The Seabreeze Amusement Park is located in Rochester, NY. The park, boasting several roller coasters, family rides, kiddie rides, and an entire waterpark, makes it a must-visit destination in New York. The Seabreeze Amusement Park was opened in August of 1879 as the last stop on the steam railroad. The main attractions at the park at this time are picnic stands and the lakefront.

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By the year 1900 rides are being opened at the park by the dozens. The Long Family brought its concessions and the carousel with them from Philadelphia and solidified the park’s future.

In 1920 thousands of amusement park goers visit Seabreeze and enjoy the Virginia Reel, the world’s largest salt water swimming pool, adventure acts on the Midway, and four rollercoasters including the Jack Rabbit. In 1940 George Long, one of the third-generation members of the Long Family, bought the park and renamed it “Dreamland.” He added circus-type acts and band gigs as attractions to the park’s bandstand. 1950 saw visitors enjoying the Lightning Bug ride, the Fairyland Zoo, live-shows, and the Rock-O-Planes. In 1970 the park’s name was changed back to Seabreeze and new rides were added. Through the years since 1970 new rides and a waterpark were added for a thrilling, fun amusement park experience.

Park Attractions

The Seabreeze Amusement Park is home to several fun attractions including thrill rides, a waterpark, family rides, kiddie rides, shows and shops. All the rides are catered to every person who wants to have fun.

Thrill Rides- The thrill rides at Seabreeze amusement park include roller coasters, rides that spin the riders around and upside down, water rides, and others.

Family Rides- The family rides at the amusement park though less thrilling than the thrill rides, are rides that the whole family can enjoy together.

Kiddie Rides- The kiddie rides offer younger kids not quite old or tall enough to ride the thrill rides a chance to experience the amusement park. The rides in this category include Bear Trax, Barnstormers, T-Birds, Star Rockets, Flying Turtles, Kiddie Boats, and Kiddie Swings.

Waterpark- The waterpark offers fun in the sun and water for the entire family. Rides and attractions located in the waterpark include The Wave, Helix, Soak Zone, Hydro Racer, The Inner Tube Slides, Kiddie Water Fun, and the Lazy River.

Cirque En Vol- This show is presented seven days a week at various time at the park and feature spectacular acrobatics for all visitors to the park to enjoy.

Carousel Museum- The museum chronicles the parks history and contains photos, artifacts and other collectibles for perusal by visitors.

Midway- The Midway offers games with carnival type prizes for the enjoyment of all.

Arcade- The Arcade offers the classic arcade experience with arcade games that spit out tickets which can be redeemed for prizes.

Educational Opportunities

The Seabreeze Amusement Park offers several educational opportunities.

Music in the Park- The park offers school musical groups the opportunity to perform for the public, and be evaluated non-competitively.

Math in the Park- The Seabreeze Amusement Park partners with local elementary school instructors to create these hands-on assignments for fourth graders that can boost students park experience by linking the classroom with real world math.

The Seabreeze Classroom- A worksheet is provided to students visiting the park that can be completed after or during the park visit. It uses the park as classroom for teaching music, map skills, writing skills, and math.

The Science of Fun- Custom lab sheets are created for students visiting the park to relate their experiences at the park with the science they are learning in school.

The Physics of Fun- The custom lab sheets created by the park in conjunction with local high school physics teachers are given to high school students to help them connect classroom physics with their experiences at the park.


The Seabreeze Amusement Park offers ten food stops throughout the park. Visitors can also bring food and non-alcoholic drinks into the park, and use the parks public picnic areas, though cooking food is not allowed in the park.


The Seabreeze Amusement Park offers two different options for shopping.

Gift Shop on the Midway­- This gift shop is over one thousand square feet filled with souvenirs, summer clothing, memorabilia from the park, and a candy counter among other merchandise.

Seabreeze Surf Co- This gift shop is located at the waterpark and is full of merchandise to make customers think of the beach such as flip-flops, t-shirts, and swim suits.

4600 Culver Road, Rochester, NY 14622, Phone: 585-323-1900

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