Located in Albany, New York, the Irish American Heritage Museum aims to preserve and present the important contributions of the Irish culture on America throughout the years. Visitors can expect a world-class heritages museum with exciting exhibits, a fully-stocked library, prominent guest lecturers, film screenings, presentations, book signings, and much more.


The Irish American Heritage Museum was founded to shed light on the impact of the more than 36 million people from Irish heritage living in the United States. Providing a safe place to celebrate and educate the community about the history and culture which led to a strong foundation for many future generations of Americans.

The museum was instrumental in protesting the New York State’s educational standards and requiring public schools in the area to educate students about the Irish Famine. It is also the very first American museum of its kind to have exhibited displays at the Dublin National Library.

Current Exhibits:

Irish and the Erie Canal:This exhibition features the story of the Erie Canal and the involvement of the Irish immigrants who helped design, route, and build the canal. More than 7 million women and men immigrated to North American between the 17th and 20th century. These immigrants made huge changes to social, socioeconomic, and religious ways of life throughout this time, however, one of the most influential impacts was the Erie Canal. This exhibition tells this epic story through a variety of artifacts, tools, documents, and visual representations organized in an exciting display.

Theatre, Music, and Dance:

The museum also helps sponsor Irish American dance, music, and theatre troops in the area. The Maynooth Chamber Choir often performs in cathedrals and local music halls with the support of the museum. Tommy Sands, a legendary singer-songwriter from Ireland gives speeches on the importance of peace to local student groups. Local dancers who specialize in Irish dances also perform with the support of the museum.

Upcoming Events:

The Kennedy Legacy: Redefining American Style:This historical fashion seminar will be hosted at the museum and features fashion historian, educator, and activist, Sarah C. Bryd. She will give a lecture about her research surrounding the Kennedys and how their bold choices impacted the classy style and high-standard of fashion in the United States. This event will be hosted at the museum on November 18, 2017.

Educational Programs:

There are a wide variety of educational programs and resources available at the Irish American Heritage Museum year-round. Private tours, field trips, classroom visits, and other educational resources for teachers are all available upon request.

There is also a summer reading club where interested book fans of all ages will experience the timeless stories written by great Irish authors such as James Joyce. What better way to spend those hot summer days than reading the classics?

Interested in learning how to cook like an Irishman? The museum features a blog with special Irish dishes and their recipes. One of the strongest ways to unite a culture is around food – food is what brings people together and unites them among a similar heritage. Visit the website for more information on Irish food and how to cook like an Irishman!

Curious about Irish Genealogy? The museum hosts a genealogy website where any curious individual can learn about their Irish heritage and the ancestors that made them who they are today. A resident genealogist is available to help explain anything that visitors want to know about their ancestors without spending too much time researching.

Additional Information:

Irish American Heritage Museum, 370 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207, Phone: 518-427-1916

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