Fort Ticonderoga in NY is home to one of the leading eighteenth century military material culture collections in North America. The numerous exhibits at the fort showcase thousands of items, and tell just as many stories, sharing Fort Ticonderoga's history, from its military culture during the eighteenth century to its reconstruction in the twentieth century.

No visit to Fort Ticonderoga is complete without guests trying their hand at different military roles in the "laboratory." Located in the Mars Education Center, the Laboratory offers visitors a chance to try the trad of an artilleryman and gun founder. Guests can see if they have what it takes to lift a cannon barrel and bombard an enemy fortress. The eighteenth-century Laboratory was where artillerymen prepared cartridges, fuses, and shells.

There are many exhibits for visitors to explore at Ticonderoga. The Last Argument of Kings: The Art and Science of 18th-century Artillery highlights the weapons that dominated battlefields during the eighteenth century. The exhibit also features the re-installation of parts of the permanent artillery collection along the wall of the fort. The South Barracks at the fort were restored in 1931 and now serve at the primary exhibit space of the museum. The three-story building features almost ten thousand square feet of gallery space, showcasing exhibits covering prehistory up to the twentieth century.

In west end of the ground floor is the Iron & Stone: Building Fort Carillon, which explores the construction of the fort from 1755 to 1759. Pottery, Pork, and Pigeon: The 18th-Century Menu at Fort Ticonderoga can be found at the east end of the museum's ground floor. The second floor of the South Barracks building houses The Face of War, 1757: Worlds at War, A Ticonderoga Chronology, and Bullets & Blades: The Weapons of America's Colonial Wars and Revolution. The third floor is home to the U.S.S. Ticonderoga, Diorama-Rama: History in Miniature, and Object Lessons: Perspectives on Material Culture exhibits.

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The long legacy of Ticonderoga is celebrated at the King's Garden, one of America's oldest cultivated landscapes. Visitors can explore the colorful colonial revival garden along charming brick pathways. After admiring the color and aroma of the twentieth century garden, guests should make sure to see the other five gardens on the grounds to gain a better understanding of the horticulture layers at Ticonderoga. Several different tours are offered to provide more information about the garden. Guests can also choose hands-on learning through one of the horticulture programs.

Fort Ticonderoga spans two thousand acres of pristine land at the foot of the Adirondacks. Hiking trails give visitors the opportunity to explore the landscape's historic and natural diversity. By exploring the land on foot, guests are able to gain an intimate and unique appreciation for how the land was shaped by generations.

The 1.7-mile loop Carillon Battlefield Trail journeys through one of North America's most important battlefields. The trail starts and ends just outside of the picnic are at the Log House Welcome Center. Visitors can find trail guides at the Log House.

102 Fort Ti Road, Ticonderoga, New York, Phone: 518-585-2821

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