We're not the only beings on this planet. We share these lands, waters, and skies with countless other species, but it's clear to see that, over time, in many different ways, we have abused and exploited those species to our own ends. This is especially true in the world of farming, where pursuit of profits at all costs has led to some terrible practices and inhumane treatment of countless furry and feathered friends who aren’t even given a chance at life.

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Fortunately, with veganism on the rise and more and more people actually stopping to ask the big questions about the foods they eat and the ways in which we treat other beings, there’s still a lot of hope out there for a better world, and places like the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary really symbolize that hope and bring it to life in a beautiful way.

All About the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, as its name implies, is an animal sanctuary dedicated to saving the lives of farm animals and giving them a second chance. Founded on the belief in a better world and the hope that someday man can live in harmony with other creatures, this wonderful farm is raising a lot of awareness and doing a lot of good work for the animal cause. Open for visits throughout large parts of the year, it’s a great place to spend time in Upstate New York.

- A Second Chance - The Woodstock Farm Sanctuary offers a refuge to farmed animals. These are animals that have sometimes had to live in very difficult, traumatizing, and painful conditions but have now been given the freedom, space, comfort, and care they deserve. Meeting these animals and seeing their individual personalities is an inspirational and moving experience for any animal lover and can really make you think twice about the farming world.

- A Noble Cause - The work being done by the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary can only be seen in a positive light. Rescuing farm animals, promoting veganism, raising awareness about inhumane farming practices, and participating in positive social justice movements to create a better world, the founders and staff of this sanctuary deserve a lot of respect, admiration, and support. Simply by visiting the farm, you can show your support and make your contribution, with options also available for donations, membership, volunteering, and more.

- A Great Day Out - If you’re just looking for fun things to do in Upstate New York, especially for families, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is an ideal location to spend an afternoon or full day. You can enjoy the scenery and meet the animals on the guided walking tours, which run on an hourly basis. The trip is fully suitable for people of all ages and the tour guides can teach you a lot about the different species, while the animals themselves are always happy to see some new faces and make new friends.

Visiting Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is a wonderful place to spend some time, so start planning your trip today!

- Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is located at 2 Rescue Road, High Falls, NY 12440.

- The sanctuary is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.30am through to 4pm.

- The sanctuary will be open from early April through to October.

- There are no fixed entry fees at Woodland Farm Sanctuary, but guests are encouraged to make a donation when entering. Recommended donations are $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

- The best way to enjoy Woodland Farm Sanctuary is to go along on one of the walking tours. These tours run every hour from 11am onwards and take about an hour in total. The tour will be led by an expert guide and give you a chance to meet all the different species around the sanctuary, as well as learning a lot more about them.

Support Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

If you’d like to show your support for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and help to contribute to all the good work being done, you have a few different options available:

- Visit the sanctuary and pay the recommended donation entry fee, rather than simply choosing to enter for free.

- Talk about Woodstock Farm Sanctuary with your friends, co-workers, family members, and more to raise awareness.

- Make a donation to the sanctuary.

- Become a member and enjoy lots of exclusive benefits including free entry to the sanctuary any time you like and lots of discounts at vegan-friendly shops and restaurants in New York.

- Volunteer to help out look after the 350+ rescued animals. The sanctuary relies on the help and support of its volunteers to keep on running and ensure that all the animals receive the care and love they need. website