest creatures: the bee.

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Bees play a vital role in pollination, helping plants to grow and thrive, but bee populations have rapidly decreased in recent years, and this is causing a lot of issues with crop shortages all over the world. Fortunately, some people are doing all they can to try and restore bee populations, with the Gaiser Bee Co being a fine example.

Gaiser Bee Co - A Bee Farm In Ohio

A locally-owned beekeeping farm and business, the Gaiser Bee Co was founded by husband and wife duo Cory and Krystle Gaiser. The Gaisers learned all about the pandemic facing the bees as news started to break about 'Colony Collapse Disorder' and all the potential environmental issues it could cause.

The couple had always been interested in environmental issues and self-sustainability, so wanted to do something to help. They attended conferences, met with beekeeprs, learned all about the art of beekeeping, and decided to give it a try for themselves.

Now, they run the Gaiser Bee Co, producing honey, offering classes and workshops, educating people on the importance of beekeeping, and making an essential contribution to bee populations.

- Raising Awareness - One of the main roles of the Gaiser Bee Co is to try and raise awareness of the plight of the bees and help people understand just what a big issue this really is. Statistics show that bees contribute to around 1/3 of all the food we eat, so they really are essential for our livelihood, as well as the life and well-being of the entire planet. Increased use of pesticides is killing bees and reducing bee populations, but simply by no longer using pesticides in your own backyard, you can make a difference. The Gaiser Bee Co works to teach this lesson, and many others, to anyone willing to listen.

- Host A Hive - One of the smartest and most important programs initiated by the Gaiser Bee Co is 'Host A Hive'. For anyone who really wants to help out with bee populations and save the honey bees, the Host A Hive program is a great thing to think about. Each spring, the Gaiser Bee Co heads out to rescue honeybee colonies all around the city, starting new hives and splitting existing hives to promote strong bee populations. Anyone who chooses to come along on the Host A Hive program will be invited to beginner beekeeping classes and become an official sponsor of their own colony, which will be looked after by the Gaiser Bee Co. Then, in October, after the bees have been hard at work, you'll receive 10 lbs of your very own honey as a 'thank you' gift.

- Beekeeping Equipment - Anyone wishing to take their interest in bees and beekeeping to the next level can actually purchase beekeeping equipment direct from Gaiser Bee Co. This includes three pound honeybee packages and Italian/Carniolan mated queens. Starting and looking after your own hive can be a big responsibility, but as the Gaisers have proven, it can also be highly rewarding, enriching, and a great way to give something back to the natural world and make a real contribution towards environmental issues. You can also sign up for beginner beekeeping classes with Gaiser Bee Co to learn all the basics of beekeeping.

- Visit The Farm - A great way to enjoy both an educational and enjoyable day out in Cincinnati is to actually visit the Gaiser Bee Co farm, meet the Gaisers, learn about what they're doing, potentially take some classes yourself, and even sample the delicious honey being made by the bees. The Gaiser Bee Co sells a great range of merchandise too, along with beeswax products like lip balm and candles, plus all the different beekeeping products and equipment like bee jackets, boxes, smokers, and more.

The Gaiser Bee Co is doing amazing work, setting a super example for others to follow and spreading awareness about one of the most significant environmental issues facing our planet today. Bees contribute so much to the world and need to be protected, and the Gaisers are showing how easy it can be to make a real difference. Visit the official site to learn more or stop off at the Gaiser Bee Co farm at 3402 Kleeman Road, Cincinnati, OH 45211. website