There’s something uniquely charming and special about riding a train, especially a historic one that has been traveling along the tracks for many decades. Even in this technological age where everything seems to be delivered instantly and travel constantly needs to be faster and more efficient, stepping on board a train, taking one’s seat in a comfortable and cozy cabin, and simply enjoying the journey can provide some lovely feelings and memories. For a truly special train ride in Ohio, choose the Cincinnati Dinner Train.

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1.Cincinnati Dinner Train - Public Dinner Train in Ohio

Cincinnati Dinner Train - Public Dinner Train in Ohio
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The Cincinnati Dinner Train offers a unique experience for every rider. Each week, it travels along a scenic route all around the city of Cincinnati for a little over three hours in total. During that time, passengers will be treated to a stunning four course meal and will be able to enjoy both the scenic views out of the windows and the history and beauty of their own historic cabin too. Here's all you need to know about the Cincinnati Dinner Train.

- The Train - The Cincinnati Dinner Train is made up of four different restored dining cars from the 1950s, as well as the newly added 'Oasis Tavern' car which was used by the globally known Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Two bars are found on board, one in the Oasis Tavern and one in the Silver Sword Lounge. The other cars include the standard Silver Sword, the New York Central, and the Milwaukee Road. When reserving your spot-on board the Cincinnati Dinner Train, you can choose which car you'd like to travel in. They all have different aesthetic styles and stories to tell.

- The Cars - Each of the four main cars that make up the Cincinnati Dinner Train are from the 1950s and have been used on various routes and tracks over the years. They all have their own unique sense of style and a lot of history, and each one has been fully renovated and decorated to become a world class dining car for your enjoyment. Each car features tables, usually for four people, although there are some two-person tables for couples too. All of the tables have their own windows, so passengers can enjoy beautiful views of the scenic route and historic landmarks along the way.

- The Experience - The Cincinnati Dinner Train offers a truly unique experience for each and every passenger. Running on every single Saturday of the year, except in the months of January and February, the train sets off from the parking lot of the Green Sales Company and travels along a fascinating historic route all around the city of Cincinnati. The journey takes just over three hours in total, and there's a 60-minute check-in period before departure at 6pm. Once the journey gets underway, passengers will be able to admire the views, enjoy live musical entertainment, and prepare for a four-course meal with high quality, fine dining dishes served for each and every course.

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More Info
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- The Menu - Passengers on the Cincinnati Dinner Train will be treated to some very high quality meals. In fact, as well as being one of the most unique restaurants you'll ever see, the Cincinnati Dining Train is also one of the best restaurants in Cincinnati too. Main courses include the likes of Chicken Breast in White Wine Sauce, Salmon with a Spicy Hoisin Glaze, and Prime Rib. An appetizer and salad will also be included in the meal, and there are a couple of options for dessert as well, with tea and coffee also provided at the end of each meal. If you have any strict dietary requirements, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options can be provided.

- Important Information - It's important to note that there are a few rules and recommendations passengers should be aware of before riding the Cincinnati Dinner Train. For example, the train only accepts passengers aged 12 and above. No younger children are permitted on board due to the mature, relaxed nature of the experience. Passengers are also encouraged to adhere to a 'business casual' dress code, which means that standard blue jeans, flip flops, sleeveless tees, and similar items of clothing are not permitted. If you'd like to dress up in authentic 1940s or 50s-style clothing, this is strongly encouraged and can help to make the experience more fun and unique for everyone.

- Prices - So how much does it cost to ride the Cincinnati Dinner Train? Well, the prices are very fair considering the length of the journey and the quality of the food provided. Ticket prices are just $84.95 for the public dinner train. This price does not include tax, gratuity, or any additional purchases you might make on board.

The Cincinnati Dinner Train really is one of the best things to do in Cincinnati. There’s nothing quite like it, and the whole experience really feels like traveling back in time to a simpler era where people really knew how to take their time and appreciate the little things. This beautiful experience gives you over three hours to fully relax in a comfortable, historic setting and enjoy high quality dining and great service.

Perfect for date nights, family meals, or outings with friends, the Cincinnati Dinner Train is a must-do activity in this Ohio city. If you’re traveling with a larger group or would like a more private train dining experience, it is possible to rent out entire cars and have the whole place to yourself as well, so this is a great option for birthdays or other special occasions. Reserve your spot-on board the Cincinnati Dinner Train today.

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Best Ohio Train Trips: Cincinnati Dinner Train

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