Top of the Rock Observation Deck in NY actually consists of three different levels of observation decks for visitors to explore. The Radiance Wall and the gift shop are located on the first observation deck. The second level features the completely outdoor Breezeway. The third level is located on the open-air roof deck of the 70th floor. The observation deck is entirely outdoors with no glass enclosure, providing the perfect opportunity for panoramic photos.

From the entrance to Top of the Rock Observation Deck to the mezzanine exhibit, elevator ride to the interactive Breezeway, there's no shortage of things for visitors to see on their way to the Top. The Joie Chandelier is made up of fourteen thousand crystals crafted by Swarovski specifically for the Top of the Rock. The chandelier is the largest one like it, reaching a height of three stories above the Grand Atrium Lobby.

Just past the security screening at the entrance of Top of the Rock is the mezzanine exhibit. The mezzanine is filled with interesting information, artifacts, and photographs about Rockefeller Center. The exhibit tells the story of how the Top of the Rock and Rockefeller Center have come into existence, as well as information about John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

The iconic photo of construction workers sitting on a steel beam eating lunch high above the city was actually taken at Rockefeller Center. The interactive Beam Walk gives visitors a chance to walk in the workers' footsteps, as well as take a quick stop for a tribute photo. Before stepping into the Sky Shuttle to head up to the Top, guests should take some time to stop at the Theatre to watch a short film about the interesting history of Rockefeller Center and NBC.

It takes less than one minute to reach the Top via the Sky Shuttle, but it's one elevator ride guests are sure to remember. The quick ride up 850 feet is definitely a memorable experience. Visitors should make sure to look up as well as down during the elevator ride. Like the Joie Chandelier, the Radiance Wall was also created by Swarovski. This wall features stunning glass panels, crystal cluster, fiber-optic lighting, and blown glass, making it a one-of-a-kind sight to behold. If visitors look closely, they may be able to spot crystal figurines and tiny animals hidden within the Radiance Wall.

The Breezeway is a popular attraction with the Top of the Rock Observation Deck for both children and adults. Guests will step into a space that seems to have a mind of its own. Once visitors enter the Breezeway, they'll be designated a color that they will use to follow a path throughout the room.

Top of the Rock Observation Deck offers both indoor and outdoor viewing throughout its three levels. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of New York City from the observation decks on the 67th floor and the 69th floor, as well as the open-air roof deck on the 70th floor.

30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York, Phone: 877-692-7625

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